So. Back in February I had a 2000 dollar mountain bike and 2 cruisers stolen out of my garage. I filed the police report and homeowners claims, set the craigslist and ebay alerts and came to terms with it being gone. A few days later I bought a replacement bike (that, honestly, I like better) and had pretty much forgotten about it. Then, this afternoon, the craigslist alert hit and upon visiting the ad I was suddenly looking at a picture of my bike. I googled the phone number and it came back as a pawn shop in Pinellas Park (about 20 minutes from my house. I called St. Pete Police (whom I’d filed the original report with) and was told that this was in the jurisdiction of the Pinellas Park PD and they transferred me to them. I told them the story, gave them the telephone number and address and they told me to sit by my phone and an officer would call me when he got to the pawn shop. I asked if I should meet the cop at the pawn shop and was told to stay away and let the cops handle it. After about 30 minutes of waiting I said fuck this, printed a copy of the police report and went to the pawn shop….

Rest of the LONG story behind the cut…

When I walked into the Pawn Shop and inquired about the bike they “just sold it 20 minutes ago.” I hand them all my paper work and after inspection they agree that all the serial numbers match and that they indeed sold my stolen bike. They were apologetic and did not understand why it wasn’t flagged when it was originally hocked but they said it was out of their hands at that point. So I called Pinellas Park PD, informed them of the situation and asked when their fucking cop was gonna be there. The dispatcher put me on hold then came back and told me that they had cancelled the original call cause that shop was in the Sheriff’s jurisdiction and someone was supposed to have called me.


So I call Pinellas County Sheriff’s explain all of this shit and they send a sheriff out. He looks into it all and informs me that, since the case originate with the St. Pete PD that they should have been the one’s to call the shop and come out. Now, I am screwed. Since the guy who bought the bike did it legally, the bike is just gone. Some twat just bought a 2000 dollar mountain bike for 300 dollars and because the police were too happy to kick the can instead of doing anything I got nothing.

I don’t care how that guy got the bike…it’s my fucking bike.

3 thoughts on “WHY THERE WAS NO POST TODAY:”

  1. Gross. Bureaucracy barf. You’d like to think your police officers could do a more impressive job than a craigslist alert system.

  2. Dude, that is messed up. That’s government for ya. Not to get all political, but the libertarian in me says had that been a private security firm you most definitely would have gotten your bike back.

  3. Isn’t the pawn shop out the money if they sell stolen merchandise? I think the pawn shop should reimburse you.

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