Jan 192012

Why did ninebullets.net participate in the SOPA protest? Put simply, ninebullets.net is an mp3 site. On it’s best day, it operates in the gray areas between legal and illegal. For the record, we’ve only been asked to remove content 3 times in 5 years. Twice by The Black Keys and once by Caitlin Rose’s people. In that same time period, we’ve been thanked by scores of musicians whose music has appeared on the site.

If the Blogger fiasco from a few years back taught us anything, it’s that there really is no such thing as a legal mp3 blog. No matter how much permission you have or from whom it came from (including the bands themselves) all it takes is for one faction of the machine behind an artist to take qualm with an mp3 on your site and you’ll be getting a take down notice from your hosting company (if they’re nice enough to not just shut you down).

I do not think I speak in hyperbole when I say that SOPA could effectively spell the end of the music blog when labels start demanding Google delist them. All that would be required would be a single letter claiming a “good faith belief” that the blog has infringed on its content. Once Google or Bing or whoever received the notice, they would have five days to either abide or to challenge the claim in court (again, i harken back to the Blogger fiasco a few years ago).

I broad strokes, that’s why we took part. And frankly, I am disappointed (but not surprised) more blogs did not as well.

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I am the founder of ninebullets.net. Aside from being a self-made nillionaire, I'm is also a righteous indignation addict and professional self-loather.


  1. If you don’t mind me asking, what did the Black Keys ask you to remove. I’m curious because they’ve been a favorite of mine for years. I know you gave El Camino a negative review, that I had to agree with.

  2. Did you see the saving country music post on this? That dude is ridiculous

    • I did. I didn’t comment on it cause, put simply, I don’t think he has a full grasp on the issue and keeps harkening it back to music….which the fight has nothing to do with.

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