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RomeoSidVicious sporting the ninebullets tshirt

I figured I’d chime in and tell y’all what’s on tap for the remainder of the 2009. While there might be a single album post here or there in the closing weeks of the year, the bulk of it will be about our favorite albums, songs and shows (possibly movies and books?) of the year. There will also be a final podcast of 2009 which will include some of my favorite songs of the year (if you have a suggestion, you know where to send them).

Also, the response to the shirt sale was awesome (I still have some available if you wanna buy one!) and by now I’m assuming a lot have made it to their intended destinations. Folks, I WANT PICTURES! Send them to me! If you don’t want them posted on the site, just say so in the email and they’ll be omitted from any 9b shirts in the wild posts.

That’s it….Let’s get back to the music.

Luther Dickinson & The Sons of Mudboy - Let It Roll     


  1. Adam Fenwick Adam Fenwick
    December 16, 2009    

    I’m hoping a family member got a hint and got me one of those shirts for Christmas. We’ll see!

  2. December 16, 2009    

    You know, that song was recorded the day of his father’s funeral. You can hear the pain in his voice and hear that it’s his final goodbye. Pretty brave of him to release it. I think that it’s every single one of Jim’s fans goodbye to him too.

    Thank God Jim Dickinson left behind a shit ton of music for us to enjoy.

  3. December 16, 2009    

    The gentleman in the photo sure has good taste: Nine Bullets, Lucero, and Suburban Home!!

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