As I mentioned earlier, it’s World Goth Day. I’m not sure why May 22nd is World Goth Day nor do I really care. Having come up in the goth/industrial clubs as an industrial kid I always thought everything about the goth subculture was stupid except for the corsets with the plunging necklines but I’m not gonna let that get in the way of a good story. So let’s all do a little research and be goth for a day.

You can’t say “goth music” without thinking Sisters Of Mercy. Andrew Eldritch (singer) would argue that they’re a “rock” band not a “goth” band but let’s be honest; pasty kids with hair dye budgets and a penchant for clove cigarettes have paid his bills these past 30 something years and there is nothing MORE goth than saying you’re not goth.

Now, despite my comeuppance as a “rivethead” the Sisters and I have had a pretty fantastic history together. My first “scene” tshirt? A Sisters shirt. My first “scene” sticker on my car? A Sisters sticker. The first “scene” band I denounced as too mainstream for my palate? Yup, The Sisters of Mercy. We may have only tolerated one another on our best days but the goth and industrial kids always agreed that the more obscure and imported your music (and shirts) was, the more fuckable you were.

Incidentally, the first time I ever danced at a club it was to “This Corrosion” by our buddies, The Sisters Of Mercy. This Corrosion. All 10 minutes and 18 seconds of it. Every. single. repetitious. beat. of those 618 seconds. I was up in Tallahassee, I was underage drunk, I was with a girl and I was undefeatable. For about 2 minutes anyway. Then, I realized I had repeated my moves, had no more and there were still 8 more minutes of that monotonous fucking drum beat left. I spent those next 8 minutes getting more and more self-conscious with my two dance moves.

That night I learned a few things. One, no one really pays attention to the dance floor. Two, dancing, even if it’s bad greatly increases your fuckability (this only works up to a certain level of bad though) and if you’re dancing in some super-obscure German band whose shirt you bought and had imported the skys will rain corset pushed up cleavage down upon you like the goth god you imagine you are. And finally; never dance to Sisters Of Mercy songs.

Any how, Happy (why the fuck is it on May 22) World Goth Day. Smoke a clove, drink some absinthe and watch an Ann Rice movie tonight.

Sisters Of Mercy – This Corrosion
Sisters Of Mercy – More
Sisters Of Mercy – Gimmie Shelter


  1. World Goth Day is a thing but clove cigarettes are illegal. How is a goth kid to celebrate?

    1. Kasey, is there any chance you lived in Washington at one time? I’m looking for a very old friend.

  2. My favorite Sisters memory: It was 1991, I was doing my summer college internship in Atlanta, and the Sisters were on tour behind Vision Thing. They rolled into Hotlanta with the unlikeliest of tour mates – Public Enemy. I happened to love Public Enemy, which was blowing up due to “911 Is A Joke,” so I couldn’t have been more excited. Suffice to say, it was the most awkward but interesting concert I’ve ever attended in my life. One half of the auditorium was wearing black, the other half was black. PE tore it up. Then the Sisters came on and there was so much fog rolling off the stage that you could barely see the band, other than to make out faint shadow figures standing far back on stage. My only regret, and the biggest WTF of the entire night, is that they did not perform “This Corrosion,” which stills floors me to this day.

    1. John Allman … are you still out there?

      I’m writing a feature for Classic Rock magazine in the UK about the 1991 Sisters/Public Enemy tour, and I’d like to use your comment about the show. May I have your permission to reprint it?

      I’m afraid there’s no fee involved, just the satisfaction of knowing that thousands of Sisters fans will read your thoughts in one of the most repsected mags around.

      all the best

      Johnny Black

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