The Wreckage

Do you ever hear an album and wonder why you have never heard of the artist before? I do and this album is one of those. Now I may have heard the name before but I had never heard Will Hoge’s music until someone handed me a copy of “The Wreckage”. I screwed around for a while because it had a stack of stuff to get through musically, at home, and at work and soon forgot I had the album. The other day I was cleaning up some stuff and found this little jewel. I plugged it in and wondered where I had been for this man’s last five albums. Six albums and ten years in Will Hoge displays his talent with a roots album that speaks to you in a simple and necessary way. Recorded after a near death van vs. scooter accident and produced by Jim Scott “The Wreckage” is one of the all around best albums of the year.

“The Wreckage” was released almost a year to the day after his accident and is dark, brooding, introspective, moody, and brilliant. While Hoge has recovered from his brush with death this album is not a celebration of that. It is a look at the darker side of life. Ghosts are conjured, dark and smoky images abound. I can see a future of whiskey soaked nights with this album playing. I usually write up a little blurb or two about the songs but I wouldn’t do them justice. I am off to get more of Will’s music and I’ll leave you to decide for yourself about how good this album is.

Will Hoge – Just Like Me
Will Hoge – The Wreckage
Will Hoge – Hard To Love

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5 thoughts on “WILL HOGE – THE WRECKAGE”

  1. I’ve been a Will Hoge fan for about 8 or 9 years now, the guy can sing his ass off. So amazing. I’m glad that you reviewed this.

    Imagine being a fan at the time that the scooter accident happened. It was pretty scary. So glad he recovered and released this.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this. I live in Nashville, but had never really listened to Will Hoge. I was driving to a Christmas party and they played “Even if it breaks your heart” on the radio and I vowed to go out and buy that album. Great album. Highly recommended.

  3. I had never heard of Will Hoge until, probably ten or twelve years ago, I went to an outdoor concert by The Doobie Brothers. The opening act was this guy who was just rocking the whole place, reminding me of Springsteen with his style and energy. That was Will Hoge. When Will finished his set, I immediately went to the concourse and bought his CD. That was Carousel. Then came Blackbird On a Lonely Wire, and my favorite song “Not That Cool.” It amazes me that Will Hoge isn’t a bigger star.

  4. Embarrassed to say that I just discovered Lucero about a month ago….sheesh! Where’ve I been?

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