What not to buy: Black Magik: the Best of Shooter Jennings and the .357’s
Why?: Because it’s as bad an idea as marrying Octopussy would be…
Okay, that’s pretty bad but seriously; why?: Okay, I am gonna go “old new school” SNL circa Fallon/Poehler here and we’ll play a game they called “Really?”

Really, Shooter, Really?….3 studio albums and you’re ready for a greatest hits album, Shooter? Really?
Have you really even had a hit yet Shooter……Really?
And take my advice, Shooter. When that stupid “Manifesto” song, “Busted in Baylor” and a subpar cover are in the running to be on your “greatest hits” tracklisting…you’re not ready for a greatest hits collection.


Look, I get it. Cash grab. I’m not an avid follower of Shooter but dude is obviously assimilating well into the mainstream country way of doing things and I can only guess that the Taylor Swift duet is already in the works. Some of Shooter’s best tracks **coughcoughHairoftheDogcoughcough* aren’t even included on this, his “greatest hits”, so I decided I would include them here, we’ll call it the Shooter’s Pretty Good Songs EP…and until Shooter writes a good song without Leroy Powell in his band I’ll consider him a fraud getting by on his Daddy’s name alone. Sort of like Dale Jr.

Shooter Jennings – Hair of the Dog
Shooter Jennings – Electric Rodeo
Shooter Jennings – Little White Lines

Shooter Jenning’s Official Site, Shooter Jennings on myspace

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  1. I’ll be honest and admit I’m a Shooter Jennings fan. Have been since I picked up his first CD. But, I fully agree with you that he has not had NEAR enough success to even consider putting out a greatest hits records. I’m sorry, three studio records and an AWFUL live record (which I unfortunately do own) do not a greatest hits record make.

    If you really want to put together a Shooter greatest hits, just go to iTunes and buy about six songs, maybe ten. Most of the good ones didn’t get on this so called “greatest hits” record anyway. I mean come on, where is Little White Lines? Hair Of The Dog? Solid Country Gold? I could say a few more, but you get the point.

    I’ll shut up now.


    Fan or not, no one can defend a Greatest Hits album at this point in his career let alone one with as craptastic of a tracklisting as this one has.

    Busted in Baylor is a shitty song no matter how you cut it…

  3. As far as I know Shooter hasn’t had a hit, at least not a mainstream hit, so it should be called “Best of”, but then if Hair of the Dog ain’t on there then it should be called Shooter’s Collection of Good Songs with a few bad ones.

    The Wolf sucked.

  4. I’ll third that “The Wolf sucked”

    He was pretty good live the one time that I saw him.

  5. It’s not a “Greatest Hits.” And it wasn’t Shooter’s idea. Labels are always doing compilations on acts that have left the label. It was Universal South’s “cash grab,” not his.

  6. I admit I’m a Shooter fan and I like most of his songs. I really like his live show too.

    I think you’re missing why he’s doing it. He must be under contract to produce x # of albums for the record label and he wants out. Greatest Hits is an easy way out. Then he can do whatever type of album he wants to do. He’s recording his new album now and said it could be out this year.

  7. About the getting out of the contract comment…

    I was talking to Brian Venable at the Lucero show a couple weeks ago about booking them for a benefit I’m planning. He mentioned that Shooter is coming out with a 100% rock album (no country whatsoever) and the booking guys are trying to work out a tour with him and Lucero for the fall. Something about Shooter bringing in the good ole boys and Lucero bringing the liberals. I dunno. Brian sounded very hesitant about doing the tour without hearing this “rock record” first.

  8. Oh Jesus.
    MTV, Shooter….these would be baaaad omens.

    I hope they pass on that. Granted, there is a lot of money in it for them i’d imagine but you know what they say…lie with dogs and you’ll get up with fleas.

  9. whats up with Shooter Jennings and the Dale Jr cracks, come with something more original it’d be nice, definitely sounds like a HANK III bored. but as for the rest of the replies… coming as a die hard shooter fan, i preface this that my opinions are SOMEWHAT bias (and i say somewhat sparingly because I’m not afraid to criticize my favorite artist when its needed) anyways i proceed. The best of compilation CD was definitely a universal south thing, not shooter’s idea quote from shooter himself “@DACFAN they never got me in the first place. Had to leave before they ran me into the ground. Shopping new record now. Will find right home”, he is doing a new thing, w/ his new band “HIEROPHANT” I haven’t heard a bit of the new stuff, but I think we should all have seen it coming. Word on the boards/street is that its solo John Lennon meets Radiohead, but I’ll save my ideas til I actually hear something. Shooter started as a rocker in Stargunn, then went on to do the country deal for awhile, but every record since them has been progressively more rock n roll. He in no way is “obviously assimilating well into the mainstream country way of doing things” the man feels like his “broke has been broken by Nashville”, and i can’t really blame him. I just hope he comes with as much honesty and truth with his rock stuff as he did with the country. Which I believe he will!!!

