Waylon Thornton is the North Florida living-room-rockabilly institution. Wildly prolific, never able to sit still, Thornton has released about a dozen self-produced records online for free over the last few years. He’s a guitar man. He opened for Dick Dale. His records have always been a little uneven, but they always made up for it because it was fucking rock and roll and it’s supposed to be messy and he always made it seem so intimate.

Until Pale Jewel! It’s like he flipped the fucking switch from Ahhhh!  to Om. It carries it self so well, it’s confident, it’s measured but still a total wacked-out zoo of guitar. Careens from Velvet Underground and Guided By Voices to The Trashmen and The Ventures to…the very core of rock and roll exhilaration (no exaggeration). The record is a cozy, bristled, sprightly thing. It’s also Essential Listening. Also you can pay what you want!

Waylon Thornton – American Heart
Waylon Thornton – Baby In The Reeds
Waylon Thornton – Creatures Of The Night
Waylon Thornton – Old Five Lines

Get all of Waylon Thornton‘s records (including the swift follow-up to Pale Jewel–the Born to Dig EP) for name-your-price donations here at his bandcamp. Also follow his Tumblr, Facebook, and rummage through his now-defunct blog.

Author: Mike Ostrov

Mike Ostrov relays the history of popular song on message boards and under rocks.