Upsetlists are EP-length transmissions, upsetting set-lists, malfunctioning time machines, flashes of divine recombination. A coupla-song podcast. This one is for all the whales in captivity:

  1. Bob Neuwirth – “Kiss Money” – Bob Neuwirth (1974): Bob Dylan’s old buddy, Neuwirth’s recorded output resembles more outlaw country kind of stuff. He wrote one of my favorite Kristofferson songs, “Rock & Roll Time.”
  2. Steve Young – “Love in My Time” – Rock Salt & Nails (1969)
  3. Gene Clark – “For a Spanish Guitar” – White Light (1971): maybe the coolest Byrd; two of his albums, White Light and No Other (1974) are killers.
  4. Willis Alan Ramsey – “Spider John the Gambler” – Willis Alan Ramsey (1972): he only made one album but it’s awesome.
  5. Natalie Prass – “Bird of Prey” – Natalie Prass (2015): great new album.

Author: Mike Ostrov

Mike Ostrov relays the history of popular song on message boards and under rocks.