Two Cow Garage – Please Turn the Gas Back On (Reissue)

Two days in a row talking about Suburban Home releases. Why? Cause they’re awesome.

One of my very favorite bands is Two Cow Garage. They are the kind of band that makes rock and roll music great, and very well might be some of the nicest fellas you will ever meet. On the heels of Suburban picking up Two Cow, they’ve reissued Please Turn the Gas Back On. Originally self-released by Two Cow back in 2003, Suburban is giving it a proper release, complete with remastering and six bonus tracks.

If you have ever wondered what the bastard child of Lucero and Drive-by Trucker’s would sound like, I present to you with Two Cow Garage. Earlier this year they released, Three, an album that is easily one of the Top 5 albums of this year. If you do not own it, you need to. Now you can hear where all of that awesomeness got it’s start. All thanks to Suburban Home Records, a label that, much like Two Cow, deserves your support. They work hard to bring the fans of the country/punk/rock sound great music at fair prices. Check out their catalog and take advantage of their super awesome sales.

Two Cow Garage – Been So Long
Two Cow Garage – Farmtown
Two Cow Garage – Swallow Your Pride

Two Cow Garage’s Official Site, Two Cow Garage on myspace, Buy Please Turn the Gas Back On

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