Since I originally wrote about these guys back in’s infancy I’ve gotten to actually know the band and, much like I’ve said about Two Cow Garage back in the day, I can say that Truckstop Coffee is the kind of band I can get behind. They are four completely awesome people who make awesome music together.  They come out of Lake Worth, Florida and they make music that falls under the same umbrella which houses Lucero and Drag The River. Currently they are the process of trying to record and release a full-band follow-up to their 2006 debut, One Damn Thing To Redeem, but in the meantime Pete (singer) has released an acoustic beauty called Fly Far Blackbird.

Fly Far Blackbird is billed as drunk dialing music and after listening to the album a couple of times, I wonder if it’s drunk dialing music for us or if it’s drunk dialing for them. Either way, the album will certainly foot the bill. This is one of this mood albums, and I don’t mean you need to be in the mood to hear it. No, instead it’s one of those albums that will put you in a mood. One of those ‘I wanna sit alone in the dark and drink a few whiskeys neat while I contemplate my failures’ kind of moods. Personally, I love music that gets that reaction from me. Maybe I’m a masochist.

While Fly Far Blackbird may have been recorded solo during a Florida thunderstorm, I am hoping some of these songs will find themselves getting the full band effort on their next album, For Dear Life. While we’re on the subject of hoping, I hope For Dear Life sees a release date in 2009. And while we’re still on this whole hoping and wishing thing, I wish upon a star that it gets released on the Suburban Home label….Virgil?

Truckstop Coffee – Blackbird
Truckstop Coffee – Colorado
Truckstop Coffee – Blinking Star

Truckstop Coffee’s Official Site, Truckstop Coffee (acoustic) on myspace, Buy Fly Far Blackbird


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