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I don’t think it’s any secret that we love us some W.E.W. here on ninebullets but just in case you didn’t know….We love us some William Elliott Whitmore here on ninebullets. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Who?” then I demand that after you’ve watched the show below you go listen to the “Meet William Elliott Whitmore” post RSV posted for us back in August.

This show was brought to my attention earlier this week and I knew it was gonna have to have it’s day here on 9b. I wanna say many thanks to ETUproductions for giving us this show in such terrific quality.



featuring: “Cold and Dead” and “Lift My Jug”


featuring: “Dry” and “Diggin’ My Grave”


featuring: “From the Cell Door to the Gallows” and “One Man’s Shame”


featuring: “Lifetime Underground” and “Hell or Highwater”


featuring: “The Chariot” and “There’s Hope For You”


featuring: “Hard Times” and “Johnny Law”


featuring: “Porchlight” and “Old Devils”


  1. October 16, 2009    

    Nice! I was at this show but waaaaay back at the back. Looking forward to seeing WEW back in Frisco on the 28th.

  2. October 16, 2009    

    It’s rare that you find videos in such a good quality, they’re really great.

    When was the last time an unknown artist burst into the world with a triptychon of three so fully developed records? I love Animals In The Dark, but I doubt the Southern trilogy as some kind of artistic statement can be topped.

  3. October 16, 2009    

    I doubt the Southern trilogy as some kind of artistic statement can be topped.

    I whole-heartedly agree.

  4. October 16, 2009    

    I love this man…his show here in Amsterdam last month was amazing! I also ended up recording (almost) all of it.
    I’ve been listening to him for a while now, but had not yet purchased any of his albums, figuring I’ll get them when he toured Europe again. So before the show started, I walked up to the merchtable and asked to buy every cd they brought, the guy selling just looked at me and exclaimed “ALL of them!?”, haha. I ended up getting a discount and some free knickknacks of my choice 🙂

  5. DRH DRH
    October 16, 2009    

    Does anyone know where there are WEW banjo tabs posted online? Most of the videos I have tried to use to figure his songs out have been dark/grainy/useless. There are some good tidbits in here, but it would be awesome to get some songs tabbed out while I was learning the instrument.

  6. mike mike
    October 16, 2009    

    every last person that visits this site needs to get into WEW. not in the “ive got a couple songs on my ipod kind of way”, but get all of his stuff. this man is the truth. people talk about ben nichols, tim barry, etc. being amazing song writers but WEW trounces them all day long. and im a huge fan of said artists. WEW truly defines what this “genre” is. its sad when you go to a show of his and your lucky if a handfull of people are there. he is the most under appreciated artists out there. personally, i feel i am a better person for listening to his music and seeing him on stage. get into it!

  7. Rev Rev
    October 19, 2009    

    He put on one helluva show last week in St. Louis with Hoots and Hellmouth…

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