  10. i saw HEIROPHANT when he started his tour in Lexington. The new stuff he played is def. rock with some of his old stuff (Daddy’s Farm, Bad Magick, Electric Rodeo, The Wolf). The new stuff was great. Really enjoyed the show.

  11. You guys are fucking morons. first of all the guy who wrote this thing is an uneducated fuck. The album is called “Bad Magick” and it’s not even Shooter’s doing, it’s the labels, because they want to put shit together to make money off ALL their artists. they did it with Hank III, and now they did it with Shooter. and Shooter ISN’T touring with Lucero, and… ah fuck it, you guys are only fueling speculation for whatever he’s got going on. This fucking website sucks anyways, you guys have the WORST taste… probably like Keith Urban. Go fuck yourselves.

  12. shooter, Taylor swift and keith urban will be doing crossover pop country meets radiohead tracks in a year. I wonder if Radiohead would diss him like they did that little Cyrus skank…

  13. by the way Autopsy IV, you are such a fucking idiot. First off you suck Leroy Powell’s ass (who basically ripped his shit off Shooter, he was working in a restaurant before Shooter came along, and Shooter fired him because he was such an ass lick) and then you talk about how Shooter can’t write a good song without him, BUT THEN YOU RAIL BUSTED IN BAYLOR COUNTY, which is one of the FEW songs LEROY WROTE! HA! You are so fucking stupid. Do your homework. Oh and nobody gives a shit about your opinion either because you don’t do research. All over the place you misquote, spread disinformation and get facts wrong, so maybe you should take your shitty site and shove it up your ass while you suck off horrible musicians.

  14. the ONLY thing you get right is that Biram is great. but that’s because you follow popular opinion like a panzy. but Biram rocks

  15. nobody gives a shit about your opinion

    he says through breathless typing spasms.

    oh, and:

    you probably know about Scott because of me.
    Yup, I’m that influential. I make popular opinion.


    Please stick around Steve, you make the comment sections fun. Plus, I’d like your reaction when Shooter plays the opening of a Nascar race wearing a Jr. hat….peas in a pod and all.

  16. Go listen to Shooter’s version of Leroy’s songs and then go listen to Leroy’s versions of the same songs, and if you still think Leroy’s are better, then it’s obvious that you have absolutely no taste. Leroy wrote a total of like 5 songs in Shooter’s entire catalog, Busted in Baylor County, Slow Train, Hair of the Dog, Lonesome Blues and co wrote Aviators and Alligator Chomp Thats it. IF that makes up all of shooter’s good songs, then I’m not quite sure what to say. In my opinion those are his weakest songs, with the exception of Hair of the Dog, which prior to Shooter and Dave Cobb’s involvement was a boring self-pitty bender song. Oh well… Too bad you think you’re so special AIV. You have horrible taste, and I guarantee, I BET ON MY LIFE, that Shooter’s next record (which you will probably not like) will NOT have one thing to prove to someone of your nature. Someone who thinks their little blogs on the internet are worth half a shit. Ninebullets blows. Chalk that up to the guy who runs it being a fag.

  17. And I bet you’re a frustrated musician yourself, but can’t make the cut, so instead you have to be a critic. WHO CARES.

  18. Dropping the “fag” and the “yankee” bombs back to back.
    careful stevie…you might run outta slurs.

    but 2 can play at that game….you’re probably a budweiser drinker and an avid CMT viewer.

    DOH! see that. it’s called wit. google it.

    was a boring self-pitty bender song

    you know. Haggard made a living off such things.

  19. hmmm, as a shooter fan, and to border on a tree hugging hippie, why can’t we all just get along?, like i obviously disagree w/ autopsy opinion of shooter but why bash it, its his opinion, that’s the whole idea of a blog and criticism. You can’t tell someone their OPINION is wrong, there is a way to say it tastefully that you disagree with it, but wasting your time talking smack only makes it like a 7th grade name calling contest. Let Shooter do his thing, people will like it, some people won’t. Let us not forget Rolling Stone was the publication that criticized Led Zeppelin’s first three records, that was just like this is all OPINION. Just because Autopsy doesn’t like one of my favorite artist doesn’t make me think or belive he doesn’t run a great blog, because he does…….but i’m done. sometimes i think all these boards are good for is for people who don’t get to let enough steam off in their normal non-internet lives.

  20. why do most bands that are not broken up release a great hits? RECORD COMPANY people…. He probably wanted out of the current deal, as he’s changing directions musically from what i’ve heard. (more rock. see: Katwalk)

    either way, give him the benefit of the doubt.

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