What not to buy: Shooter Jennings & Hierophant – Black Ribbons
Why?: Kid Rock’s already done it…but better.
Okay, that’s pretty bad but seriously; why?: I live tweeted my thoughts as I listened to the album the first time. Let’s read them shall we?

@autopsy4: “Wake Up” the opening track of new Shooter Jenning’s album sounds like something an angst ridden highschool kid would have wrote.
@autopsy4: 4th song from new Shooter…disjointed. boring. again, lyrically juvenile.
@autopsy4: wait….there’s a song on here titled, “Fuck You I’m Famous” & it’s exactly what you’d think. What. A. Douche.
@autopsy4: “The Breaking Point” from new Shooter sounds like a rejected Kid Rock song…
@autopsy4: re: New Shooter Jennings album…I feel a “What Not To Buy” post in my future.
@autopsy4: “God Bless Alabama” from new Shooter is definitely chasing the Kid Rock crowd.
@autopsy4: “All of This Could Have Been Yours” was almost descent if Shooter would have just shut up at the end.
@autopsy4: “Light In The Sky” from new Shooter. Honestly, not a bad track. Reminds me of Red Hot Chili Peppers in a way.
@autopsy4: “Black Ribbons” okay, I see what he was trying to do…make a huge ballad thing is, it ended up being too whiny and then came the whistle…
@autopsy4: The opening of “Summer of Rage” makes me wanna listen to “The Final Countdown”
@autopsy4: “California Via Tennessee” man, how do those Kid Rock rejects taste?
@autopsy4: did I hear Auto-Tune on “The Illuminated”….::rewinds:: YES! Yes I did.
@autopsy4: i wonder how many times the word “epic” was muttered while working on The Illuminated.
@autopsy4: and….we’re done. My suggestion is to not buy the new Shooter. It’s his worst to date and I’m sure it’ll make him a million dollars.
@autopsy4: in closing I’d like to say, Shooter…..your Daddy was famous. Not you.

So there you go. I think one of the folks who follows me on twitter summed it up best when he said, “The kid tries too hard.” To me, this album is an obvious attempt to cash in…on something. If this thing fails commercially, what trend/sound do you think Shooter will try to gravy train next? I don’t know if he ever managed to put that “o” back in country, but he is definitely bringing the “it” to sucks.

Shooter Jennings – Fuck You, I’m Famous
Shooter Jennings – California via Tennessee

Shooter Jennings’ Official Site, Some stuff to buy instead of this


  1. Hahaha I’ve heard you ranting about this for awhile now but waited on listening to it. If I had randomly heard it I would’ve never guessed it was Shooter. It’s really pretty terrible. I hope Lucero doesn’t do that tour with him!

    Maybe he can do a duet with Ke$ha?

  2. honestly this is just depressing. come on shooter, do what your good at “TRYING TO DO WHAT YOUR FATHER DID A REMARKABLE JOB AT, CREATE GOOD WHISKEY DRINKIN COUNTRY MUSIC.”

  3. What’s funny is that I’m pretty sure the last two “What Not to Buy” posts were Shooter records. Rather than getting too repetitive, we’ll just assume that each subsequent release is also unlistenable until we hear otherwise.

    Serious suggestion: you’ve got Essential Listening, why not create another label called “The Shooter Files.” In there, you list all the “do not buy” albums that you review. That way if I’m feeling like picking up some new music, I can see if it’s in the Shooter Files.

  4. The last one I did was Yonder Mountain String Band but you’re correct. The one before that was Shooter’s “Greatest Hits” album. I would not have said a word about this album had they not mailed it to me. There will not be another Shooter mention on this particular site unless he stops sucking (highly unlikely).

    I had thought about startin goddamnthisshitsucks.com at one point 9b and real world keep me pretty locked down.

  5. He made one good record. His 1st. I’d have to go back and see how many of those songs he actually wrote. I saw this was coming out and hoped that it wasn’t a right wing paranoia filled screed. And it’s not quite that but the whole thing put a bad taste in my mouth.

