Over this past weekend I managed to finish building my chicken coop and the wife and I went and got us some hens. About 20 minutes after putting them in the coop the rains started. Now, 3 days later, they haven’t stopped. I’m tired of it, by dogs are bored shitless and the new chickens are happy I was able to construct a water tight roosting area.

So, the rains are acting as the inspiration for this weeks Top 5….Songs About The Weather. Personally, I chose all songs about rain but you can use whatever weather events you want.

Blind Melon – No Rain: Man, in hindsight you listen to the words and you go, “holy shit! That song was about heroine.” I sort of wish the bee girl would have grown up to do fetish porn.

CCR – Have You Ever Seen The Rain: An essential CCR jam and it was this one or Bad Moon Rising. I chose this one. I’m pretty relieved Fogerty never shot any fetish porn.

Counting Crows – Raining In Baltimore: This is one of my favorite Counting Crows songs and I’ve felt the pain of this song a few times in my life. Once, was while I was tripping and furry porn was playing in a loop on the television.

Eilen Jewell – Rain Roll In: More people should love Eilen’s music and I have no fetish porn joke for this entry. Well, I do, but they’re terribly inappropriate. Like, fat goth girl with a spandex fetish inappropriate.

The Urbane Cowboys – When It Rains: I figured since I mentioned them yesterday then the least I could do would be to include one of their tracks today since it fit. Also, there are 5 people in the Urbane Cowboys. They’re from the adult industry capital, Tampa, Florida. So, I’d say it’s pretty much a fact one or two of them have shot a fetish porn. Marinate on that shit….or shit on her chest. Your choice.

Honorable mention:

Milli Vanilli – Blame It On The Rain: Oh yeah! This would be the lead track in my fetish porn soundtrack if it weren’t for the audio from the double rainbow video. Seriously, watch the video and imagine that audio running over the top of some porn video. LOLZtastic.

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  1. and the rain came down- Steve Earle
    Sorry about the weather- Mark Curry
    Bad Moon Rising- CCR
    Its Raining Men- Weather Girls
    Stormy Monday- T Bone Walker

  2. Okay, most of these are allusions or references to weather, but whatever.
    DBT – Tornadoes
    Chuck Ragan – Let it Rain
    American Aquarium – Hurricane
    Jason Isbell – Hurricanes & Hand Grenades
    Prison Book Club – Cold Front

    Honorable Mention: Cory Branan – Tall Green Grass

  3. Appropriate, I suppose, cause San Francsico has had a miserable summer and today is the last of a three-day mini heat-wave. It’s been so nice.

    Jesus & Mary Chain: Happy When it Rains – Loooove this song.

    Kasey Anderson: Raining In Hattiesburg – Not exactly my fav KA track, but it’s good. and it came up in shuffle this morning…)

    The Beatles: Here Comes the Sun – my dad used to play/sing this to me and my sisters *all the time* when we were kids.

    Stars: On Peak Hill – “Like the time I was 5 at the top of Peak Hill, And the wind almost took me away…”

    The Magnetic Fields: I Don’t Belive in the Sun – I was pretty obsessed with the Magnetic Fields during the short time I lived in Boston and have recently been thinking about them a lot again… Also, another MF track: The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing

  4. You Are My Sunshine – Johnny Cash
    Purple Rain – Prince
    Sunshine – Screeching Weasels
    Over The Rainbow – Willie Nelson
    Walking On Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves

  5. I wonder if this post will work.

    Love “Raining in Baltimore.”

    1. Violent Femmes – “I Hear the Rain”
    The first time I saw these guys, it was at Spinnaker Beach Club in Panama City. Open air venue right on the beach. The show was delayed by rain. Eventually, the Femmes started playing anyway, in kind of a light drizzle. They opened with “I Hear the Rain” and “It’s Gonna Rain.” Goddamn I miss the Femmes.

    2. REM – “South Central Rain”

    3. Screeching Weasel – “Let the Sunshine In”
    Even though it’s about proverbial sunshine.

    4. Tom Waits – “Rain Dogs”

    5. CCR – “Who’ll Stop the Rain?”

    • “Prayers for Rain” The Cure
    • “The Same Deep Water As you” The Cure*
    • “When the Levee Breaks” Led Zeppelin
    • “Stormy Weather” The Pixies
    • “Storm” Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    *has a great rainstorm recording behind the entire track

  6. Continuing the choice of rain songs..
    The Rain – Scott Miller
    Rain on the Scarecrow – John Cougar Mellencamp

    A couple of rain songs from the AM Gold side of things…
    I Love a Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbitt
    Smoky Mountain Rain – Ronnie Milsap

    And one non-rain song because it’s one of my favorites…
    Snow is Gone – Josh Ritter

  7. 1- Sound of the Rain- by The Dils (but their Rank N File version is great as well).

