I’m not sure how it took me this long to hear about Will Hoge and I’m even less sure why, in all this time, not a single one of you bastards emailed me a note telling me to check him out. Well, I may be late to the party, but with his seventh release I finally stumbled upon Mr. Will Hoge and I’m loving it.

I can’t speak for any of Will’s other albums as I’ve not listened to any of them (yet), but while Number Seven may be lucky in theory, for the bulk of the characters on this album it’s anything but. On “American Dream” Will provides a voice for the beggar on the corner you try to ignore when you get caught by the light and does so in a matter-of-fact unflinching/patronizing manner. Similarly, he attacks the issue of illegal immigration on “The Illegal Line” with the same unflinching eye.

Really, I think that’s my favorite thing about this album. Lyrically, it’s real and it never compromises on that “realness” for the sake of a better flowing/more poetic line, whether it be on the subject of homelessness, illegal immigration or just waking up and realizing that even on your best day you’re just mediocre.

Number Seven is one of those albums that ends with me wanting more. I want the outtakes that didn’t make the cd. I want the demos for the songs that did. My only regret is that I didn’t hear this album earlier as it, undoubtedly, would have been a Top 5 in my year end list. Only thing I have left for it this late in the game is to tell y’all about it and to crown it Essential Listening.

Will Hoge – The Illegal Line
Will Hoge – Goddam California
Will Hoge – Too Old To Die Young

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13 thoughts on “WILL HOGE – NUMBER SEVEN”

  1. I’m a bit of a Will Hoge novice myself, but I highly recommend his previous album (The Wreckage). “Even if it Breaks Your Heart” is one of my favorite songs.

  2. “not a single one of you bastards emailed me a note telling me to check him out” How did you miss that Romeosidvicious reviewed ‘The Wreckage’ on your own website? 🙂

    Romeo’s review was even similar to yours. “Do you ever hear an album and wonder why you have never heard of the artist before? I do and this album is one of those.”

    Will was on Jimmy Kimmel wednesday night and played ‘Too Old To Die Young’ and ‘Fools Gonna Fly’.

    Everything I have heard from Hoge is great, 7 albums, 2 live albums, and 2 EP’s.

    1. Related to a current topic around these parts has anyone else noticed the similarity between Hoge’s “Other Side of Town” from the America EP and Springsteen’s “Mansion on the Hill”? I only have a digital copy of the Hoge EP so I do not know if there is any reference to the Boss in liner notes or anything like that.

        1. It is nothing lyrically but the vocal rhythm and melody at the beginning of both songs tha always catches my ear.

          And I have always wondered if Kasey Anderson’s “Red Shadows” is intentionally some sort of sequel or continuation of the story from Springsteen’s “The Line” from ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’. Knowing Kasey is a big fan of Bruce it has to be.

      1. You’ll hear a lot of that in Will’s stuff, unfortunately. I’m a fan of some of his work but not all. There’s a track called ‘Washed By The Water’ that’s a pretty blatant lift of Randy Newman’s ‘Louisiana 1927.’ I’m a fan of his earlier work than his last 4 records. At that time he hadn’t yet started recycling subject matter.

  3. Check out his Live album..” Again Somewhere Tomorrow” and either one of his “ON THE ROAD with Will Hoge Cd’s if you can find them, I have On the Road 2….still trying to find (1)….The songs The Man Who Killed Love and Rock and Roll Star are great…..I cant wait till he puts out some concert DVD’s….I’ll be First in Line !!!!!!

    1. I agree 150% on needing to see him live. I’ve been a fan of his since The Wreckage came out, but just had my first chance to see him back in December when he came through Austin.

      Check out this video of him doing “When I Get My Wings” accapella. http://bit.ly/y2v5Je I didn’t shoot it, but I was there and it captures the moment pretty well. He was able to silence a room of about 250 to the point you could literally hear a pin drop. Can’t wait to see him again!!

  4. Will Hoge is fantastic. Welcome the party! His story is pretty incredible, too. He is very lucky to be alive.

    I was flipping through channels and stopped on the CMAs recently (must have seen a hot chick singing some sort of pop music or something, so I stopped to watch the hot chick), and I’ll be dammed if they didn’t pan to Will as they went to commercial. Either a big coincidence or more likely he must have a manager who is working on breaking him to the wider public. His melodies are terrific and I can see how he could have broader appeal.

    Goddam California is great (but I have to skip it when my kids are around). The whole record is great.

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