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Viva Las Vegas

The other day some pictures of stickers that made it to Vegas tickled me pink. I mailed out a bunch, but getting some pictures of them was a first. I must admit, I’m digging it. It would be cool if I could make it like a Roy Army type gimmick. I wonder if I could get a picture of one in all 50 states. Florida and Nevada down. Going to Georgia next week. If you wanna take part in the guerrilla stickering campaign, send me an email and I’ll send you a few stickers, provided you send me a picture of it slumming up your local bar’s restroom or something.

So, in honor of Vegas, I’m posting the photos along with a few Viva Las Vegas covers. There’s a nice version by The Boss, Shawn Colvin’s version from The Big Lebowski, and the classic Dead Kennedy’s version. However, the cream of the crop is the ZZ Top version. I’d never heard it before this week but I’ve been blown away by it. My ZZ Top knowledge doesn’t extend beyond the mega hits, but I’m thinking about changing that. Anyone have a suggestion as to where to start?

Elvis - Viva Las Vegas     

ZZ Top - Viva Las Vegas     
(Highly Recommended!!!)
Bruce Springsteen - Viva Las Vegas     

The Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas     

Shawn Colvin - Viva Las Vegas     

The Grascals - Viva Las Vegas     


  1. chris chris
    May 11, 2007    

    Give ‘Tres Hombres’ and the latest ‘Mescalero’ a try. So many of the disks are different that to suggest what you might like is hard to do. They all have that certain sound that makes me come back everytime but the styles are wildly different throughout the catalouge. ‘Deguello’ is a safe bet also I think. If you really like that filthy distortion that Billy’s gone to for the last decade or so ‘Rhythmeen’ is a good bet.

  2. jkeough jkeough
    May 16, 2007    

    Tube snake boogie FTW!!

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