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Pay what you want for all these:

True, this falls under the “too good to be true” banner but guess what…it’s for real and I think the band is crazy for doing it. Their momentary insanity is your gain though cause you can currently buy the entire Drag The River catalog directly from them for whatever cost you see is fit.

Now you no longer have an excuse for not drunkenly signing a long with every song at your next Drag The River show.

Go get it quick before they sober up and realize what they’ve done. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get:

Drag The River - Get Drunk     

Drag The River - Here's To The Losers     

Drag The River - Br00tal     

Drag The River - Death of the Life of the Party     

Drag The River - Fire and Flood     

Drag The River - Medicine     

Drag The River - Tired and Fired     

Drag The River - Deminer     

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  1. DownSouth DownSouth
    June 2, 2011    

    It is not all up now, they are doing one record a week according to Jon’s post on the DTR board…

    “Now is your chance to complete your collection and/or reimburse the band for a record you may have gotten for free. In the latter case it’s your chance to pay us what it was worth to you. All the money comes to us. We’ll put up a record every week or so and we’ll use the money to record a new one & donate to JJ’s brother’s cancer fund. Thanks.”

    They are starting with “It’s Crazy”.

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