I don’t get too far into my personal philosophies on here very often but I am gonna break character a little today.

There are people who say “violence is never the answer”…I am not one of them. I believe that not only is there a time and a place were violence serves as a proper response but there are actually occasions where violence is THE ONLY proper response and that brings me to this “wear purple day”….Wear purple to speak out against bullying and aren’t we all warm and fuzzy in our solidarity. What’s gonna happen tomorrow? You’re gonna wear a green shirt and your bully is gonna take your lunch money just like he did your purple clad ass yesterday. Wearing a shirt serves as a useless response to something that’s, in all actuality, an innate part of growing up. That’s right, I said it, bullies have been around as long as kids have been. Does that make it right? No, but reality is a motherfcuker sometimes and as long as there are weak and scared little children on this earth there will be bullies. You have a bully? Punch them. They might kick your ass but trust me, the bruises will heal and any physical damage incurred will be offset by a sense of pride and self-respect.

So I declare tomorrow, October 21, 2010 National Punch Your Bully In The Fucking Mouth Day. It’ll go a lot further than wearing a stupid shirt.

Todd Snider – Is This Thing Working?

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10 thoughts on “WEAR PURPLE DAY…”

  1. I actually sortof side with you on this one.

    The purple shirt day is about as useful as the post what color bra you’re wearing on your facebook for breast cancer awareness thing. You’re raising awareness about something anyone with an internet connection already knows exists. What good does that do?

    Tomorrow should be Free Self-Defense Class Day. Don’t encourage violence, but encourage people to stand up for themselves. Maybe we could get some awesome West Side Story style fights outta it (I kid)(Sorta).

  2. I call bullshit on this day too. I was bullied in school and the only way to get these jerkoffs to leave you alone is to punch them in the fucking face. Hell, once I just swung and missed at a bully and that was enough to get him to leave me alone. Soooooo worth it.

  3. I 100% agree. I was smaller than most every other kid in my elementary school class, so immediately a target. The only way to not become a target was to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Sure it got you in trouble, but a suspension was only 3 days and it teaches the valuable life lesson most people lack these days: Suck it up Buttercup, and grow a pair.

    I wish my Dad would have been allowed (by my mom)to show me how to throw a solid punch and win a fight against a bigger kid. I had to learn later on my own after I didn’t need to buck up anymore.

    Moral of the story: STAND UP FOR YOURSELF ad don’t be a pussy. Girls too.

  4. I might be with you on this, too. Some of the psychological stuff is fucked up, especially with girls. But, I think some of it teaches you to take care of yourself.

    For my part, I popped a much bigger kid in the mouth. I got my fucking ass kicked, but the guy was a pussy – he pinned me down on a school bus seat and pounded on my face. I had braces and my lips were all cut the fuck up. As big as he was, he wouldn’t go toe to toe. He never bothered me again, though.

  5. You all have good points. But these kids aren’t just wusses — or pansies (think about the origin of that word). Wearing purple and making a big thing out of it also shows those kids that are a lot of people out there pulling for them.

    It’s not a fix, but I don’t think anyone is actually saying that.

    But it’ll send a message to those kids, the ones who are getting bullied, and the shitheads who are doing the bullying in the first place.

  6. While I will admit I did wear purple today, I would be the first agree it doesn’t do dick to stop bullying. The only thing it can do is maybe show a young kid “hey, I was there once I know what you’re going through”. Which at least for me would have gone a long way back when I was bullied every day. Bullies will only leave you alone if you let them know they aren’t going to get what they want which is your fear. Punch them, ignore them, act like you’re batshit crazy (worked for me) but never give them the satisfaction of knowing they effect you and they will quickly lose interest. Good post Bryan! I wish more people were as honest as you.

  7. When I was in middle school I had one kid that never let up on me. I never took a swing at him but after getting tossed into a wall I played up my concussion enough to get the kid suspended. When he came back to school a couple days later he told me that he knew I was faking it and he would beat my ass raw. I told him that while he would always be bigger and stronger he’d never be as smart as me, and since I’d already managed to get him suspended once I’d have no problem doing it again. It was an uneasy truce for the rest of the year but it worked.

  8. If you’re talking about being shoved around in the boy’s room, you may be right.

    But bullying takes on a lot of different forms these days, for boys, but especially for girls. And cyberspace lets stuff go viral at the speed of pixels. And it lets a lot of anonymous shit fly.

    When we were kids and a bully called you a faggot, the 5 kids around would hear it. Now your entire school, your family, your church gets to see this shit on Facebook or whatever.

  9. The whole cyber aspect of bullying is played up way to much. When I was in school the same rumors that are now posted on facebook or twitter spread like wildfire and the whole school, or at least those who cared about shit like that, knew by the end of the day and everyone knew who started it.

    The problem is we have produced a culture of kids who think they are each a unique and special flower and have a right to not be offended by anyone and it’s total bullshit. In every classroom half the fucking kids are BELOW average. That’s a vast over-simplification but it’s close to statistically accurate. One good look at the situation is the the US trails behind most other industrialized nations in every actual school subject but we rank numero uno in student confidence!

    Yeah bullying sucks. I know because I was a four-eyed, red-headed, freckle-faced, skin and bones kid who took a lot of shit of a lot of years growing up. I have rumors started about me at privates schools, got beat up (for being a white kid) at public schools, was taunted just riding my bike in my neighborhood, and worse. You know what my parents did? They taught me to ignore the crap that wasn’t true and my daddy, one day after a pretty severe beating from three boys at once, gave me a “dad sock” with four bars of soap in it and told me to take care of my shit! I did and I never got bullied again.

    We are allowing a generation of kids to use words as an excuse for just about anything. These kids don’t seem to even know the old adage: Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Yeah it’s cheesy but it’s the damn truth. We are teaching them to care more about what people say about them than the reality of the situation. And we sure aren’t helping with schools and their zero tolerance policies where kids get kicked out for something that would be considered self defense for an adult in any court of law!

    The reality is that it isn’t the bullies that are the problem. Yeah they suck but the have always sucked and always will suck. The problem is that we no longer teach kids to stick up for themselves in any shape, form or fashion, in some cases we punish them for it, and we teach them that someone else should solve their problems for them. Bullies suck and need to be dealt with but like AIV said a purple shirt isn’t dealing with the problem at all.

    Schools need to allow self defense and defense of others just like adults are allowed so that bullies that physically bully people can be dealt with in a manner that actually works. And kids need to be taught that words are just words and only the truth can do anything more than hurt your feelings momentarily. This wussy culture in which we are raising our kids is damaging them even more than the bullying as far as I am concerned.

    I fully support National Punch Your Bully In The Fucking Mouth Day!

    @Rachel: I have to disagree with you on the whole “But it’ll send a message to those kids, the ones who are getting bullied, and the shitheads who are doing the bullying in the first place.” The kids who are getting bullied need to be taught to stand up for themselves and the ones doing the bullying really don’t give a shit about how much support is out there for the skinny ass kid whose lunch money they are going to steal. The bullies know good and well that, in this day and age, that if the skinny kid fights back then he’ll get busted just like them. They don’t care about how much support is out there and wearing purple may make some poor bullied kid feel a little better for one day but it ain’t going to make a damn bit of difference the next day or the day after.

    We need to stop raising pussies and raise kids who can stand up for themselves and that’s the long and short of the situation.

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