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This page keeps a list of the cream of the crop of music we have heard in 2014. It is not exclusive to albums released in 2014, it is for music that we heard for the first time in 2014. Also, it is not in any order of preference. As albums are added to the list they will be added to the bottom and will link back to the article on ninebullets which will feature links to the band’s web sites and cd buy links. I hope y’all find some stuff on here that appeals to you as much as it has to us.

Best Album of 2006: Lucero – Rebels, Rouges & Sworn Brothers
Best Album of 2007: The Fox Hunt – Nowhere Bound
Best Album of 2008: Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Cipher
Best Album of 2009: Micah Schnabel – When The Stage Lights Go Dim
Best Album of 2010: The Black Keys – Brothers
Best Album of 2011: Glossary – Long Live All Of Us
Best Album of 2012: American Aquarium – Burn. Flicker. Die.
Best Album of 2013: John Moreland – In The Throes’s Favorite Albums of 2014:

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  1. [...] Touch Of Someone Else’s Class isn’t only Essential Listening, it’s another slam dunk for both the band and Alive Records…a label that just continues to drop [...]

  2. [...] I could say “Essential Listening” and the above and feel like I’ve summed it up, but I wanna spend some time telling you [...]

  3. [...] As an added bonus, the final track follows the Drag The River tradition of re-hashing the entire album, but instead of putting it all into just one track, Visitor’s Band offers up the entire album all over again, acoustically. It’s a fantastic addition to an album that was already Essential Listening. [...]

  4. [...] Two, this album will be on many a year-end Top 10 list, and with that said, three; this album is Essential Listening, so buy [...]

  5. [...] Maybe I’m just getting old, but KRISTEENYOUNG are edgy, brash and dramatic … and Essential Listening. [...]

  6. [...] it out for yourself. Personally I think, like me, that you’ll find Taker Easy to not only be Essential Listening, but also that it’ll probably end up being a Top 10 of the year. And as a Floridian, I am [...]

  7. [...] Of Our Nature, Glossary made the best album of their 10 year career, and it gets a seat on my Essential Listening list. Give it a chance, it’s [...]