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Sometimes an album review just writes itself. Such is the case with William Elliott Whitmore’s new album, Animals In The Dark, and here is what it writes:

“William Elliott Whitmore’s new album is absolutely awesome and anyone who listens to it and honestly dislikes it needs a swift kick in the crotch.”

Really, I could say Essential Listening and the above and feel like I’ve summed it up, but I wanna spend some time telling you just how awesome it is.

Animals In The Dark marks a couple of firsts for Whitmore. It’s his first album on Anti- Records. Also new to existing fans will be all the new sounds and full band arrangements. The banjo we’ve all come to love makes a couple of brief appearances, but for the most part Animals In The Dark is a full, multi-instrument affair. This may turn off some of his old fans but I can’t see how. The expansion of his sound has done nothing to lessen his impact, it just helps to make it a little more accessible.

This album also has a seemingly more political edge to it. That said, I wouldn’t call this a political record so much as a politically-charged and angry record. I imagine that if I were an artist and a farmer in my downtown I’d be pretty angry and attentive to the political landscape at this time myself. Hell, I’m a blogger and electrical designer and I’m pretty friggin’ angry.

The ultimate appeal of W.E.W. is the same as that of Mr. Tim Barry. Writing songs as honest as Abe Lincoln and taking to the road to share them with rooms full of people who’ve likely never heard them, they turn strangers into fanatics nightly. Tampa/St. Pete…you get the chance to see him on March 7 at The Orpheum. Don’t miss this chance.

If you do, find someone to give you a swift kick in the nuts ’cause you’ll deserve it….

William Elliott Whitmore - Mutiny     

William Elliott Whitmore - Old Devils     

William Elliott Whitmore - Lifetime Underground     

William Elliott Whitmore’s Official Site, William Elliott Whitmore on myspace, Buy Animals In The Dark


  1. February 23, 2009    

    one of my favorite records of the year so far.

  2. Nick Nick
    February 23, 2009    

    for sure. This record is even better than I expected it to be and I had high expectations. There’s an amazing video of Who Stole the Soul from an NYC performance on youtube.

  3. February 23, 2009    

    I fell in love with the album 40 seconds into it.

  4. Dave Dave
    February 23, 2009    

    This guy comes to town on Wednesday, so I’ll pick a copy then. The songs I’ve heard sound pretty good.

  5. Chris Chris
    February 24, 2009    

    Haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet, but am I looking forward to it? Hell ya.

    Oddly, I saw a banner ad for this album on a website recently, but I can’t remember the site. Maybe hypemachine.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  6. February 24, 2009    

    Agreed, great release. Even better live.

  7. JacksonDavis JacksonDavis
    February 24, 2009    

    Nice work..great album!

  8. Nick Nick
    February 25, 2009    

    ads on pitchfork for it.

  9. February 25, 2009    

    I must have all of Pitchfork’s ads blocked cause I don’t see any ads on p4rk much less any WEW ads.

    But good for him.

  10. Nick Nick
    February 26, 2009    

    I had to stop blocking ads when I started working for an online advertising company ;D

  11. jro jro
    March 2, 2009    

    “I fell in love with the album 40 seconds into it.”

    Hells yeah….ME TOO.

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