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Ninebullets’ own rock darlings, Two Cow Garage, have let folks in on their path forward:

“Today we release the first in a series of singles that will, ultimately, lead to our next record. The plan is to release two (or so) singles, then an EP, rinse, repeat, until we release a collective record (also with new material).”

First of these singles was “Let The Boys Be Girls”, available over on their bandcamp for the very reasonable fee of a single dollar bill.

The emerging social media culture makes it difficult for bands to continue to embrace the traditional record release structure, and Two Cow are trying something different to keep their audience engaged and themselves on the road: a worthy endeavor if there ever was one. This tour they’re also bringing along Todd Farrell (of Todd Farrell Jr. & The Dirty Birds) on guitar, and I can’t wait to hear where the band is musically by the time they get around to my neck of the woods.

There’s a lot to say about this song that I’m going to save for another post, but I’m unbelievably happy that it was written; especially that it was written by one of my favorite bands. At this year’s Holiday Hangout, the entire crowd was singing along a month and a half before the track was released. That’s power.

So, buy the single, check the band out on Facebook and Twitter, and then go ahead and let the boys be girls because who the fuck do you think you are anyways.

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  1. Mike Ostrov Mike Ostrov
    February 1, 2015    

    go, boys, go!

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