So we got a suggestion on Twitter to do a Top 5: Drinking Songs and I wanted to run with it but there are so many different kinds of drinking songs it’s hard to make a single list. So I am running with the suggestion but it ain’t gonna be just one list. The week’s list is all about those times in life when hearing song sent you over the edge and out to the bar. Be it too much stress and some song was that straw the broke the camel’s back or you were in an awesome mood and a song inspired you to go a little deeper into the bottle than you usually do that’s what we want to see here. Mine are all pretty cheesy and obvious but they were all catalysts for some pretty damn good drunken nights and in some cases a day or three.

Cross Canadian Ragweed – Bang My Head | Responsible for at least one three day bender all by itself.
Bleu Edmonson – 50 Dollars and a Flask of Crown | Kept me at the bar until four or five in the morning back when Will owned my local dive. Usually slept in my truck after that.
The Takers – Friends in Bottles | Not a lot of history on this one yet but it did lead off the playlist on the way to the bar the day I got laid off the last time.
Prison Book Club – Everything’s Fine | This one doesn’t come with a story but every time I hear it I get that urge, that itch, so its story is coming soon.
Jason Boland & The Stragglers – Drinking Song | Every one of us has had that night, like my wife did Saturday night, where we swore we’d never drink again. And most of us had this song shortly thereafter. I don’t know that’s it’s ever kicked off a bender for me but it damn sure should have by now!

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  1. It really doesn’t take much to get us in a drinking mood but here’s a few off the top of my head.

    Fox Hunt – Lord We Get High
    Okay, so this is our belt it out after a night of drinking song, but whatevs.

    Jason Isbell – Hurricanes & Hand Grenades
    This song always gets me. Every time. I also blame it for that time I jumped off a roof and broke my foot.

    DBT – Love Like This/Women Without Whiskey
    This is usually the point in the show where I have that one (or three) beer too many.

    Lucero – Tonight Ain’t Gonna Be Good
    How this song never got me into more trouble than it did, I have no idea.

    Truckstop Coffee – 16 Ounces
    You can’t not drink shitty beer to this song.

  2. i… don’t really have anything that applies to this topic in this particular context. so i’m going to take it in a different direction:
    1. last night after a getting a lil tipsy, i was listening to my ipod on shuffle and tom petty’s “rebels” came on and it was pretty perfect… “honey, don’t walk out, i’m too drunk to follow. you know won’t feel this way tomorrow…”
    so in addition to that – here are a few other perfect-in-the-moment drinking songs that i’ve heard, whether at the bars or on the ipod.

    2. the hold steady – “citrus” (obviously.)

    3. lucero – “chain link fence” i don’t know why they keep it on the jukebox, cause the bartenders at the 500 club barely get to the “she looks so pretty” line before they skip it. but i enjoy those few seconds immensely every chance i get.

    4. hanalei – “twilight gleam” is basically about brian’s move from california to chicago. one verse in particular talks about a night of drinking, and subsequently dancing in an alley in a blizzard. “i fell down, laughing in the cold and white, underneath the street lights. oh, i hadn’t felt so warm in years.”

    5. okay, so maybe there’s one song that puts me in a mood to party & drink when i hear it – lagwagon’s “e dagger.” which is hilarious cause it was written for fat mike’s wife when she wanted him to not party so hard.

  3. at this moment, I can really only think of one:

    James McMurtry – Red Dress
    this song just makes me want to drink and rub up on random strangers….which is about what happens when he plays it live

  4. “Truckstop Coffee – 16 Ounces
    You can’t not drink shitty beer to this song.”

    Best description of that song ever. Since I’d feel like a tool if I included it in my top 5, I’ll steal it as a runner up, cause – even before I started playing with those fuckers – it made me wanna drink.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever been inspired to drink because of a song. But, once drunk, there are plenty of songs that kept me drinking.

    1. Cat Power – “Good Woman”
    Long story involving bad decisions, irresponsibility, heartbreak, a mixed tape (actually cd, but “tape” sounds better), a spur of the moment road trip to Atlanta and then Nashville, and a trip to the ER when I got back home. But the waiting room was too crowded and it was taking forever so I left.

    2. The Mountain Goats – “This Year”
    Was essentially my theme song last year. I like that it references “Mills Avenue,” cause Will’s Pub is on a Mills Avenue.

    3. Lucero – “Tonight Ain’t Gonna Be Good”
    I like this song because it’s upbeat and happy sounding. So if you’re bummed out and feel like drinking, you can crank this and people are like, “Fuck yeah, let’s go party!” but really you’re just disguising wallowing as partying. And sometimes you are happy and this works as an anthem.

