While I feel that some of you are at a disadvantage on this one, not being from or living in Texas, this week’s top 5 is “Songs About Your State”. I left it kinda’ open so you can pick the state you where you were born, where you live, or where you have lived. Being from Texas I am all sorts of proud to be a Texan and all that but I do realize that the 49 lesser states have history, color, tradition, and even songs written about them so I figured that we’d try this one out and see what came of it. Yeah I’m a little arrogant about being a Texan and if there’s a problem with that then I’ll just join one the elder statesmen of our music music in scene in saying, with all due respect: “Screw you, we’re from Texas!. (Gotta love Ray Wylie)

Bragging aside post your top five songs about your state and let’s have the good time we always do in the comments on these top 5 lists. And don’t feel too bad about not being from Texas you can still move here. Heck I’ll even buy you one of them there bumperstickers that says “I’m not from Texas but I got here as fast as I could”. 🙂


Autospy IV says, “This is the first song I think of when I think of Texas.“: Revolting Cocks – Beers, Steers and Queers

And here are Autopsy IV’s Top 5 about Florida:

Johnny Cash – Orange Blossom Special (I mean, duh…)
Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, James Cotton & Pinetop Perkins – Deep Down in Florida (when Muddy writes a song about your state…it’s one of the top songs. That’s music rule #5)

These next 3 have a common theme: development raping and ruining the state:

Mofro – On Palestine (Tackles the old-meets-new Florida, where timber companies came to Lake Palestine and virtually wiped out the forest. True story)
Mofro – Florida (should be the new state song)
John Anderson – Seminole Wind (interesting note; my family was one of the 5 founding families of the city Micanopy mentioned in this song)

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  1. florida is sinking, so im gonna need one of those “im not from texas but i got here as fast as i could” stickers

  2. 1. “Florida” – Grandaddy (I was gonna post the lyrics to the chorus, but it’s way better if you hear it)

    2. “Florida’s on Fire” – Superchunk

    3. “Freezing in Florida” – Marc with a C

    4. “Florida” – Modest Mouse

    5. “See America Right” – Mountain Goats (from the Tallahassee album and it name drops Tampa and Cedar Key, so what the hell)

  3. No. 5 Gillian Welch – Miss Ohio
    No. 4 On the Banks of the Ohio – Bill Monroe and Doc Watson
    No. 3 Farmtown – Two Cow Garage
    No. 2 Readin’, Writin’, Route 23 – Dwight Yoakem
    No. 1 Ohio – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

    No “Hang on Sloopy”…yes, it’s even annoying here in Ohio.

  4. Pennsylvania
    Cigarette — The Clarks
    Harrisburg — Josh Ritter (yeah, I know it’s not about PA but it shares the name of the state capitol)
    Diamonds In The Coal — The Badlees
    Turnpike Tom — Steve Goodman (again not about PA explicitly but PA does have the worst turnpike in America)
    Atlantic City — Bruce Springsteen (mentions Philly & Grove City…plus, who wants a list with Billy Joel’s Allentown on it?)

  5. I’ll play:

    Virginia Way – Scott Miller

    James River Blues – Old Crow Medicine Show

    Ballad of Cape Henry – Todd Snider/Will Kimbrough

    Ode to a Pound of Ground Round – Tom T. Hall

    Tears In The Holston River – Johnny Cash

    And just because I excluded all traditional songs, some traditionals of note:
    Wreck of The Old 97
    East Virginia Blues
    New River Train
    John Hardy

    That was haphazard and off the top of my head.

  6. James Taylor – Carolina on My Mind
    OCMS – Wagon Wheel
    General Johnson & the Chairmen of the Board – Carolina Girls
    George Jones – White Lighting
    Sonic Youth – Chapel Hill

    everything is finer, in North Carolina….

  7. Ontario (not a state, but eff it)

    -Neil Young – Helpless
    -The Gorgeous – Lake Ontario
    -The Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon
    -Final Fantasy – The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead
    -Hanora – January 20th, 2007

    A rough and not very definitive list, but damned if it ain’t a list!

  8. I’m tempted to do Bama cause it’d be super easy but thats no fun! Also avoiding the obvious southern anthems and John Mayer.

