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Katie Crutchfield, under the name Waxahatchee, made an album during a snowstorm last winter. She dedicated it “to anyone who had woke up and realized their identity is blurry, has had to clumsily get to know themselves, has hit a bottom, has felt self-deprecating and vagrant, and to anyone who has ridden out a shitstorm.”

She called it American Weekend. She means “American Weekend” in the same wide way that Kurt Cobain means “Teen Spirit,” less social construct than natural phenomenon. This is a lo-fi masterpiece in the league of Lou Barlow and the Softies. We should consider it a descendent of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, or else temper it no lower thanĀ Essential Listening.

Waxahatchee - American Weekend     

Waxahatchee - Catfish     

Waxahatchee - Magic City Wholesale     

Waxahatchee - Noccalula     

Buy American Weekend on vinyl, CD, or digital from Don Giovanni Records. Buy it on iTunes. Buy it on Amazon. Waxahatchee on Facebook. Waxahatchee on Spotify. Visit Katie Crutchfield’s tumblr.


  1. willy willy
    February 17, 2012    

    on the second time through this record, pretty awesome.

    • Mike Ostrov Mike Ostrov
      February 17, 2012    

      Glad you’re enjoying it.

      It’s interesting to listen to Katie Crutchfield, who has one of the most beautiful voices around, choose to use simple recording techniques and probably just laptop microphones, and then look at every CMT/MTV singer who auto-tunes the life out of their probably just fine natural voice. It’s so easy to tell who rocks harder and who’s words are worth listening to.

  2. willy willy
    February 17, 2012    


  3. Jody Jody
    February 21, 2012    

    I love this album.

    Checkout her recently broken up pop-punkish band PS Eliot that she played in with her sister. They are excellent.

  4. Ross Ross
    April 28, 2012    

    Sad that PS Eliot broke up, but Waxahatchee is just as amazing! Katie’s the best

  5. Richard Richard
    June 28, 2012    

    Streaming links are dead

    • June 28, 2012    

      mp3’s are only available for 30 days.

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