Today’s Top 5 wouldn’t have happened at all had it not been for the bad asses I converse with on Twitter. When the idea was pitched I didn’t think I’d be very good at it (I don’t normally buy soundtracks) but it turned out to be pretty easy for me. So, today’s Top 5 is Movie Soundtracks and here are mine:

Pump Up The Volume: This movie was my version of everyone’s Breakfast Club and it was my first exposure to the greatness that is Leonard Cohen. As I side note, I had quite the crush on Samantha Morris for a few years after seeing this movie.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows (played in the movie)
Concrete Blonde – Everybody Knows (actual song on the soundtrack)

Singles: In hindsight, the movie doesn’t carry much Lose Weight Exercise but at 19 this movie spoke to me man. The soundtrack was a virtual who’s-who of the Seattle music scene (sans Nirvana) and I think everyone I knew owned a copy.

Alice In Chain – Would?

The Crow: This movie came in with tons of momentum and went with a wimper. That is, unless, you moved within the Goth scene. Cause then, you could see loseWeight Exercisers wearing Crow makeup to the club some 10 years after the movie. That said, the soundtrack was the tits.

Violent Femmes – Color Me Once
Thrill Kill Kult – After The Flesh

Judgment Night: Truth? I’ve never seen this movie but I’ve owned the soundtrack as long as it’s existed. If that doesn’t speak to the quality of the soundtrack then I don’t know what will. When is was coming out our local “metal” station kept playing tracks from it and the mix between metal and aggressive hiphop had me sold from day one.

Slayer & Ice-T – Disorder

O’ Brother, Where Are Thou?: Certified 7 times platinum, Grammy award winner and a constant member of print and web “Best Country Album Ever” lists. To say this soundtrack was a beast is a complete understatement. It, ever so briefly, singlehandedly made the general population pay attention to mountain music again

Soggy Bottom Boys – I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

Okay…..What Are Yours?

31 thoughts on “TOP 5: MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS”

  1. Re: O’Brother soundtrack. What’s amazing is that I watched a show on PBS about mountain/country/hillbilly music last night. BONAFIED!

    Good call on the Judgement Night soundtrack. One day I’ll see the movie.

    Lost Highway is pretty good but that’s all I got from memory.

  2. Walker Soundtrack (Joe Strummer)
    Until the End of the World (Various Artists)
    with you on the Pump Up the Volume
    Mulholland Drive (various artists, but mainly for the unforgettable version of ‘Cry’)
    Pennies from Heaven (all big band music, what can I say…)

  3. O’Brother is a given. I don’t think the Americana scene would be as big as it is right now without this movie.

    Here’s mine:
    Crazy Heart – We watched this movie solely for the soundtrack.

    Shop Girl – I’m actually not sure if it had a released soundtrack but it turned me on to Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon.

    Rocky Horror Picture Show – My dad burned the double LP to cassette and we would listen to this everywhere we went.

    Juno – This is a great soundtrack even if you hate Michael Cera (you know I’m talking to you, Matt!)

    Garden State – As little as I listen to indie music nowadays, this soundtrack always has a place in my heart.

  4. The Crow and Judgement Night were the first two I thought of when I saw the title.

    Actually, those were the only two. I’d much rather listen to most films’ scores than their licensed music.

    (I’ll admit I did enjoy some of the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, but I wouldn’t buy it.)

  5. Natural Born Killers- Rock n Roll Nigger- Patti Smith

    Basketball Diaries- People Who Died- Jim Carroll

    Dukes Of Hazzard- Good Ol Boys- Waylon Jennings

    Easy Rider- The Pusher- Steppenwolf
    If a 6 was a 9- Jimi Hendrix

    Smokey and the Bandit- Eastbound and Down- Jerry Reed

  6. Singles was the first one I thought of and then O Brother.

    John Waters soundtracks like Cry Baby, Dirty Shame and Pecker are great.

    Not sure if this should count but the Hedwig soundtrack and the covers version of it are rad.

  7. Backbeat Soundtrack
    Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs on vocals, Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum on guitar, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth on guitar, Dave Grohl of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters on drums, and Mike Mills of R.E.M on bass doing early Rock classics like Money and Twist and Shout.

  8. number one best soundtrack of all time is of course:

    SUPERFLY! Curtis Mayfields best work and the album can stand alone as a great album

    other mentions:

    The Harder They Come – Did for Reggae in the early 70s what O’ Brother did for bluegrass in the early 00s. Still has some of the best roots reggae songs on it

    Boogie Nights – This movie and soundtrack made me love the song Sister Christian….which I never thought would have been possible

    Spinal Tap – seriously how can you not love this soundtrack

    Rushmore – just chock full of vintage 60s british garage rock

    I feel I should mention Big Lebowski soundtrack too which probably singlehandedly made Kenny Rogers cool and also the Pulp Fiction soundtrack which made the Oaks cool

  9. 1. Garden State. Became the personal soundtrack to two years of my early 20s and I don’t think I’m alone there.

