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Hey everyone, Autopsy IV here. I walked over to where I normally find RomeoSidVicious only to find a mountain of work and some muffled screams of submission so I am taking over the Top 5 for this week.

Since last week was kind of difficult I thought I’d try and keep this weeks reeeeeeal easy. No real need for too much explination….Top 5 Songs From Your Favorite Bands.

One more album from the Two Cow Garage boys and I am thinking my list would have included Should’ve California and Skinny Legged Girl but not yet….

I look forward to reading y’all’s responses….Here are mine (in order):


Lucero - Sixes and Sevens     

Lucero - Drink Till We're Gone     

Lucero - Slow Dancing     

Lucero - Old Sad Songs     

Lucero - I'll Just Fall     


  1. Larry Larry
    May 19, 2010    

    The Weakerthans
    1. Left & Leaving
    2. Confessions of a Futon-Revolutionist
    3. Our Retired Explorer Dines with Michel Foucalt in Paris, 1961
    4. This is a Fire Door Never Leave Open
    5. Civil Twilight

  2. Scott Scott
    May 19, 2010    

    I knew you that you had a lot of Lucero love, but I didn’t know that you considered them your favorite band…cool.

    My favorite just happens to be the same as yours, but my songs are different:

    1. The Last Song
    2. Hearts on Fire
    3. Sounds of the City
    4. It Gets Worst at Night
    5. San Francisco

    (The bottom three are subject to change depending on mood, but the top 2 are solid)

  3. Adam Fenwick Adam Fenwick
    May 19, 2010    

    Mhmmmmm….Drive-By Truckers….

    5. Late For Church (Gangstabilly)
    4. Bulldozers and Dirt (Pizza Deliverance)
    3. A World of Hurt (A Blessing And A Curse)
    2. The Southern Thing (Southern Rock Opera)
    1. Outfit (Decoration Day)

  4. tommy tommy
    May 19, 2010    

    Thin Lizzy .. no particular order and the list varies from day to day. I have over 30 disks after all. But for today:

    1. Cowboy Song

    2. The Rocker

    3. Are You Ready?

    4. Dancing In The Moonlight

    5. Still In Love With You

  5. Brit Brit
    May 19, 2010    

    There’ll be enough Lucero, DBT, and Two Cow on here that I’ll pick something else. I would say Drag the River is my favorite band, but they never get their asses to the south (shut it, FL!).

    Glossary top 5
    (even though I don’t have their first two, out of print albums)

    1. Blood On The Knobs
    2. Bitter Branch
    3. Through The Screen Door
    4. Save Your Money For The Weekend
    5. Little Caney

  6. Good Gravy Good Gravy
    May 19, 2010    

    Great stuff on the lists so far. Love Lucero, DBT, The Weakerthans, Thin Lizzy – but it all comes back to Neil Young for me – especially electric Neil with Crazy Horse. ‘Bout as good as it gets…
    5. Fuckin’ Up
    4. Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)
    3. Powderfinger
    2. Rockin’ in the Free World
    1. Like a Hurricane

  7. Jody Jody
    May 19, 2010    

    Drag the River top 5

    1. The Cause & The Cure

    2. Hang-Dog

    3. Medicine

    4. Tobacco Fields

    5. Until I Say So

  8. May 19, 2010    

    I hate picking a “favorite band”. I’ll go with Rush, due to seniority.

    1. 2112
    2. Finding My Way
    3. Anthem
    4. The Trees
    5. Red Barchetta

  9. May 19, 2010    

    Gotta be Drag the River

    1. Not Fine
    2. Calloused Heart #2
    3. Disbelieve
    4. Modern Drunkard
    5. Hang-Dog

  10. Buzzman3535 Buzzman3535
    May 19, 2010    

    unless your lucero list includes “the last song” that list is bunk. Bunk I tell ya.

  11. Wystan_Frauka Wystan_Frauka
    May 19, 2010    

    Well, it is a little hard for me to decide upon a favorite band, but I think I am going to have to go with Armchair Martian, Jon Snodgrass’ rock band, before he formed Drag the River with Chad Price. Happening upon Armchair Martian really had a significant influence on my life, as it was that band that helped turn me on to alternative country. I actually stumbled upon NineBullets when I was looking for music by Chad Rex (a former member of Armchair Martian), and found a song on one of the NineBullets compilations.

    1. You Deserve This (War of the Worlds)
    2. Break Your Frame (Who Wants To Play Bass?)
    3. Martyr (Monsters Always Scream)
    4. Screws In… (Good Guys, Bad Band)
    5. Feets (self-titled album)

    If it were not for Armchair Martian and eventually NineBullets, I probably would not have discovered a lot great music (Drive-By Truckers, Lucero, Two Cow Garage, Drag The River).