    He is indeed touring with Lucero. He is on the bill in Denver. I dislike this enough that I might skip seeing Lucero this time. Or maybe just show up late.

  6. The only thing I liked from the Shooter album was Stephen King’s contribution as a local Radio DJ. The music from the album has a chance to be in my awefull top 10 from 2010.

  7. I check this site every day for updates and my tastes are normally pretty in line with those expressed here, but I have to say I disagree this time. I liked Shooter’s first album and liked the second even better. His third, “The Wolf” didn’t really do it for me. This one is definitely different and I normally don’t like politics in my music, but he’s not taking a clear Republican or Democrat stance, so I’m fine with it here. The theme of excessive government control is especially interesting in light of the recent happenings with health care.

    I’ll say that there are a few songs here that wouldn’t hold up very well taken on their own, but as a whole with the theme and narration, I think it’s a very interesting and likable record.

    I agree that Shooter can at times come a little too close to Kid Rock for comfort, but I actually hear the similarities less on this album than previously.

    I think this is closer to carrying on Waylon’s legacy than churning out more outlaw country. Singing country would be easy and expected for Shooter. Here he’s forging his own path, and whether its a success or failure, at least he’s making the music he wants to, which is what Waylon did. I’m also impressed with the CD packaging, narration, and tie-in video game on his site.

  8. Didn’t think of “The Final Countdown” when I heard the “Summer of Rage” intro…always makes me think of the Blade Runner soundtrack.

  9. I think Shooter does suffer from the “trying to live up to dad” preasure. But I think you guys were too hard on this album. Yeah there arn’t any singles but I liked the album as a “concept”. I loved electric rodeo and I like his mixing of different styles. His radio show on Outlaw Country is my favorite show because its sucha a blend, that its refreshing. We get too stuck on what we’re comfrotable with that when someon trys to push us, it doesn’t go over well. I’ve collected a ton of music and Shooters newest album is a whole lot better than alot of the stuff out there. However, I think he should of joined Velvet Revolver when the offered the siging job to him though…that would have been awesome to hear.

  10. I just listened to the two tracks you posted and I kinda like California Via Tennessee. Fuck You, I’m Famous is pretty bad, though. Maybe it makes more sense in context?

    Sooner or later I will probably get the album, I love his first album, like Electric Rodeo and the live album very much and even dig The Wolf, though it’s obviously his weakest album up to that point.

    I’m curious how the whole album will be, the videos from last year when he first presented his new direction were dreadful and the Radiohead comparison put me off, but none of the two songs sound like Radiohead to me, and that’s a good thing.

  11. Its one of those albums you have to listen to the tracks in order for it to work…but I think it does. Its no dark side of the moon, but worth a try.

  12. Don’t be so hard on the kid. He’s just trying to…..no….wait a second. This is terrible. You’re right. Don’t by this. Instead, take a dump in a box, wrap it up, take it to a kids birthday party, and then record the shrieking sounds of the parents when their son opens it. It’ll sound much more enjoyable.

  13. These “What not to buy” posts are my favorite.

    Remember… Sober doesn’t go away on its own.

  14. ok, I listened to the whole album today. for some reason I hoped you guys were wrong, but you weren’t. I liked about two songs, Black Ribbons (it’s kinda all right) and California Via Tennessee (thumps up; not written by Shooter, though).

    I still dig the concept, like the narratives and not necessarily dislike the style of the music, it’s just that the songs themselves are boring. incredibly boring. the opening? Wake Up? that must be ironic…it could put you to sleep in mere seconds…

    too bad, really. I wished it was good. but it ain’t.

    buy THE FOX HUNT!


  15. I’m sorry you folks missed the point of this album.
    None of you have probably ever heard of David Icke, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, or Alan Watt, but Shooter has.
    While Y’all sit around criticizing different artists with nothing better to do, the “New World Order” is about to drop the sky on Your heads. Maybe Shooter is trying to WAKE YOUR SORRY ASSES UP to what is about to go down in this Greatest Nation on GODS green earth.
    You don’t get the most prolific writer in the last 25 years, Stephen King, to do a concept album for no charge, unless something worthwhile is being said.
    I’m a huge Floyd fan, and you’re right, this is no “The Wall”, but many artists are waking up to the fact that America is at a critical juncture in its history, and thank God Shooter is using his pulpit and pedigree to try and influence the outcome of this struggle. Go get em Wolf.

