Awww yeah. Over the weekend Dreamhost got us all taken care of and not only are we back…things are even better than before the wheels came off.

So pour a drink and let’s get back to the music.

Drag The River – Having A Party

Feel free to use the comments to tell me how much you missed me while 9b was on the blink…

5 thoughts on “WE'RE BACK!!!”

  1. Oh man, I’ve missed you dearly. while you we’re offline, the No Depression website went down too (sort of).

  2. whatever Dreamhost did to you and 9B over the weekend, it sucked. i read your site everyday, and not having it for three or four days felt like phantom limb pain. your guest poster who turned us all on to Lenny & The Piss-Poor Boys should be congratulated. I got my copy of the cd over the weekend (order from Ludeboy in CA, but the cd is mailed from Portland, ME) and have not stopped playing it since. Okay not true – Isbell & The 400 Unit interrupts for several spins. Glad you’re back and running. Thanks.

  3. I try to check out your site once a week when I’m not busy and I was shocked that you were out. glad your back

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