What not to buy: Big & Rich’s Super Galactic Fan Pak, Vol. 2
Why? Nothing says pile of fucking shit quite like, mixing traditional country sounds with hip hop, rock, and the occasional Native American yell.”
Okay, that’s pretty bad but seriously; why? *sigh* Because the fact that you come around here shows you have some decorum of taste?
I mean, I suppose Big & Rich could be your guilty pleasure…we all have those acts we like but don’t know why and try to keep it on the d/l bur seriously…it’s 2008, if it’s a guilty pleasure download it and refrain from rewarding hacks for pumping out lowest common denominator shit.

And if you wanna little band in your ying yang
If you wanna little zing in your zang zang
If you wanna little ting in your tang tang
Come along, come along, come along, come along

Yeah, “country” radio plays that with a straight face.

Big & Rich – Comin’ To Your City

I think I like these “What Not To Buy” pieces. I might make it a reoccurring piece here on ninebullets. What do y’all think?

20 thoughts on “WHAT NOT TO BUY:”

  1. I think its a great idea to keep doing these posts. I think that the majority will always see it just the same way… Id have to agree with Mike also man it sucks on Saturday to hear this song on every highlight replay at the commercials or the half. I say the next piece be on the lyrical travesty of Toby “I think ill write another war song for a buck” Keith.

  2. Love this feature. Hate this band, though I’ll admit to a couple of their first few songs being slight guilty pleasures – well, very guilty but very slight pleasures. One of my “honest album covers” today at Photocrap is this album.

  3. This post was epic. And spot on. Even if the music didn’t suck as bad as it does, the sight of John Rich on the Glen Beck Show shamelessly pandering to McCain would be enough to hurl. And don’t get me started on, heh, Cowboy Troy at the Republican Convention. Don’t wanna go there…

  4. He has the holy grail of stach.

    Burt Reynolds…on top of being a former Florida State Seminole…had the creme de la creme of hair lip.

    From Smokey and the Bandit to Cannonball Run to Boogie Nights and certainly beyond. His stach is the life blood of all stach. Sure there are bigger, fluffier and less dyed but all past and present owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Reynolds. Plus, back in the day that very stach played tickle time with Loni Anderson’s man in the boat…which ain’t sayin’ much now a days but back in ’88 that was pure pimpin’.

  5. I thought the lyric was if you want a little “bang” in your ying yang. but neither one sounds comfortable.

  6. I thought the lyric was if you want a little “bang” in your ying yang.

    perhaps you’re projecting. Is there something you wanna tell us? Does John Rich’s 7th Grade-esque facial hair tickle your fancy?

    But seriously…beats me. you could be right. I pulled the lyrics from a lyric site and have not heard the song enoug outside of bumper music for football to know.

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