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As far as “the blogosphere” goes. I think I can lay a pretty descent claim to being the first (still active) blog to write about Scott and, as a person, I’ve been a card carrying member of the Church Of The Ultimate Fanaticism since I was skinny and sported a shaved head (circa 2006).

All self congratulatory stroking aside, Scott’s new album, Bad Ingredients, comes out tomorrow on Bloodshot Records and I want you to buy it. I’ll probably post a proper piece about it sometime next week but I am letting you know today that it’s worth your money.

Last week Scott released a video for the Lightning Hopkins inspired song “I Want My Mojo Back”.

If you don’t like this, you ain’t got no funk in your soul:


  1. El Mander El Mander
    October 10, 2011    

    My copy on it’s way,can’t wait!

  2. Mike Ostrov Mike Ostrov
    October 10, 2011    

    When I was a kid I was the only one in the family who knew how to use a computer, my sister had me burn copies of Dirty Old One Man Band for all her friends. I made me one, been a supporter since.

  3. 307 307
    October 10, 2011    

    This song is all over the internets lately.

    • Matt L. Matt L.
      October 11, 2011    

      Bought it yesterday during his in-store at Waterloo Records in Austin! Very worthwhile (both the in-store and the new record)!

  4. Nate Nate
    October 11, 2011    

    Caught Birams performance at the Continental Club in Houston. This man kicks ass. Cant wait for the album.

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