I want to start this review right: I love this album! That really says it all but there are so many reasons I like this album that I wanted to get the sum of them out of the way. While I liked Animals In The Dark I didn’t ever feel it had the power of the previous albums by the venerable Mr. Whitmore. This album gets back to the stripped down soul and it’s still as good as it always was. While his lyrics have always been amazing Field Songs sees them aged and mature like a good whiskey. There’s an undercurrent, a look to the outdoors if you will, that brings it all together in a way that makes this more than just a collection of songs. Woven through the album are the songs of birds, references to the trees and fields, all of this makes for an intimate setting for us to be carried through the stories by WEW’s amazing voice. What stands out about this one is the completeness.

Now don’t get me wrong not every scene is one of beauty and bluebirds singing on your shoulder (extra points for anyone who gets that reference) as the darkness is present. There is desperation as much as hope in the lyrics. The banjo manages to bring with it a weariness that pierces your soul. Needless to say this album isn’t a rocker. What it is a whiskey-sippin’-sittin’-on-the-porch kind of album. One that you can listen to while you watch the sun slip below them hills and try drink the weight of the world off of your shoulders despite knowing that the weight ain’t goin’ nowhere. As such, it’s also Essential Listening. I can’t find a bad track on this album. There’s not one I don’t like. That is a lot more rare than I usually admit but this album pulls it off. Go get you a copy now and don’t forget the whiskey to go along with it or you will regret it.

William Elliott Whitmore – Bury Your Burdens In The Ground
William Elliott Whitmore – Don’t Need It
William Elliott Whitmore – Not Feeling Any Pain

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  1. Great write up, RSV. And spot on.
    I think Animals was a great album. The Southern trilogy was such a great piece of work in itself and Animals was a good way to approach things a bit differently. And it had some amazing songs. I’m still glad he took a different route yet again for Field Songs, though. It is one of the great albums of (at least) this year . There’s a pretty cool promo video on youtube in case you haven’t checked it out yet. I want a cabin like WEW has, dammit.

  2. I have only just got this album after it being recommended in so many places and have to agree with the review, this is a fantastic album and I will be sure to check out the previous releases soon

  3. That review was spot on. I agree wholeheartedly that there isn’t a bad track in the lot. I’m not usually a “less is more” kinda guy but this album is made better by it’s expedience. No fat to trim on it at all so once it’s finished it plays again very well… Atleast for me as I haven’t heard anything but this since it’s release.

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