    2- Storms Never Last- I dig the Jessi Colter

    3- Warm Summer Day- by The Staggers

    4- The Blizzard – by Johnny Cash

    5- Wild Wind- by Johnny Layton

  8. snow:

    austin lucas – sun or snow
    sam baker – snow

    neil young -see the sky about to rain
    the pogues – rainy night in soho
    richard buckner – rainsquall
    william elliott whitmore – and then the rains came

  9. Not necessarily ABOUT weather, but as I sit here in a South Florida storm this is what Came to mind.

    Chilly Water – Widespread Panic ( hush it haters)
    The Creeks all muddy and the ponds all dry – The Fox Hunt
    Laredo Skies – Truck Stop Coffee
    Like A Hurricane – Jay Farrar
    The Ocean – Against Me!

    and for my dad, who’s only brother passed away today –
    Dust in The wind.

  10. Nice Urbane Cowboys tune. I have known Kamran their guitarist since I was a kid. He also hosts a show on 88.5 on Sunday nights. He’s an all around good dude and I even saw him at the last Snodgrass show that came thru Tampa.

    And you are right the rain has not stopped here since Saturday. Some good ‘rain’ tunes would be:

    Stormy Weather – Reigning Sound
    I Wish It Would Rain – The Faces
    Look at the Rain – Meat Puppets
    Sit And Listen To The Rain – Whiskeytown
    I Fell The Rain Fall – Red House Painters
    Rain Street – The Pogues
    Jayhawks – Save It For A Rainy Day
    And Dylan has at least three good rain tunes…A Hard Rain, Buckets of Rain and Rainy Women.

  11. 1…Weather With You…Crowded House

    2…Snowin’On Raton…Robert Earl Keen

    3…Songs About Rain…Gary Allan

    4…Let The Rain Come In…William Elliott Whitmore

    5…Rain, Rain,Rain…Matthew Ryan

  12. @MDD – i love the Temps I Wish It Would Rain. Best song ever – never a bad cover either. Even that hair metal band Little Caesar in the early 90’s made it sound good. Oh and big love to “And the Rain Came Down” – good stuff.

  13. No one has mentioned “Pray for Rain” by JJ Grey and Mofro? One of the best songs they’ve written period.

  14. ooooh….fantastic call on that Scott Miller tune Good Gravy!

    I will say

    Scott Miller – The Rain

    Doug Sahm/Sir Douglas Quintet – Texas Tornado (specifically the live version)

    Steve Young – Montgomery in The Rain

    Black Sabbath – Snowblind (I mean c’mon…how awesome is this song)

    James McMurtry – Hurrican Party

  15. @Truesound – Thanks. Sometimes I get shit right. Also, I love the Doug Sahm tune. He (and the Texas Tornados) have not been far from a CD player around these parts. But not sure the Sabbath song Snowblind counts – isnt that all about being coked out – or is that Styx’s Snowblind? I get confused on account of all of the coke…

  16. @Good Gravy – About COKE! but he’s talking about snow….in his brain and stuff….nary a mention of cocaine…..wait what was that whisper?

    Fine then, how about John Fogerty – 110 in The Shade as a replacement. We need a heatwave song represented in here.

  17. Rainy Day woman- Waylon

    SoulShine- it’s better than sunshine, better than moonshine,it’s damn sure better than rain-Govt Mule

  18. How could I forget Thunder storms and neon signs. Its one of my favorite song Hank III’s done.

  19. I still wonder what would have happened if Blind Melon had put out that alternate version of No Rain instead.

  20. I dont know….I wasn’t into Blind Melon at the time, I kinda wrote them off due to that song. I have since went back a re-discovered them. They have some really great songs and I wish I had paid attention to them in the 90’s.

  21. Rain – Beatles

    Couldn’t Stand the Weather – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

    Riding the Storm Out – REO Speedwagon

    Rock You Like a Hurricane – Scorpions

    Rainy Day Women – Bob Dylan

    Cold as Ice – Foreigner

    November Rain – Guns N’ Roses

    It Never Rains – Dire Straits

    Snowblind – Styx

    Against the Wind – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

    Listen To The Rhythm Of The Falling Rain – Everly Brothers

    It’s Raining – Peter, Paul & Mary

    It’s Raining Men – performed by Gloria Gaynor and also The Weather Girls

    Let It Snow

    The band Weather Report

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