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Robbie Turner sat on a collection of vocal tracks Waylon left behind when he passed from diabetic complications 10 years ago. Taking these and assembling a collection of musicians Waylon had worked on in the past, Robbie managed to make a classic Waylon record.

There really ain’t a lot more to say. I mean, it’s Waylon Jennings. You either like him or you’re fucking dumb. Want me to describe the sound? It’s Waylon Jennings. You’re on the fence about buying it? You’re fucking dumb.

So there. That’s my review of the cd, but I do wanna mention one more thing.

Earlier the week that I wrote this (though now that it’s posting time, it may have been a month ago) I was driving to Plant City to see my dad. I’d tuned into NPR and there just so happened to be a piece about the album on All Things Considered featuring Robbie and Waylon’s widow, Jessi Colter. They were being interviewed about the album during which Jessi mentioned that “Belle Of The Ball” was Waylon’s favorite song he ever wrote, which I found to be rather surprising. In describing it she said it was about, “his love for the music industry, his trip of life….his imagery, when you really look into it and listen to it, is stunning, because he could see so far ahead on some things that it would aggravate me. But in this, he came here just a vagabond, dreamer and a rhymer, and a singer of songs. And he’s leaving. It’s his leaving song.

God Speed, Waylon, and 10 years later you gave us one more piece of Essential Listening.

Thank you.

Waylon Jennings - Belle Of The Ball     

Waylon Jennings - Going Down Rocking     

Waylon Jennings’ Official Site, Waylon Jennings on Spotify, Buy Goin’ Down Rockin’: The Last Recordings

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  1. Cletus McNirtny Cletus McNirtny
    October 11, 2012    

    “Want me to describe the sound? It’s Waylon Jennings. ”

    I’ve probably said this before on here, but your reviews are the best. Others would spend 1000 words describing what you just did in 3. It’s why I love this site.

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