  12. May 19, 2010    

    I’ll play, my fave band slot is a pretty fluid slot though….for now I’ll go with Ray Wylie Hubbard

    1. Dust Of The Chase
    2. The Messenger
    3. Didn’t Have A Prayer
    4. Snake Farm
    5. Drunken Poet’s Dream

    I woulda put Choctaw Bingo, but that’s technically a McMurtry song

  13. May 19, 2010    

    Given the news today about Cross Canadian Ragweed taking a break from the road, I will list my top 5 songs from my fave band in the TX/Red Dirt Scene:

    1. Sister
    2. Anywhere But Here
    3. Hammer Down
    4. Alabama
    5. Overtable, Overtable Interlude & Pretty Lady (referred to as the “Trifecta”. I know it’s 3 songs – oh well.

  14. May 19, 2010    

    I do love bands such as the Weakerthans, DBT, Lucero, TCG & DtR, but my all-time favorite band has always been the Dillinger 4.

    5. A Floater Left With Pleasure In The Executive Washroom
    4. Fruity Pebbles
    3. Mosh For Jesus
    2. Let Them Eat Thomas Paine
    1. Doublewhiskeycokenoice

  15. Milhouse44 Milhouse44
    May 19, 2010    

    Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ (only 5 is tough)
    1. Fly me Couragous
    2. Right Side of Town
    3. Honeysuckle Blue
    4. Build a Fire
    5. Look what you’ve done to your Brother

    5 Honorable mentions: Indian Song, The Whisper Tames The Lion, Let’s go Dancing, With the people, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.

    I could easily do another 10 from Kevn Kinney.

  16. Shaun Shaun
    May 19, 2010    

    Favorite band for me, for years, has been The Rolling Stones. A few of these are easy, but five faves will be tough. Here goes:

    1. Sweet Virginia
    2. Jigsaw Puzzle
    3. Monkey Man
    4. Let It Bleed
    5. Dead Flowers

  17. May 19, 2010    

    [Favorite living artist is Corb Lund, so let’s go with that]
    Corb Lund

    In no particular order
    Chinook Wind (Losing Lately Gambler)
    Counterfeiter’s Blues (Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer)
    The Truth Comes Out (Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer)
    Buckin’ Horse Rider (Five Dollar Bill)
    No Roads Here (Five Dollar bill)

  18. Chris Green Chris Green
    May 19, 2010    

    two cow garage, no order:

    swingset assassin
    camo jacket
    should’ve california
    humble narrator

  19. zim zim
    May 19, 2010    

    This is subject to change everyday. Lucero:

    5. diamond state heartbreak
    4. the mountain
    3. across the river
    2. and we fell
    1. joining the army

  20. HD lloyd HD lloyd
    May 19, 2010    

    Gotta be the clash-
    5. Safe European home
    4. Lost in the supermarket
    3. Straight to hell
    2. Complete control
    1. Train in vain

    but only train in vain is solid,
    the others change a bit dependin on my mood.
    Agree with autopsy about I’ll just fall, that’s the best lucero song!

  21. Thunderlung Thunderlung
    May 19, 2010    

    I’m going Slobberbone:

    5. Dunk You In The River
    4. Find The Out
    3. Your Excuse
    2. Pinball Song
    1. I Can Tell Your Love is Waning

  22. May 19, 2010    

    I’ve had a lot of fave bands over the years, and to pick only one? Well if you gotta pick only one, for me it’s The Forbidden Dimension from Calgary Canada.

    1. Unbidden
    2. Ghoul Next Door
    3. Hellfire Club
    4. White Line Reaper
    5. Ghosts Run Wild

  23. Two Cow Garage-

    5. My Concern (personal summer anthem)
    4. Burn
    3. Should’ve California
    2. Glass City
    1. Brass Ring

  24. Adam Fenwick Adam Fenwick
    May 19, 2010    


    how could you NOT list Straight To Hell??? I mean come on dude! That is like a requirement for all Drivin’ ‘N’ Cryin’ fans

  25. May 19, 2010    

    Bright Eyes. 4LIFE.

    5. Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and Be Loved) (Lifted)
    4. Messenger Bird’s Song (There Is No Beginning to the Story)
    3. Going for the Gold (Oh Holy Fools)
    2. Bowl of Oranges (Lifted)
    1. I Believe in Symmetry (Digital Ash in Digital Urn)

  26. May 20, 2010    

    lots of favs… tegan & sara, tow cow, ted leo, crooked fingers, hayden… right now, tho – can’t get enough tom petty:

    1. listen to her heart
    2. rebels
    3. the apartment song
    4. anything that’s rock n’ roll
    5. the best of everything

  27. Craig Craig
    May 20, 2010    

    Sonic Youth

    1. Teenage Riot
    2. 100%
    3. Disconnection Notice
    4. sugar Kane
    5. Shadow of a Doubt

  28. Milhouse44 Milhouse44
    May 20, 2010    

    @Adam Fenwick
    Straight to Hell is too easy. I would have lost credibilty

  29. May 20, 2010    


    Great SY selections. 100% is one of my all-time favorites from any band.

