Because Songs Matter


Well, I’d talked about it for a little over a year and I finally decided to say “fuck it” and order some koozies. Kind of funny that I finally decide to do it and they show up in the middle of sober-friggin’-February but lemme tell you, the do a mean job keeping a can of Coke cold.

If you’re thinking to yourself; “Man! I’d really love to have myself a koozie” then all you need to do is click the button below and send me 5 dollars. As a token of my appreciation I’ll send you a koozie and a sticker. Then, not only will you have a fine can chill maintenance apparatus but you can also feel good knowing you aided to the SxSW spending money funds.

If you live overseas, I will be more than happy to send you some koozies too but please select the overseas option from the pulldown.

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  1. DevinR DevinR
    February 13, 2011    

    these are slick. I couldn’t pass up ordering one.

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