I gave AIV the train song idea and ended up not being to get my shit together and my head above water at work to do the post and I was a little disappointed by that. So I decided that this week I’d drop another classic country and western song genre on you guys and write the post before I told AIV the idea so I would get to post this time. This week is Truckin’ Songs. My daddy was a trucker when I was born and somewhere there is a picture of me knee high to him standing beside his rig. I came up listening to Jerry Reed and watching Smokey and the Bandit so I guess I have a romanticized view of the OTR trucker. I know some of the truckin’ songs out there are a little bit cheesy but I love the genre so it’s this week’s Top 5. I hope some of you are also fans of truckin’ songs. Here’s my five, can’t wait to see yours…

Diana William’s – Teddy Bear’s Last Ride | Maybe the saddest truckin’ song in existence
C. W. McCall – Convoy | My first thought when it comes to truckin’ songs and what defined the genre for me
Jerry Reed – Caffeine, Nictotine, Benzedrine (and Wish Me Luck) | Jerry Reed did the Smokey and the Bandit soundtrack but this is so much better a song than Eastbound and Down
Dale Watson – Truckin’ Man | Much like Jerry Reed no truckin’ song list would be complete with Dale and this is a great track
Jason Boland and the Stragglers – Truckstop Diaries | While not technically a song about driving trucks I think this one counts

So there’s my list, let’s see yours. I do fully expect to see Alabama in someone’s list…
(Cover picture by SoulRider.222.)


Jerry Reed – Eastbound and Down: RSV can go deep cuts…I’m playing the obvious. I also wanna take this opportunity to say, if you’re not watching Eastbound and Down on HBO then you’re seriously fucking up.

Drive-By Truckers – 18 Wheels Of Love (Live from Austin City Limits): One could argue that this is a love song and not a trucker song….and one could suck my fucking dick too.

Scott H. Biram: These really were the first 3 songs that popped into my vacant little head.

Scott H. Biram – 18 Wheeler Fever
Scott H. Biram – Reefer Load
Scott H. Biram – Truckdriver

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  1. Ive Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash
    On the Road Again – Willie Nelson
    White Line Fever – Merle Haggard
    Truck Drivin’ Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd
    CB Song – The Legendary Shack Shakers

  2. ooooh, good topic. here is my off the cuff 5

    Little Feat – Willin’ really I think the quintessential truckin’ song

    Truck Drivin’ Man not sure who sings it originally, I could look it up, but it’s the one that goes “Pour me another cup of coffee, for it is the best in the land, and I’ll put a nickel in the jukebox, and play the Truck Drivin’ Man”

    Lookin’ At The World Through A Windshield again, not sure the original artist but Commander Cody and Son Volt both do good versions

    Home To Houston – Steve Earle this is a more modern take on the trucker song with a song about drivin a contract rig in Iraq and getting hit with an IED

    White Freightliner Blues – Townes Van Zandt and all it’s many cover versions

  3. Truersound- I think Truck Driving Man was first done by Glenn Campbell but J.B. Beverley & Wayward Drifters do a cool version too.

    And I’ll add.

    Six Days on The Road- I like Steve Earles version
    but tons of folks did it.

    Roll on 18 wheeler- Alabama

  4. Hello, I’m A Truck – Dave Dudley (OK so it’s about a truck and not the driver but it’s fun);

    I Took 3 Bennies & My Semi Truck Won’t Start – Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen

    Statesboro Blues – Taj Mahal (Definitely the best version)

    Highway Junkie – Gary Allan (Randy Travis did a fine cover of this song)

    Truck Stop At The End Of The World – Commander Cody

    BUT – I agree that “Willin” is the best…

  5. so okay … the first thing to come to mind was Willin’, followed closely by Convoy, white line fever and Roll On…

    so I’ll go from there:
    1)Drivin My Life Away — Eddie Rabbitt (I know I should be more embarrassed, but this was the next tune, and now i can’t get those damn wipers out of my head!)

    2)30000 Pounds of Bananas – Harry Chapin (okay, now I’m starting to get a little embarrassed…)

    3)Truckin’ – Grateful Dead (too obvious you say, I say you are wrong…)

    4)Phantom 309 – Red Sovine

    5)Gear Jammer – George Thorogood

    and an honorable mention for Amphetamine – Truck Stop Love (only about truckers/trucking in spirit alone, but so appropriate at the same time…)

  6. Willin’
    Truck Stop Girl – Little Feat (Kelly Willis does a cool version with Jay Farrar)
    Looking at the World Through a Windshield
    Six Days on the Road
    Truck Driving Man – I thought this was a Buck Owens tune.

    My band actually does the first three on this list (well, we’re working on Truck Stop Girl) and I think Willin’ is one of the tunes we do best, originals or covers. Great tune.

  7. I can’t argue with the listed picks– however, I gotta show some love for Deadbolt’s album Voodoo Trucker, with tracks like; truck Drivin SOB, The Mocker, and Roadside Cross it’s a classic.

  8. C.B. Savage- Rod Hart
    Phantom 309- Red Sovine
    Convoy- Tommy Hill Music Festival
    Guitar Town- Steve Earle
    and gotta have East Bound and Down- Jerry Reed
    My dads a trucker and I remember riding in his rig listening to all these trucker songs, good memories.