    2. Glory Daze. Lots of good punk rock (Vandals, NOFX, Bouncing Souls). Also where I heard Billy Nayer Show for the first time.

    3. Trainspotting. Lots of good memories of my buddy Mike cranking this in his Blazer as we drove around to nowhere in particular in high school.

    4. Batman (1989). Somewhere in his attic, God’s got home video of a 9 year old me dancing to “Party Man” and “Trust.”

    5. The Vicious Kind. Don’t know if there’s an actual soundtrack to this, but I heard about Ocha La Rocha and Tyler Ramsey because of it and went and bought a bunch of their shit on eMusic.

  10. my favorite soundtracks are Dumb and Dumber, Outside Providence, Kingpin (also my favorite film) and Last Action Hero…swear….all awesome…sup b-childs!

  11. heh. even though i suggested this category, i’m not really one to buy soundtracks either, so i’m gonna cheat a little and include some albums that are technically soundtracks, but are basically by all one band/artist.

    1. first love, last rites
    2. she’s the one
    confession – i’ve never seen either of the above movies, but shudder to think (and a slew of guest singers) made the first love soundtrack and tom petty of course did she’s the one. love, love, love.
    3. angus (suuuper rad mid-90’s alt-rock collection)
    4. purple rain – a prince masterpiece, of course
    5. velvet goldmine – let’s hear it for glam rock and more shudder to think!

  12. DEAD MAN





    I don’t really listen to a lot of soundtracks, but I have a fondness for the music from trippy/shitty 60s flicks from the psychedelic craze, but as a whole they are sometimes a bit too much, so you gotta cherry-pick.

  13. Hands down: Dazed and Confused. My high school years perfectly captured on celluloid by Richard Linklater. I knew every single character in that film and we all dressed and partied the same way….

  14. When I saw the ‘Movie Soundtrack’ headline I instantly thought of Judgement Night. Cool to see it on your list. The track from Helemt and House of Pain is outstanding, as is Faith No More and BooYaa Tribe. I have seen the movie. Dennis Leary plays a pretty good bad guy. I had a buddy who was way into rap and got all excited about the soundtrack from the movie ads but was pissed when he bought it and heard all the rock on it. He was not expecting the rock/rap collaborations.

  15. I only have two to add, and in their own way’s they both changed my life.

    1st- Dudes– you have a film that opens with a trio of NYC punks at a Vandals show where the band is playing Urban Struggle and that sets the stage for a punk western complete with a punk/metal score that contains a lot of country/western leaning material.

    2nd- Return of the Living Dead (pt 1), the great punk horror flick of the 80s, complete with tracks from: The Cramps, The Damned, The Flesheaters, and Roky Erickson. The two most unknown bands on the soundtrack that Ninebullts readers might dig are The Tallboys (an off shoot of the UK psychobilly godfathers The Meteors) and The Jet Black Berries, who were one of the early bands to push psychedelic punk towards country rock aiming for a William Burroughs meets Graham Parsons via the VU and Kinks vibe.

  16. Dazed and Confused!! Always playing in the background of our weekly keg parties in highschool.
    That’s what I love about them high school girls…

  17. Hey Eric Reanimator!
    Good music on the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack (great film, too)!
    And did you know that Gram Parsons and William S. Burroughs actually DID meet? He gave him some advice on how to cope with his addiction or something.

  18. i’m with thunderlung in that mine may not count, but yeah:
    The Wall
    Dudes (I figured Eric would beat me to this one…)
    The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

    big props for Judgement Night, O Brother and Harder they Come, Purple Rain, and hell yeah, Superfly….

  19. Garden State
    Finding Forrester
    A Love Song for Bobby Long
    Empire Records

    and I guess
    Crazy Heart (though I liked all the songs on it, I wasn’t sure it worked as an ‘album’ experience)

  20. in addition to lots of good ones already mentioned:

    Repo Man
    Red Headed Stranger
    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  21. The Repoman soundtrack opened up a whole new world of music to me when I was a teenager in a small rural town.

    Truly eye opening.

  22. i agree with singles and judgemet night. I’d put garden state and natural born killers and sound tracks that stand alone.

  23. Easy Rider Soundtrack – Various Artists

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Jon Brion and Various

    The Straight Story – Angelo Badalamenti (Laurens Walking is right up with there with the Twin Peaks Theme. The movie is incredible too.)

    Where the Wild Things Are – Karen O & the Kids

    Darjeeling Limited – Various Artists (but especially the Kinks songs)

  24. Ooh, nice one.
    I’m going with…in alphabetical order/at the top of my head:

    A Love Song For Bobby Long
    Garden State
    Ghost World
    Glory Daze
    O Brother, Where Art Thou

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