    1. Chickamauga – Uncle Tupelo

    2. Lookout Mountain – Drive-by Truckers

    3. Heathens – Drive-by Truckers

    4. Atlanta – Centro-matic

    5. Macon GA Country Line – Whiskeytown

    Turns out I only came up with cities. Oh well.

  9. Aww crap, Mikey Chuck Rivers took Ontario! Here’s some more…

    -The Horseshoe – The Sadies (Instrumental about the bar in Toronto)
    -November in Ontario – Skydiggers
    -Ontario, Michigan – NQ Arbuckle

  10. Well lets see…

    1.Zip City- DBT

    2.The Boys From Alabma-DBT


    4.3 Great Alabama Icons-DBT

    5.Alabama-Cross Canadian Ragweed

    6.Sweet Home Alabama-Lynyrd Skynyrd

    7.Midnight in Montgomery-Alan Jackson

    8.Alabama Shamrock-Hackensaw Boys

    There is alot (especially country) about AL man this could go on awhile so ill just leave it at that..Cheers

  11. Memphis in the Meantime-John Hiatt

    It’s a Memphis Groove Thing-Rob Jungklas

    Pale Moon On a Papertown-Cory Branan

    Tennessee Blues-Steve Earle

    The Letter-The Box Tops

    Ok, I realize that 4 out of 5 are about my city and not my state, but fuck you, I love my city a lot.

  12. Oh, and why isn’t there a Lyle Lovett, Joe Ely, or Willie Nelson song on the list for Texas. Texas, we might have to break up if all your Texans disrespect my favorite Texans.

  13. @HurricaneNatalie: I wanted lesser known songs. I still feel bad about some I left off. This wasn’t an easy Top 5. I mean I left out Randy Rogers – They Call It The Hill Country, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Joe Ely, Pat Green (old stuff), Bob Wills, and so many more. I could make a set of compilation tapes with Songs About Texas…and heck maybe I will. 🙂

  14. I could probably do the same for Memphis. Every songwriter NOT from Memphis needs to have a song about Memphis in his/her arsenal. It’s in the rock’n roll rulebook right after “Dudes who wear eyeliner are pussies.”

  15. 1. California Stars – Wilco w/Billy Bragg
    2. Just Like California – Old 97’s
    3. Midnight, California – Dave Gleason’s Wasted Days
    4. California Gold – Dada
    5. Coming Into Los Angeles – Arlo Guthrie

    Unintentionally bookended by Guthrie songs.

  16. And for the record “California” by Lucero could have been on this list but much like many a CA reference in song I think it’s more California the idea then California the place in the song. But then maybe all songs are like that.

  17. Randy Newman – Louisiana
    Don Williams – Louisiana Saturday Night
    Levon Helm – Hurricane
    Lucinda Williams – Lake Charles
    Greenville to Baton Rouge – DBT

  18. John, I gotta tell ya, I live up here in Kent, and “Ohio” ain’t no picnic, either.

    (same goes for the Pretenders song about going back to Ohio)

    So anyway:
    1) Gillian Welch – Miss Ohio
    2) Pere Ubu – Dub Housing
    3) Over the Rhine – Ohio
    4) Randy Newman – Burn On
    5) Bonnie Prince Billy – Ohio River Boat Song (which could be about Kentucky, I suppose, but I’m counting it)

  19. Harvest Moon might count for North Dakota…

    Who knew Ohio’d be so popular?

    From whence I came:
    Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me Ohio
    The McCoys – Hang On Sloopy*
    Jefferson Starship – Stairway to Cleveland
    The Pretenders – Downtown (Akron)
    Modest Mouse – Ohio

    And where I live now:
    The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
    Magnetic Fields – Washington DC
    Remy Munasifi- Arlington Rap**

    I’ve lived in too many states – I Want to Go Back to Michigan (Down on the Farm), Rocky Mountain High, Back to New Orleans, Country Roads, Meet Virginia and a couple more states as a kid.