  30. Larry Larry
    May 20, 2010    

    Molly H – hell yes to “Apartment Song.”

    And a third hell yes to “100%.” Any time I wanted to feel cool in high school (all the time), I’d drive around with that shit cranked.

  31. viperfactor viperfactor
    May 20, 2010    

    Mike Doughty

    5- Thank You Lord, For Sending Me The F Train
    4- 40 Grand in the Hole
    3- Down on the River by the Sugar Plant
    2- Looks
    1- I’m Still Drinking in My Dreams

  32. May 20, 2010    

    i’m a sucker for lists. radiohead.
    1. lucky
    2. street spirit
    3. house of cards
    4. where i end and you begin
    5. prove yourself

  33. acedbt acedbt
    May 20, 2010    

    Lately I’ve been listening to the last couple of Black Crowes albums, Supersuckers Must’ve been Live, and Petty’s Highway Companion. Being from Ga. just outside of Atlanta I’ve gotta go with DBT as my “favorite” band. Picking the top 5 Truckers songs is really tough so I’m gonna narrow it down to the top 5 Cooley songs….still pretty tough, and Zip City seems a bit obvious but I gotta do it.

    1. Zip City
    2. Love Like This
    3. Women without Whiskey
    4. This Highways Mean
    5. One of these Days

  34. Greg Greg
    May 20, 2010    

    Tough to even pick a favorite band, but…

    Uncle Tupelo
    1. Whiskey Bottle
    2. Punch Drunk
    3. Postcard
    4. Criminals
    5. Slate

  35. Old_Mose_Harper Old_Mose_Harper
    May 20, 2010    

    Old Crow Medicine Show, I like songs from all stages of their evolution as a band.

    1. Big Sciota

    2. Highway Halo

    3. CC Rider

    4. Hard to Tell

    5. Back to New Orleans

  36. Ron Ron
    May 21, 2010    

    Okay Band (not solo artist Chris Knight or Jonathan Richman), Howzabout the Jam?

    1. Burning Sky
    2. Set the House Ablaze
    3. Absolute Beginners
    4. Start
    5. Move On Up (Yeah, it’s a cover)

    Solo Paul Weller’s “Brand New Start”

    I skipped “That’s Entertainment”, ‘cuz everybody knows that.

  37. Todd Todd
    May 21, 2010    

    Afghan Whigs

    1. John the Baptist
    2. 66
    3. Goin’ To Town
    4. If I Were Going
    5. Tonight

    • Mike M Mike M
      March 12, 2012    

      What about “My Curse”?

  38. May 21, 2010    

    I know there’s not a lot of love for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, but IMHO they still set the standard. And practically invented alt country. OK, that’s a debate for another day. But here’s my top five:

    1. One Step Up
    2. Atlantic City
    3. The Wrestler
    4. The Rising
    5. Spirit in the Night

  39. May 21, 2010    

    I know there’s not a lot of love for the Boss here at 9B, but I’m going with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. After all, he practically invented the alt country genre, but that’s a debate for another day. Here’s my list.

    1. One Step Up
    2. Atlantic City
    3. The Wrestler
    4. The Rising
    5. Spirit in the Night

  40. Scott Fuchs Scott Fuchs
    May 24, 2010    

    “The Hold Steady” no particular order, depends on the day.

    5. Almost Killed Me
    4. Cattle and the Creeping Things
    3. The Weekenders
    2. Slapped Actress
    1. How a Resurrection Really Feels

  41. nick nick
    May 26, 2010    

    Lucero, DTR, and The Hold Steady are up there but it’s gotta be Avail

    5 Lombardy Street
    4 Connection
    3 Beliefs Pile
    2 Sanctuary 13
    1 Model

  42. 307 307
    May 31, 2010    

    Damn this is hard, so many bands, so many songs, think i’m gonna have to go with Social Distortion.

    Bad Luck

    Sick Boys

    Don’t Drag Me Down

    Story Of My Life

    Ball & Chain

    I was also considering “Under My Thumb” even tho it’s a Stones song.

  43. Davis Davis
    June 2, 2010    


    5. Ain’t So Lonely
    4. Nights Like These
    3. Darken My Door
    2. Hey Darling, Do You Gamble
    1. It Gets the Worst at Night

  44. brad brad
    June 4, 2010    

    Lots o’ great choices here, a nd the ones I don’t know will be on my list to check out, but the Old 97s are my current favs (of the ones not mentioned anyway).

    King of All the World
    Time Bomb
    Valium Waltz…

    …though just about any 5 songs picked at random from their catalog would be almost as good.

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