Micah Bang Bang Bang

Hey hep cats and cool kittens, it’s your friendly neighborhood Wolf bringing you word of some new music from one of our little non-genre (non-re) stalwarts.

Micah Schnabel (Two Cow Garage) has released two tracks from his upcoming EP “Not The Boy You Used To Know”. You can find them over at Bandcamp and buy them for a buck, whetting your appetite for the EP in whatever formats it’s released on.

First up there’s “More Drugs”, a stream of consciousness revelation based on finding a significant amount of money in an unmarked envelope on the floor of a casino.

Next is “Bang! Bang! Bang!”, a deconstruction of America’s illegal immigration hangups that starts out with Murph (Two Cow’s drummer) trying to talk a driver into smuggling the Two Cow boys into Mexico.

Two Cow Garage, as a band, feels like a high school lab microscope that twisted out of its moorings and grew up to be the Hubble. Their view switched from micro to macro, each record incrementally expanding with the awareness of the songwriters. Shane Sweeney’s first solo record (I say first because another one is coming, hot off the internet presses) is an earlier example of worldy evaluation, but Micah has been dealing with Micah for a long time. That isn’t to discredit him: the internal workings of our own minds are a worthy subject for study. But Death of the Self-Preservation Society was a first punch thrown at the world as a whole, Micah as free-wheeling free-agent rather than existentially self-aware sage.

These songs have a heavy musical style, and feel like an extension of his last solo effort I’m Dead, Serious (of which your intrepid author was absolutely the first to listen to while Leaving Las Vegas, alone). They aren’t Two Cow Garage releases, and while they may be both looser and thicker than full band efforts, they provide a suitable backdrop for the centerpiece: Micah’s songwriting. He challenges convictions, all and any, that someone isn’t willing to defend.

Two Cow Garage is a band that is preparing themselves to knock chips off of shoulders, and Micah Schnabel is letting us in on the secret a little early.

Check these songs out on Bandcamp at the links above, then like the band over on Facebook.


  1. Couldn’t have said it better re the micro- vs macro-. It’s also really validating to hear their takes on the Bigger Things

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