Honestly, I think I am suffering from a severe case of burnout. I have lots of shit to write about & lots of ideas of what I want to say about those cds but when I actually sit down with the laptop I feel utterly unmotivated.

I think it’s the cumulative effect of stress. My wife and I have suddenly started to feel the effects of the economy and job security is a waning feeling. Couple that with trying to get 80 Proof started and I just feel like I want a break.

So I am taking one.

See y’all on Tuesday.

EDIT: During this down time you can join me over on Southern Shelter listening to Cooley solo shows.

12 thoughts on “WHAT'S UP WITH NINEBULLETS?”

  1. It all got to me recently. I pulled the plug on Spotucky Radio because I couldn’t listen to a song with out thinking how it would fit into the upcoming show. Three weeks removed and John Snodgrass has never sounded soothing. Hang there, we need you. Let us now if you need some fill in posts.

  2. I feel ya man. I’m thinking about moving out of state just to avoid the daily ‘will I still have a job next week’ and ‘will we still get paid this month’ stresses. I’ll toast this weekend to all of us stuck in the crappy construction industry. Enjoy your weekend off!

  3. enjoy the break – in the end, all that matters is the groove.
    and you help keep the groove alive each and every day!

  4. I have the same blogger burnout, but mine has been going on since the beginning of the year. It gets to the point that writing about the music becomes a chore. Then you realize that most people aren’t even reading the posts and just drop by to leech some music. Then you spend the next month trying to figure what the hell the point is anyway.

    Well, the point for me is to get some exposure for great bands that even most music bloggers may never get a chance to hear. So keep your goals in mind and don’t stay away too long because it only gets harder and harder to come back.

  5. Appreciate the heads-up on the acoustic Cooley show, It made the weekend even better!

    Best Regards, Mike

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