My love affair with Willy Tea Taylor began when I say him playing “Wrong Way To Run” in the trailer for Kingdom Of Survival from Slowboat Films. Problem was, he is called Willy “The Bull” Taylor in the video and I couldn’t find shit on the internets from the Bull fella whose song I loved so much. So, I put his name on my list of artists whom I’ve flirted with and want more from, and from time to time I’d Google “Willy “The Bull” Taylor”, and every time nothing. Finally, one day, in a fit of frustration, I posted the video here and asked who the fuck is this? Within 15 minutes I knew it was Willy Tea Taylor. Why it took me so long to ask is beyond me….

Willy Tea Taylor lives out in California and while I could write 200 words or so to tell you who he is and what his music is all about, he’s already done it for me in the form of the song “Life Is Beautiful”:

It’s buckets of joy
It’s a pinch of sorrow
Its singing in the streets like we’re all dying tomorrow
It’s playing catch with my boy
It’s a chicken fried steak
It’s I got your back whatever it takes

Sonically, Willy really reminds me of Possessed By Paul James’ counterpart, replacing Konrad’s urgency and immediacy with a calm that reminds you that, in the end, everything will be alright. Or it won’t. Either way, it will be. This album isn’t for your ears….it’s Essential Listening for your soul.

Willy Tea Taylor – Life Is Beautiful
Willy Tea Taylor – Wrong Way To Run
Willy Tea Taylor – Waterlogged

Willy Tea Taylor’s Official Site, Willy Tea Taylor on Facebook, Willy Tea Taylor on Spotify, Buy 4 Strings

4 thoughts on “WILLY TEA TAYLOR – 4 STRINGS”

  1. You’d be hard pressed to find a bad song from Willy Tea or his songs he performs in The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit. Be sure to check out “Big Jim’s Guitar” from the latest Good Luck offering. It’s pure gold. I was lucky enough to be ear-informed of Willy from his friend Tom VandenAvond who is a big talent as well. And while I’m giving out praises check out Willy & Tom’s pal, Soda (aka Soda Gardocki or Soda and His Million Piece Band)

    1. Yes. To all of that.

      Autopsy – it’s funny you mention that (searching for willy the bull taylor etc) because I first heard him on that same trailer and did the exact same thing, but somehow got lucky and figured it out (due to my superior google prowess lol) and have been a big fan ever since…..they need to fix that video. I’m glad to see him finally getting some recognition on blogs though, he needs to be known….

      And top anyone who has not seen the video he’s referring to, please check it out. Then you will see and get it……it hits me close to home every time I watch/listen to, it’s what a “music video” SHOULD be.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about a great show Wednesday night @662. Willy Tea killed it with that tenor guitar, he only needs 4 stings.

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