    1. Hell Yhea” these folks probaly have no taste for Mojo Nixon, but I bet he’s experienced more of the real fun from the real side of life then any of these folks ever will… JstSyn….

  16. that’s all fine and dandy, but I don’t listen to an album thinkin “cool, the music’s lame, but so what – the message rocks.”

  17. Why was his first album good? Two words: Leroy Powell.
    David Icke, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones and Alan Watt all said not to buy this!

  18. I googled “Shooter Jennings sucks” and this is one of the places I landed! Man, I hate to be mean-spirited but I saw this guy open up for Lucero last night at the Bluebird in Denver and hated it. We walked in during his set and the song was a long jam that sounded like the end of a set. To our chagrin he played like 7 more songs. Don’t know why Lucero likes this guy and definitely don’t understand why they let him go on so late and gave him such a long set. Lucero went on close to 10:45pm which is getting kind of late for this old fart. I really think this guy and his band sucked beyond belief. I know music is subjective but damn I could have written some of his songs and I don’t play an instrument. A progression of 4 or 5 notes repeated over and over again does not a song make. I was even predicting the notes in my head on songs I never heard of the first time thru the melody. He kept changing guitars or went to his keyboard after every song and had creepy oratory from a piped in voice between a lot of the songs spewing some philosophy – dude you are the opening act, I’m not looking for a takeoff of The Wall for chrissakes. But really, my biggest beef was the cruddy songs and hubris. It sounded like really bad 70s arena rock. The lead guitarist was pretty solid but Shooter might want to revisit what the hell he is doing and try writing some more creative shit. Strip it down and go solo & acoustic or some shit. OK enough out of me, I’m sure legions of Shooter fans disagree with me, or at least the 5 or 6 that he has. BTW, Lucero was OK. I just wanted to get out of the house on a Tuesday – they aren’t exactly breaking down barriers with their music either – pretty cut and dried simplistic southern rock. But Ben Nichols has a unique gravelly voice. He should go solo and really make some dough instead of splitting it up amongst his band – they don’t bring much to the table at all, except the guy who looks like Chewbacca playing bass with the cig hanging out of his mouth. The lead guitarist looked like he belonged at an NRA convention and the drummer looked like Manson and had the skill set of a 10 year old beginner. Miles Davis junior seemed out of place – he didn’t crack a smile the whole set, but Miles wouldn’t have either I guess. Did I forget anyone? The other horn player had a big ass fucking horn that looked like it was sent down from space. But the 55 year-old keyboardist looked awesome – like a Hell’s Angel lost in a time warp. Hatefest! Peace. I love music, but Shooter was a turdbomb on wheels.

  19. For you to even compare Shooter to kid rock is fucking ludacris to me, and I don’t mean the rapper. You obviously can’t see outside the lines and must listen to only “radio bubblegum bullishit” that Mr. King speaks of on the album. What music do you listen too anyways? I will admit when I first bought the cd I skipped thru the songs real quick and I was confused, but when you sit and listen to it all the way through it has more meaning than you will ever be able to understand. That dude was right when he said the New World Order is gonna come Down and slap you in the face. I will admit that The Wolf wasn’t one of his greatest albums, but this is. I even went as far as reading the 1970’s book mentioned on the cd The Hero Within by Carol S. Pearson and it changes my life. This is a concept album, that of which Kid Rock knows NOTHING about. If you didn’t listen to the album straight thru, do it again. Like dude said earlier, you don’t get Stephen king as a narrator and have a flop album. Maybe you need to get some depth to your character.

