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So I was listening to Two Cow Garage quite a bit this week and got the line “Waking up to cassette tapes and ashtrays all filled up from the night before; smoke filled lungs and tapes full of songs with a stranger laying on the floor” stuck quite nicely in my head. So this week’s Top 5 is: What are your top 5 mix tape openers. I know mine change from day to day and today I was limited by the selection at work but I quite proud of these picks anyway. Here’s mine, now what are yours?

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AUTOPSY IV’S ANSWERS: If I’ve ever made you a mix tape then odds are one of these 5 songs will open it up and a few more will show up on it:

The Murder City Devils - 18 Wheels     

Clutch - Cypress Grove     

Scott H. Biram - Blood     

The Drive-By Truckers - Zip City     

The Drive-By Truckers - Where The Devil Don't Stay     


  1. John John
    June 9, 2010    

    Ryan Bingham – South Side of Heaven

    Ive had others, but this one wins by far.

  2. Martin Luther Presley Martin Luther Presley
    June 9, 2010    

    John Frusciante – Going Inside

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre – All Around You (Intro)

    [both lame choices since they’re opening songs anyway, but so what]

    Josh Ritter – Me & Jiggs

    Allen Ginsberg – Vomit Express

    John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom

  3. rob rob
    June 9, 2010    

    California- Will Quinlan and the Diviners
    Shot Shot- Gomez
    Catch A Collapsing Star-The Mendoza Line
    Charred Resentment just the Same- South San Gabriel
    Windfall- Son Volt

  4. Brandon Brackett Brandon Brackett
    June 10, 2010    

    1. Gov’t Mule – Blind Man in the Dark
    2. Albert King – I’ll Play the Blues for You
    3. Lucero – Sing me no Hymns
    4. Drive-by Truckers – Never Gonna Change
    5. Cross Canadian Ragweed – Dimebag
    6. James McMurtry – Choctaw Bingo

  5. Craig Craig
    June 10, 2010    

    Ryan Bingham, “Southside of Heaven”
    DBT, “Where the Devil Don’t Stay”

    Two good ones already mentioned.

    Glossary, “Save Your Money For The Weekend”
    Sonic Youth, “100%” or “Teen Age Riot” or “Sugar Kane”
    Wilco, “Heavy Metal Drummer”
    X, “Fourth of July” or “White Girl”
    Son Volt, “Dynamite”

  6. Milhouse44 Milhouse44
    June 10, 2010    

    Uncle Tupelo- Factory Belt
    The Cult- Love Removal Machine
    Split Lip Rayfield- Should Have Seen it Coming
    Old 97’s- Doreen
    Whiskeytown- Too Drunk to Dream

    Choctaw Bingo is a soild call!

  7. dugtee61 dugtee61
    June 11, 2010    

    Okay well, shit, okay, ughh, alright here ya go:

    Johhny Cash-Sam Hall
    R.L. Burnside-Snake Drive
    T-Model Ford-Chicken Head Man
    Hank Williams-Move It On Over
    Ten Foot Polecats-Bar Hoppin

  8. Summer Summer
    June 17, 2010    

    Twerp – I can lick any son of a bitch in the house

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