Mar 142014


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I’m gonna come right out and say it: I hate music festivals. I hate that they’re always in the middle of the fucking summer. I hate the bugs. I hate the sweat. I hate the direct sun and lack of ample shade. I hate the shitty food and beverage choices. I hate the set times and the oft-lacking-in-quality lineups, and, last but not least, I hate the wannabe everybodies that inevitably populate every single inch of the festival grounds to the point WHERE I JUST CAN’T FUCKING GET AWAY.

That being said, I really enjoyed last weekend’s Gasparilla Music Festival in Tampa. Other than the nasty sunburn I acquired on my neck (gingers, man) and the lack of hard cider options (Celiacs, man), GMF shone in almost every aspect. I was impressed by the lineup, in that there were actually more than two bands I wanted to see, AND that I discovered new music I ended up liking (Atlantic OceansSwimm, and Good Graeff). I especially love that it’s held in March, pre-intense Florida sun and humidity (the sunburn was completely my fault – forgot the SPF, sigh), and that the food options were aplenty, varied, often fancy, and reasonably priced. It also didn’t hurt, from a whiskey lover’s point of view, that George Dickel Tennessee Whisky was there.

All the locals (I’m new in town) told me that GMF doesn’t “feel” like a typical festival, and the natural skeptic in me just didn’t want to believe them. However, I gave it a shot, and not only was the crowd great, but the lineup was fantastic (Flaming LipsJason IsbellMatt WoodsJ Roddy Walston & The BusinessHave Gun, Will TravelThose Darlins, and Benjamin Booker, to name a few). I was pretty happy to be proven wrong. Tampa should be damn proud.

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Mar 052014
Tonight was the third installment of the guest DJ series. Zach Boddicker from the Denver 4H Royalty band joined me and brought along some great songs and stories. Find out more about 4H Royalty here.
4H Royalty - Rock N Roll Blowout from Colossalia
Meat Puppets - Sam from Forbidden Places
Junior Brown - Peelin’ Taters from Long Walk Back
T.Rex - Sensation Boulevard from Futuristic Dragon
John Moreland - Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore from In The Throes
Joe Ely - Because Of The Wind from Honky Tonk Masquerade
Palace Music - Work Hard/Play Hard from Viva Last Blues
Adam Faucett - Benton from Blind Water Finds Blind Water
Tom Waits - That Feel (w/Keith Richards) from Bone Machine
Jamie Mitchell - Indiana from Love Songs of the Profane
Mott The Hopple - Honaloochic Boogie from All The Young Dudes
Roky Erickson - The Interpreter from Your Gonna Miss Me
This is one show where I really wish I could put the full two hours on the podcast. Tune in live on Monday nights for two hours of the Ajax Diner Book Club
Mar 052014


The March installment of the Feel Bad For You Mixtape is up and streaming. The FBFY mixtape has entered a new segment of it’s life moving from a message board tape curated by Ms. Rockstar Aimz, of My Aimz Is True, to a mixtape put together by a collection of (mostly) like minded bloggers now curated by @BoogieStudio22. For a complete track listing, who submitted each song and why….click the more link.

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Feb 272014



Have Gun, Will Travel is an Americana band based out of Bradenton, FL that combines folk, pop, rock, and classic country influences. They’re new album, Fiction, Fact or Folktale?, is out now, and they’re performing at Crowbar in Tampa TONIGHT, Thursday, February 27th. I talked to Matt Burke about their current tour, their Daytrotter session, and his writing process.

Can you tell me abut the making of the album cover?

Yeah. My sister, Alex, is a local artist. She makes handmade, original art from salvaged materials. She made the piece and photographed it for the album cover. And her partner, Riley, helped us with the layout and design. We’re all stoked with how it turned out. And now I have the actual piece displayed proudly in my living room.

What was the writing process like for Fiction, Fact or Folktale?