  20. This album is awesome. It has some real depth. Reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, only updated for the times. It’s definately not a Country album. Some people can’t get that this is a “concept” album. Typical…

  21. At first when I got this album I was happy that it was uncensored. Now from my first immpression of Shooter I didn’t apprciate his music to much. But I gave the album another go and it grew on me. Many times while listening it reminded my of a few artist. Not musically, definatly not, but the way the album was made. A few names came to mind; Serj Tankian, Brian “Head” Welch, Rise Agaisnt, and Skillet. As many of you might know Serj Tankian was the lead singer of System of a Down. After they declared an untimed hiatus Serj went on to do his own solo concept album. It was about the govenment and a lot of the crap they are feeding us. That and war really shouldn’t be a first resort. Brian “Head” Welch was a guitarist for the band Korn. His concept album that he made after he quit Korn, got off drugs, and found Jesus, was made from a religious point of view. Rise Against is a band with a really big range surprisingly they also fight from a political point of views. Skillet finally also wrote from a religious aspect and part of their theme was to tell people that if they were told that they shouldn’t follow God that they had the right flip them the bird and go on their merry way. Now Shooter, Serj, and Head I have come to realize a lot of respect for them because they had a message they wanted to send out and they sent it out in the fashion they new best. Music. While few people actually got the message, even fewer diagreed with it. The majority of the people disagreed with music and never even got the chance to recieve the message. I hope that this point of vie from a teenager has made some sort of impact on some of you.

  22. “ninebullets.net is not about trying to find the most creative way to tell you an album sucks. Pitchfork has the music-snark market cornered. While our writing may be bad sometimes, we, as a rule, feel no need write bad reviews. To put it simply, we do not listen to bad music, so why should we write about it? You can be assured that the music discussed on this site has been listened to and is held in high regard by the person discussing it.”

    funny, this sounds like a bad review to me…..what sort of music critic are you? the bitter failed musician type? or the bitter decent musician, but too homely to make it type?

  23. All i have to say is Autopsy IV is a lame hipster who does nothing but follow shitty americana/rockabilly trends. His opinions can be found first printed in magazines like The New York Times or in really lame hipster mags. Keep sucking trend cock, we’ll stick to listening to creative music.

  24. you’re not following….

    you said, “we’ll stick to listening to creative music.”
    I replied, “or, in this case, a trend chasing artist”
    thus implying that Shooter is a trend chaser.

    You follow me now?

  25. Really. Autopsy, I agree with D. It’s apparent that you’re really a frustrated musician who decided to build your own throne with this site. Now, you cover some great music on this site, but sometimes your facts are so wrong about some of the music that you review that you end up sounding like a fool. Please stick to trying to find positive stuff in the music. You don’t know any of these artists personally, and I sincerely doubt you’d say any of this stuff to their faces. So for now, take your not-good-enough-to-play-music-barely-good-enough-to-host-a-radio-show-and-not-thorough-enough-to-fact-check ass and try and do something positive for music.

  26. HAHAHAHAHA. You know what’s so fucking funny!?

    Autopsy IV has created and listened to a Lady Gaga Pandora Channel, a Kesha Pandora Channel and a Bubba Sparxx Pandora Channel! What a pussy!

  27. I’m sure Shooter himself and most of his fans would feel pretty embarrassed about these handful of clowns who make fools of themselves here.

    Btw, Black Ribbons kinda grew on me. This new bullet version seems fucked up, since I particularly enjoy the concept with King’s narration. I still think some songs are pretty awful, but taken as a whole the record has a cool late night, apocalyptic feel to it.

    But mind you, this is coming from the dude who still stubbornly defends The Wolf…(well, most of it, anyway…)

  28. If you even listened to the albums lyrics you ignorant piece of shit you would realize what the fuck was going on. And to compare this to kid rock??? This is a concept album.. Something you can’t seem to grasp your mind around. He himself says that country has gone to shit so he went and made an incredible rock album. Go listen to your Kenny Chesney album and tweet about that you fag hahahha… Who the fuck tweets???? Tweet tweet … I listened to the whole album and live tweeted it. Like your opinion is soooo important

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