While we’re recharging our batteries and uprooting our lives over here, I thought I’d start a series of posts to pass the time and have some fun. Upsetlists are going to be EP-length transmissions, upsetting set-lists, malfunctioning time machines, flashes of divine recombination. A coupla-song podcast. Here’s the first, it comes from the long-lost Ninebullets Podcast #36:

1) State Champion – “The Years” – Stale Champagne (2011): Everybody should listen to everything State Champion does. I wrote about them here and y’all seemed to like it. They’re working on their next album at the moment.

2) Daughn Gibson – “Mad Ocean” – Me Moan (2013): It’s subaquatic and deserted. Country music endures all elements.

3) Centro-Matic – “Calling Up the Bastards” – Tympanum EP (1997): Centro-Matic called it quits this year, so let’s go visit the beginning, or get close to it. This is from their 3rd EP. The early cassette’d portion of their discography is killer.

4) Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – “Midnight Man” – Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!! (2008): I listened to this album a lot when it came out. I have a vivid memory (that probably never happened) of merging from the Turnpike onto Rt. 528 in Orlando while listening to “We Call Upon the Author.” I must’ve never made it past that point in the CD because I this, the second-to-last song on the album, came on shuffle sometime and I had no idea where it came from. Likely came from hell, right?

5) Dane Terry – “My Heart, That Tired Old Thing” – 7 Songs (2011): Caitlin Rose plugged Dane Terry on Facebook once. He’s got a bunch of weird/cool stuff on his bandcamp and then there’s this perfect Lefty Frizzell-calibre country song.

Author: Mike Ostrov

Mike Ostrov relays the history of popular song on message boards and under rocks.