Shooter Jennings released a video for “The Deed and The Dollar” the lead single off his upcoming album, Family Man, earlier this week. It’s pretty much been camped out as the #1 video on ever since. You can check it out here:

Ahhh the protest song. Some are awesome, more are terrible and most are some where in between but that doesn’t keep folks from writing new ones on a regular basis. Well, Patterson Hood of The Drive-By Truckers, Mike Mills of R.E.M. and some of the fellas from Widespread Panic have come together to write a song protesting the construction “of a massive mixed use development in downtown Athens, anchored by a 94,000 square foot Walmart.” Is it great, terrible or somewhere between the lines? You decide:

3 thoughts on “VIDEO ROUND-UP:”

  1. I wish Shooter would do more songs like this.

    (I also wish he would tell CMT and the mainstream to kiss his *** and just go play music, but I am not holding my breath)

    Hadn’t seen the Patterson vid – thanks for tossing it up.

  2. The song is a lot deeper than a love song. It has soul, unbreakable family bonds. If more country songwriters would take notice, country music would not be in the state it is.

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