Yesterday's Ring – El Rancho

The first time we ever went snowboarding in Montana, we were warned to watch out for the Canadians. Now, I know you what you are thinking….non-Americans are thinking: “nationalist crap” and you Americans are thinking: “why”. Well, I guess you do not watch enough hockey. The warning was to watch out for Canadians because they like to get drunk and fight. This was an official warning mind you. Passed down from the mountain resort itself. My thought was “….shit, sounds like rednecks to me….I been doing that shit for years. maybe me and the Canadians will get along.” One night me and the brother went down to the “roughest” bar on the mountain and ordered 8 shots a piece. Me: 8 Jack Daniels, Brother: 8 Tequilas….we both got Jack and Cokes to drink in between. With that we proceeded to play quarters and get drunk…real drunk (like, god’s own drunk drunk). At some point in the night I stand up and scream, “if there are any Canadians in here; I wanna fight“. Luckily there weren’t any Canadians in there that night or I’d have likely had a really bad evening.

Yesterday’s Ring is from Canada. Montreal to be exact. They look like they would be prone to getting drunk and throwing some fists. They make music that says they definitely like to drink…we can just extrapolate from there. Their cd “El Rancho” is a collection of 9 tracks of cowpunk/country drinking and thinking music. They are the offshoot of the punk band Sainte Catherines.

Definitely worth the listen if you are into Lucero/I Can Lick Any SOB/Two Cow and their ilk.

Maybe one day Yesterday’s Ring will make it down Florida way and I can put that Canadian drinking/fighting theory to test. ‘Cause I gotta be honest, the Montreal Canadian hockey fans that get down this way are 100% bitch.

I kid, I kid….about putting the fight theory to test part…but not the Habs fans in the Ice Palace being bitches part.

heh heh…

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Yesterday’s Ring’s Official Site, Yesterday’s Ring on Myspace, Buy El Rancho

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  1. oh my god.
    that is my favorite review ever.
    great job.
    wish more people would be into YR.
    we would come down to FLA fo sure.

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