Last weekend, Gainesville said see you later to one of the town’s best songwriters, Devon Stuart, who, after kicking ass for fourteen years is moving up to New York. Friends and fans gathered at The Bull and played over an hour’s worth of Devon’s songs, from Takers classics to ne’er-recorded Snakehealers stuff and a bunch of others that show how prolific and sharp the man truly is. The concert was captured on video by Thunderbandmate Eric Atria and posted to Youtube for all to share in the farewell. No single songwriter defined my time in Florida better than this guy; I very literally became myself while listening to these songs live and in my room; and they’re also so fun. So, to everyone involved in this concert, thank you. Rock on, Devon.

01:00 – Ricky Kendall – “Catfish”
05:00 – Ricky Kendall and Sam Moss – “St. John’s Son”
07:54 – Stacie Atria – “Only Boy, Only Girl”
12:15 – Eric Atria – “She Gets Her Way”
16:00 – Travis Atria – “Curse of a Drunk (Skunk)”
20:30 – Fletcher Yancy – “Fucking Up In Public”
23:40 – Lance Howell – “Drift”
32:13 – Jacob Riley – (don’t know the title of the first one), “Social Smoker,” “Friends in Bottles”
43:30 – Collin Whitlock – “Drag,” “Rearview”
53:00 – Michael Claytor – (dont’ know title), “Stage Lights”
57:20 – Sam Moss, Cassandra Polcaro, Michael Claytor – “The North Side Of Me”
60:00 – Cassandra Polcaro, Michael Claytor – “From Where I Sit, I Can See Where I Stand”
65:18 – Michael Claytor – “Taker Easy,” “Hippy Potluck”
72:00 – Devon – “Savannah’s Rain,” “Easy Young Easy Old,” “Second Hand Blues,” “Candy Song,” “Roadside,” “Threw It All Away,” “Mothers Love Me”

Devon returns to Florida to play the final Takers reunion show at the final Ninebullets Anniversary Party next month. I’ll be there. Y’all come, too.

Author: Mike Ostrov

Mike Ostrov relays the history of popular song on message boards and under rocks.


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