The list of records I’d like to review for 9b is so long that if I stare at it for too long I get discouraged, pour a tumbler of whiskey and give up for the night. Then there is this other list, the list of albums I like enough to want to cover, but can’t really thing of anything to say about them. So I thought I’d revive the old “Two Sentence Review” segment and cover some of them.

Great American Taxi – Paradise Lost
Lazy americana that’s really good when you listen to it. Problem is, the album seems all too eager to fade into the background.

Great American Taxi – Blair Mountain

Chris Cornell – Songbook
Absolutely adored this album the first 5 times I listened to it. Have like it less every time since then.

Chris Cornell – Call Me A Dog

Uncle Bengine and the Restraining Orders – Comes In Nines
Wanted to review this album properly but could only come up with one sentence. If the Dead Milkmen had formed a country band, Uncle Bengine is what they probably would have sounded like.

Uncle Bengine and the Restraining Orders – Bootleggers

Childish Gambino – Camp
Did you know Troy from Community had a rap album out? It’s a surprisingly lucid album with an indie hiphop feel.

Childish Gambino – Outside
Childish Gambino – Fire Fly