    * Not necessarily about Ohio but it is the official state rock song.
    ** DC metro area (if not DC proper)

  20. alex_supertramp,

    I like all the North Carolina songs on your list.
    But mine would be:

    Ocracroke Song – Larry Keel
    Raise Up – Petey Pablo
    Pretty Girl from Raleigh – The Avett Brothers
    Road to No Return Theme/CAROLINA – Robert Earl Keen
    Whiskey in my Whiskey – The Felice Brothers

    Honorable Mention/Traditonal Stuff:
    Brown Moutain Lights – Traditional Bluegrass

  21. I couldn’t pass it up cause you know we can’t shut up about Texas. I’m not afraid to throw out some of the big boys here for Texas. Everybody knows that us guys from Texas are way too proud of our state. These are a few of mine regardless of how popular or unpopular they are. And don’t worry if you need one of those stickers – just listen to Lyle on number 3.

    1. When the Bluebonnets Bloom – Robert Earl Keen
    2. Songs About Texas – Pat Green
    3. That’s Right You’re Not From Texas – Lyle Lovett
    4. Amarillo by Morning – George Strait
    5. Luckenbach, Texas – Waylon Jennings

  22. @CharlesfromTexas: We are not TOO proud of our state. 🙂 There is no way possible to be TOO proud of our Yellow Rose. We simply show the Lone Star State the proper amount of pride. We cannot be blamed if the 49 lesser states don’t warrant the same amount of pride!
    (Great list BTW)

    My Top 5 changes, day to day almost, so here is what it would be if I had posted today:

    1. They Call It The Hill Country – Randy Rogers Band
    2. Coming Back to Texas – Willie Nelson
    3. Southbound 35 – Pat Green
    4. Lyle Lovett – Texas Trilogy (counting it as one)
    5. The Yellow Rose of Texas – Pretty much anyone

  23. Another Tennessee list (from a Nashville person)…

    Steve Earle – Copperhead Road (moonshining in east TN)
    Todd Snider – Nashville
    Jason Boland & the Stragglers – Tennessee Whiskey
    Old Crow Medicine Show – Tennessee Pusher
    Hank III – Trashville
    DBT – Carl Perkins’ Cadillac (I’m also going to claim “Lookout Mountain” because part is in TN, and we can throw in The Night G.G. Allin Came to Town since it’s about Memphis)
    Black Crowes – A Train Makes a Lonely Sound

    Of course, you could do a whole list of songs about trying to make it in music that name-drop Nashville…such as Waylon’s Are you Sure Hank Done it This Way.

    Also, on behalf of the state, I’d like to disavow any song by Taylor Swift, Sugarland, etc. that might happen to mention Tennessee…they were talking about some other place…

  24. (I’m also going to claim “Lookout Mountain” because part is in TN, and we can throw in The Night G.G. Allin Came to Town since it’s about Memphis) Though this is true and also the claim in the GA..but I do believe that like 75% of LM lies in the state of AL…majority rules no? bahaha

  25. @AIV, Re: “I’ll be getting my first taste of this Texas thing next month…”

    Keep in mind, Austin is an exceptional city. That is, it’s an exception to the otherwise unpleasant state of Texas.

    #onthereal #flamebait

  26. Kentucky Rain….Elvis

    My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight….John Prine

    Nashville To Kentucky….My Morning Jacket

    Kentucky Woman….Sun Kill Moon

    Postcard From Kentucky….Rocky Votolato

    Kentucky Bluebird (Message To Martha)….Lou Johnson

    Blue Moon Of Kentucky….Bill Monroe

    Hate to run over the 5 rule, but if I didn’t post Blue Moon Of Kentucky I would most likely be ran out of the great Commonwealth!

  27. Dry River – Dave Alvin
    Time Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear – Mother Hips
    California – David Poe
    Where The Streets Have No Name – U2
    Burn Down The Mission – Elton John

    Tell the Beach Boys to suck it.

  28. I’m from the southwest Louisiana so my Top 5 Louisiana songs are:

    1. “Twist & Shout”- Mary Chapin Carpenter
    2. “Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight”- Emmylou Harris
    3. “Louisiana 1927”- Randy Newman
    4. “Lake Charles” (My hometown)- Lucinda Williams
    5. “Louisiana Man”- Doug Kershaw

    Honorable Mentions:

    “Jambalaya”- Hank Williams
    “Born on a Bayou”- Creedence Clearwater Revival
    “Proud Mary”- Creedence Clearwater Revival

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