    4. The Takers – “Curse of a Drunk”
    It should be a warning but it just makes me wanna drink more.

    5. The Hold Steady – “Citrus”
    I’m flat out stealing this one to include, cause it can be 2 pm and I could feel fine but, if this song comes on, I want whiskey and ginger. Craig makes it all sound so refreshing.

  5. 1. Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors – Beer Ain’t Drinkin’
    Who wouldn’t want to drink more after hearing this? I’ve drank my share of Schlitz at the Continental Club singing along to this.
    2. Financing His Romance – The Bottle Rockets
    If you’ve never been in this situation, you need to go to a bar with cuter bartenders…
    3. Avoiding Catatonic Surrender – Tim Barry
    This song seriously makes me want to drink. I love the song and totally get where he’s coming from, so I want the beer, as well.
    4. I Want a Cigarette – Daddy
    Not sure if Kimbrough or Womack wrote this one, but it touches on that feeling that makes you realize it’s okay to just turn the bottom up and just enjoy your time.
    5. Life Worth Livin’ – Uncle Tupelo
    “A beer in each hand and a smile in between…”

  6. 1 – daddy needs a drink – DBT , i hear the opening chords and whiskey or scotch must immediately be in hand…

    2 – Statue of Jesus – Gear Daddies, this is one of those chicken and egg scenarios – do i hear it and NEED a drink, or have i just listened to it so many times while drunk?

    3 – The King is Gone (So Are You) – George Jones, cheesy but damn it does the trick…

    4 – Warm Beer and Cold Women – Tom Waits, this could have gone to a number of songs, or albums by Mr Waits…

    5 – Whiskey Bottle – Uncle Tupelo – another chicken and egg question…

    several Lucero and Bottle Rockets songs were in heated contention…

  7. Gotta agree with “Love Like This” and “Women with out Whiskey” both of these can cause trouble as can a lot of HankIII songs but I remember one day impaticular when “5 Shots of whiskey” started a serious binge.

  8. Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen – “Lightning Bar Blues”

    John Prine – “Yes, I Guess They Ought To Name a Drink After You”

    George Jones – “If Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me, Her Memory Will”

    Webb Pierce – “There Stands the Glass”

    Vern Gosdin -“Set ‘Em Up Joe”

    Dr Feelgood – “Milk & Alcohol”

    These days I don’t drink, but I still love drinking songs…

  9. Maybe I should’ve pointed out that, at one time or another between 1970 and 1995, any of the above songs were likely to signal the start of a lost weekend…oh – and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your wonderful blog. Thankyou for the music!

  10. Larry, how does that Mountain Goats song make you want to drink? It makes me want to get my shit together and be a responsible adult.

    For the record, Avoiding Catatonic Surrender only makes me want to drink when I’m in a hotel.

  11. @molly H
    those are bad bartenders.

    Made myself leave Lucero songs off of this one.

    The Hold Steady – “Citrus”
    Really just can’t argue with this one.

    Drag the River – “Modern Drunkard”
    I think this might mean I have problems.

    Joey Kneiser – “Bruised Ribs”
    I tend to really enjoy listening to sad music and drinking too much.

    None More Black – Oh, There’s Legwork
    I also really like a drunken punk sing-a-long show and this pulls that string. Same with Against Me – We Laugh at Danger

    Social Distortion – Ball and Chain
    I went on a sympathetic bender with a friend after his relationship failed and this song started it. That memory plus lots more soundtracked to Social Distortion always make me want to hit the bar or the liquor store and then find a roof to sit on.

    I should not have done this at 11:30am

  12. Hank Williams Jr.- Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound
    I don’t know how many nights while sitting around a fire with some friends on a deer hunting trip that this song kicked off a long night of drinking and story telling.

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Proud Souls
    As soon as I hear the opening line “Got drunk by myself last night/They say it’s no way to make things right/I just didn’t have anything better to do” kicks in I’m ready to drink my fill.

    Merle Haggard- Misery & Gin
    This song does it for me every single time!

    Gary Stewart- Empty Glass
    I actually prefer the Richard Lebouef version of this song, but Gary Stewart is King of the Honky Tonks for a reason.

    Jackson Taylor- Blue Agave
    This song kicked off a playlist for an LSU tailgait party that ended up with me passing out on the sofa by half-time

    Whenever it comes to drinking and getting lit, I need some stone cold country music!

  13. 1. Women and Whiskey – Drive By Truckers

    2. Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink – Merle Haggard

    3. Frankie’s Gun – Felice Brothers

    4. Gasoline Legs – Gill Landry

    5. Dead Drunk and Naked – Drive By Truckers

    If I’m in a “pounding beers” mood its because usually I’m depressed and these songs usually spur me into drinking. Esp. Dead Drunk and Naked haha.

  14. I have just three. And this sums up 2010 for me.

    Lucero – diamond state heartbreak

    Lucero – can’t feel a thing

    The takers – friends in bottles

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