The writing process for this record really wasn’t any different from our other records. I usually bring songs to the band one at a time. Then, we hash them out together and work on the arrangements, and when we have a batch of songs piled up, we start recording. Most of the writing happens at home. I don’t do a lot of writing on the road. There are too many distractions. I need to be in a quiet, comfortable environment, where I can focus and concentrate on what I’m doing.

What was your motivation as you were writing the songs?

Every song has its own story. For example, I wrote the song “Finer Things” as a surprise for my fiance, since I was going to be out of town on Valentine’s Day. So, I recorded a demo version of it at home before I left and left it hidden in the house, then sent her a text on Valentine’s Day telling her where to look for it. Some songs, like “Standing at the End of the World” or “Silver and the Age of Opulence,” are observational. Other songs, like “Trouble” or “High Road,” are born out of feelings of frustration or desperation. Then, some songs are just narrative fiction, like “The Show Must Go On,” “Another Fine Mess,” and “Take Me Home, Alice.” Straight-up storytelling.

Well, it’s working. I think y’all are definitely garnering some more attention with this album, like from Daytrotter, for instance. How did that come together?

I was definitely stoked when we scheduled a Daytrotter session. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while. We knew we were gonna be touring through that part of the country, and our booking agent submitted us. They were able to fit us in on a day that worked into our tour schedule.

That day was pretty rough, though. The temperature outside was, like, 7 below. Once we got all of our gear loaded into the building and up the three flights of stairs, it took a while for our instruments to warm up. But once we got going, it was awesome. We had a good time.

It turned out well. Sounds like it was worth it. You’re on a Big Ass Tour right now. Is this the biggest one you’ve ever been on?

Yeah, the shows on this tour have been bigger than most of the stuff we’ve done up ’til now. It’s been awesome. Aside from the snow storms that have been chasing us around, it’s been great.

That couldn’t have been fun.

No, but we opened up for Shooter Jennings in Marietta, GA which was a blast. Then we headed out toward the midwest and hooked up with Railroad Earth for a bunch of shows. Those guys are amazing musicians, and they run a pretty tight ship. It’s really impressive to watch. So, we’ve had to step up our game and act like we been there before. Playing the role of professional musicians and shit.

[laughs] What’s it been like to play some of these places and with some of these people?

We’ve been lucky to play some beautiful, historic theaters and ballrooms on this tour. We’ve had the fortune of performing on stages that a lot of our heroes have performed on. That has definitely been a highlight for me.

I would think so.

Yeah, and the shenanigans have been relatively minimal this time out, mostly due to the weather. It’s been too damn cold to really get into trouble. It’s been a lot of sipping hot, green tea and bundling up like little old ladies.

[laughs] That ain’t too bad, though.

You can catch Have Gun, Will Travel at
Crowbar TONIGHT, Thursday, February 27th in Tampa, FL, online at, and on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Feb 262014

Trying to make up for last week’s dud of a show. Hope you enjoy.

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Glossary “Little Caney” from How We Handle Our Midnights

Delaney & Bonnie “It’s Been A Long Time Coming” from Home

Crow’s Share “Mistlebone” from Crow’s Share

Brothers Of The Last Watch “Frank T. James” from Brothers Of The Last Watch

John Moreland “Christian Rock” from Everything The Hard Way

Drag the River “A Way With Women” from A Way With Women 7″

Valerie June “Twined & Twisted” from Pushin’ Against a Stone

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers “King’s Road” from Hard Promises

Party Dolls “Sweetheart Moon” from Love Wars Baby

Drive-by Truckers “The Part Of Him” from English Oceans

Flat Duo Jets “You Belong To Me” from Go Go Harlem Baby

Doc Feldman & the LD50 “Cold Tile Floor” from Sundowning At the Station

Kris Kristofferson “Sunday Morning Coming Down” from Kristofferson

Hard Working Americans “Wrecking Ball” from Hard Working Americans

Kevn Kinney “Down And Out Law” from Down Out Law

Steve Earle “Mercenary Song” from Train A Comin’

Jason Isbell & Elizabeth Cook “Tecumsah Valley” from RSD13

Slobberbone “Whiskey Glass Eye” from Crow Pot Pie