  9. 18 Wheels of Love is awesome! particularly the Austin City Limits version. the story behind the song is ridiculous, seen Patterson do it a couple of times (the early version, and the new version)…..killer

  10. So many great tracks listed already….Sovine, Haggard, Feat…
    OK, here’s 2 that I don’t think yous guys mentioned:

    “Thunderstorms and Neon Signs” by Wayne Hancock.
    I think that’s the song that put him on the map.

    “Little Pink Mack” by Kay Adams
    the chick truck driver song!

  11. Truckin’ – Grateful Dead
    Lookin’ At The World Through A Windshield – Son Volt
    White Line – Neil Young
    Willin’ – Little Feat
    Tonight, I’ll Be Staying Here With You – Bob Dylan

  12. 1. “Truckstop in La Grange” ~ Dale Watson
    2. “Convoy” ~ C.W. McCall
    3. “Eastbound & Down” ~ Jerry Reed …. (Really? Nobody picked this?)
    4. “Drugstore Truck Drivin’ Man” ~ The Byrds / Gram Parsons
    5. “Used Log Truck” ~ Buzz Martin (The Singing Logger from the Pacific NW, if you can find this album you are in for a treat)
    6. “Son Volt Songs” ~ Son Volt (How many songs related to the American highway can you find on their albums?)

  13. Great ones already mentioned….I dug in my mp3 player for these:

    Speedball Trucker- Jim Croce
    Truckin’ Song – Split Lip Rayfield
    40 Miles of Mountain Road – Kevn Kinney
    18 Wheeler Fever – Scott H. Biram
    PB24SS – Split Lip Rayfield

  14. lots of classics, and lots of my favorites, already mentioned. just to prove the country boys don’t have a monopoly on truckin songs, Kool Keith and Kut Masta Kurt put out some good ones – Diesel Trucker’s Theme, Diesel Truckin’, and Kenworth’s With Wings are all solid and focus on the 18 wheel life (as much as Keith manages to focus on anything).

  15. “Roll On Eighteen Wheeler” and “Phantom 309” would definitely be on my list. Maybe “Papa Loved Mama,” too.

  16. Being a former trucker,and a former trucking guest poster I figured I’ll toss in my two-cents.

    1/. Eighteen Wheeler Fever-There isn’t a closer truth to what trucking is about then this song. Start to finish I can relate.

    2/. Reefer Load-More outlaw(ish) trucking than the above, but still very close to the real deal.

    3/. Truckerdriver-I don’t know shot about Scott’s past, but he manages to capture the soul of trucking better than anyone else.

    4/. When the wheels don’t roll-son volt-Not so much about trucking as about the people, in general, who make this country work, but it represents truckers better than most people would give us credit for.

    5/. Convoy-Pure camp fun that you can’t escape while out on the road.

  17. Good Morning Mr. Trucker – The World Famous Blue Jays

    I bought a set of 7″ records from a label called Disel Only and this was the standout track. So killer. I’ll email AIV a mp3 of it if you want to put it up. Or check it here…

  18. Jon Byrd’s take on “Freightliner Fever” is a great trucking song! Unfortunately few people ever heard of his latest album “Byrd’s Auto Parts” or Jon Byrd for that matter. Oh well….

    Considering the songs listed by the participants here, I can highly recommend the CD “Rig Rock Deluxe” to all of you! Don’t let the title fool you as “Rig Rock” is the name of the label. The album is chock full of classic country music trucking songs by top artists including many listed above. Dan Walser’s yodeling on “Truck Driving Man” has to be heard to be believed and “Highway Junkie” gets a great cover by The Yahoos. Shaver’s “Mother Trucker” is another highlight. Used copies are cheap online, so check it out!

  19. Red Simpson is the definitive truck-drivin’ singer songwriter. We have the LP of “I’m A Truck” back home and it is seriously, every song, all about trucks and truck-driving and the ilk.

    My favourite of his is Truckers’ Christmas, a really beautiful Christmas album. Besides the awesome truck-drivin’ Christmas songs, it has spoken-word introductions to nearly every track. Super good.

  20. My #1 is definitely “Long White Line” by Charlie Moore & Bill Napier. Groovy bluegrassy truck driving tune.

  21. I’m a Roadhammer – by The Road Hammers

    Steady at the Wheel – by Shooter Jennings

    Ramblin Man – By The Allman Brothers Band

    Travelin Man – by Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Hammer Down – by Cross Canadian Ragweed

    Six Days on the Road – Mudcrutch

    Southbound – The Allman Brothers Band

    Caffeine & Gasoline – Elliot Randall and the Deadmen

  22. Years ago I wrote a song dedicated to the ones returning home to their loved ones. It has been on the shelf until recently when I put it on the music download sites. I would love for you critics to listen to it and all of you to tell me what you think about it. The song is titled “MY WHEELS ARE ROLLING HOME”
    You can google it by name to find it. Will you do that for me?
    — William Singleton

    I would like for you to listen to

  23. the obvious songs will always be classics but here are my top 5

    Take It Easy – The Eagles
    Running On Empty – Jackson Browne
    Movin’ On – Merle Haggard
    Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses – Kathy Mattea
    Back Home Again – John Denver

    have a safe ride drivers, keep on truckin’ and keep it between the lines…

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