You have no idea how happy I am to be typing this particular entry. Will’s album coming out has seemed a lot like Pete Rose’s getting into the Hall of Fame- lotsa people want to see it happen, but it just doesn’t look like it’s gonna. Well, buck up Pete, because Will’s album is not only out but it’s coming out in a manner that allows anyone with an internet connection to buy it. While Nervous Turkey is my favorite local band, Will’s easily my favorite local musician.

Navasota is in reference to some unknown Texas town and is in memory of Will’s mother. There will be no new songs to locals who frequent Will’s shows, but they’re all new to most of you reading this post. Before describing Will’s music, I first wanna describe the man himself…and before I go any further I wanna admit in the interest of full disclosure that, yes, I know Will. I know him in that ‘we’ll acknowledge one another when we are at the same bar and possibly even carry on a small conversation’ kind of way. That wasn’t the case the first time I saw him perform the songs on this album, though. No, that night he was opening for Lucero and I was blown away. So much so that I was in the crowd at 8 of his next 10 shows….but enough about me….back to Will. Ever heard that thing about dogs resembling their owners? Well, the songs of Navasota really resemble Will himself; subtle but powerful. The songs on Navasota are beautiful in the quietest kind of way. I’ve loved this album for 2 years of its gestation and I am loving the fact that now I can tell y’all about it. Give these tracks a listen and buy the album if you like them. I’d venture a guess that every dime made from this cd will go directly into the next.

As another disclaimer: while I may ‘know’ Will, I bought this album from CD Baby just like you should. It’s great. It’s Essential Listening.

Will Quinlan & The Diviners – The Thieving Life
Will Quinlan & The Diviners – Remember the Beatitudes
Will Quinlan & The Diviners – Navasota

Will Quinlan & The Diviners’ Official Site, Will Quinlan & The Diviners on myspace, Buy Navasota


  1. i saw one of Quinlan’s old band, Murder Creek, open for Songs:Ohia at the Orpheum and it was one of the best opening sets i’ve ever seen. I’ve longed to see him (I live in Gainesville) since, and have been meaning to buy this record since it came out.

  2. These songs are amazing, they completly nail the sound I love.

    I see they are playing right down the road from me in Lake Worth on the 19th with Truckstop Coffee. I need to be there.

  3. I dont know if IV remembers but I sent him a Myspace message prob a year and a half ago about this band…I wanted to know how many songs were on their EP. I balked and never purchased it..(shame on me) I will not however let this mistake happen again! Just ordered it off CD Baby thanks for this one bro…Tis why I visit Ninebullets everyday…You never know when someone like this pops up!

  4. Just following links to my new SMM pals, and am excited to be looking through your back-pages!

    Looks like there ought be a bunch of stuff I’d’ve otherwise not be exposed to, over here, and I’m looking forward to it.



  5. love this band and alot of you other suggestions. You keep riding point and i’ll gladly follow and bring my friends along!

  6. Brandon: I do remember.

    Matt: Welcome to ninebullets.net. I hope you come back often. It’s best enjoyed with whiskey.

    Denise: as long as people keep finding their way here I’ll keep talking about what I’m digging.

  7. the first time i heard “remember the beatitudes” i was living in tampa, fl (this past winter). i heard it over the radio station 88.5 wmnf.org and instantly recognized it from one other time hearing it. tears streamed down my face. i love love love this song. it’s so beautiful and soulful. i’m glad i finally pinpointed the band. i now live in nashville, tn and hope to see you in concert. good luck and thank you for such a beautiful song!

  8. Hello Brian,
    meant to drop you a line sooner but must plead my chronic absentmindedness and procrastination as cause for delay. Wanted to thank you for the great review as well as send along my thanks to the others that posted kind remarks here (especially Sarah L, the fact that the song moved you that much is the highest compliment anyone could give). So thanks again, and anyone who might be interested please drop me a line via my email – will@ironweedmusic.com
    thanks again,

    Will Q

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