Because Songs Matter


Last week I asked folks on twitter and Facebook for their opinion of what was the worst song playing on pop country radio. I got a great many nominations and slogged through every one. All of them were deep in the red zone of horrible but for me, one song in particular stuck out as the worst. If you like this song, I’m sorry. I’m not sorry I’m dissing a song you like, I am sorry that you have developed a taste defect so extreme that this song doesn’t make you baby vomit.

Luke Bryan - Country Girl (Shake It For Me)     

Honorable mentions: Toby Keith – Made In America & Jason Aldean – Dirt Road Anthem


  1. October 13, 2011    

    That was my suggestion – I win! I mean, lose… because I’ve heard the song. Ugh. What makes it worse is that Luke has a decent voice and most of his songs up until now have had at least a somewhat neo-traditional leaning. This song, however, is an undisputable turd.

  2. October 13, 2011    

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard any other song by him.

  3. hambone hambone
    October 13, 2011    

    Reliable sources tell me that song is on one-repeat in Gitmo. Damn that’s bad. I mean, Damn That’s Bad.

  4. bobert bobert
    October 13, 2011    

    WOW, now I remember why I don’t listen to the radio no more but I do have to say I found that Jason Aldean song way worst to my ears. That hip hop thing he does in the middle OWCH!!!

  5. BM BM
    October 13, 2011    

    This song makes me want to punch everyone in the throat. EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. DownSouth DownSouth
    October 13, 2011    

    Can this song be worse than ‘Honky-tonk-badonka-donk’ was? I guess I will listen and decide for myself.

    • DownSouth DownSouth
      October 13, 2011    

      I did not think it was possible but it just might be. Both songs share the same DNA but this Luke guy sinks to an even more impressive level of suck.

  7. Chuck Chuck
    October 13, 2011    

    That Jason Aldean song is AWFUL, but, man, “swervin’ like I’m George Jones” is pretty awesome line.

  8. Paul Paul
    October 14, 2011    

    I do neither the twitter or the fcebook thing so missed out on giving my 2 cents. What about Hillbilly bone by Trace Adkins and Countrywide by Brantley Gilbert (although i secretly rock out to this it’s so cheesy good)

  9. Jack Cade Jack Cade
    October 14, 2011    

    I lasted 30sec at which point the words “get up on the hood of my daddy’s tractor, up on the tool box it don’t matter” was just too much and had me scrambling for the stop button… cringing… nuff said

  10. Rachel Rachel
    October 14, 2011    

    I like his voice…

  11. brutus brutus
    October 15, 2011    

    ok i kind of like that damn toby keith song. Sorry but at least he’s sayin something that makes sense.

  12. Bo Bo
    October 16, 2011    

    Who picks out the songs that get played on FM country radio? That person has issues.

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