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This page keeps a list of the cream of the crop of music we have heard this year. It is not exclusive to albums released in the current year, but rather what we heard or wrote about this year. The lists are in the order in which they were published and don’t reflect any preferences in ordering. We really hope that you will enjoy this music as much as we have! Sometimes, sadly, we have people leave staff and when that happens we leave their list up for the rest of the current year.

Best Album of 2006: Lucero – Rebels, Rouges & Sworn Brothers
Best Album of 2007: The Fox Hunt – Nowhere Bound
Best Album of 2008: Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Cipher
Best Album of 2009: Micah Schnabel – When The Stage Lights Go Dim
Best Album of 2010: The Black Keys – Brothers
Best Album of 2011: Glossary – Long Live All Of Us
Best Album of 2012: American Aquarium – Burn. Flicker. Die.
Best Album of 2013: John Moreland – In The Throes
Best Albums of 2014: Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound – Self Titled AND Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Dereconstructed’s Favorite Albums of 2015

Romeo Sid Vicious’s List
[catlist id=9 author_posts=”romeosidvicious” year=2015 orderby=date order=desc]

Autopsy IV’s List
[catlist id=9 author_posts=”Bryan” year=2015 orderby=date order=desc]
Gabriel “The Wolf” Di Chiarra’s List
[catlist id=9 author_posts=”gabriel” year=2015 orderby=date order=desc]
Charles Hale’s List
[catlist id=9 author_posts=”Charles Hale” year=2015 orderby=date order=desc]
Mike Ostrov’s List
[catlist id=9 author_posts=”Mike Ostrov” year=2015 orderby=date order=desc]
Rune’s List
[catlist id=9 author_posts=”Rune” year=2015 orderby=date order=desc]
John Allman’s List
[catlist id=9 author_posts=”John Allman” year=2015 orderby=date order=desc]
Laura Allmon’s List
[catlist id=9 author_posts=”lauraallmon” year=2015 orderby=date order=desc]
Scott Fuch’s List
[catlist id=9 author_posts=”flannelscott” year=2015 orderby=date order=desc]

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