So I was listening to Two Cow Garage quite a bit this week and got the line “Waking up to cassette tapes and ashtrays all filled up from the night before; smoke filled lungs and tapes full of songs with a stranger laying on the floor” stuck quite nicely in my head. So this week’s Top 5 is: What are your top 5 mix tape openers. I know mine change from day to day and today I was limited by the selection at work but I quite proud of these picks anyway. Here’s mine, now what are yours?

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AUTOPSY IV’S ANSWERS: If I’ve ever made you a mix tape then odds are one of these 5 songs will open it up and a few more will show up on it:

The Murder City Devils – 18 Wheels
Clutch – Cypress Grove
Scott H. Biram – Blood, Sweat & Murder
The Drive-By Truckers – Zip City
The Drive-By Truckers – Where The Devil Don’t Stay

8 thoughts on “TOP 5: MIX TAPE OPENERS”

  1. Ryan Bingham – South Side of Heaven

    Ive had others, but this one wins by far.

  2. John Frusciante – Going Inside

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre – All Around You (Intro)

    [both lame choices since they’re opening songs anyway, but so what]

    Josh Ritter – Me & Jiggs

    Allen Ginsberg – Vomit Express

    John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom

  3. California- Will Quinlan and the Diviners
    Shot Shot- Gomez
    Catch A Collapsing Star-The Mendoza Line
    Charred Resentment just the Same- South San Gabriel
    Windfall- Son Volt

  4. 1. Gov’t Mule – Blind Man in the Dark
    2. Albert King – I’ll Play the Blues for You
    3. Lucero – Sing me no Hymns
    4. Drive-by Truckers – Never Gonna Change
    5. Cross Canadian Ragweed – Dimebag
    6. James McMurtry – Choctaw Bingo

  5. Ryan Bingham, “Southside of Heaven”
    DBT, “Where the Devil Don’t Stay”

    Two good ones already mentioned.

    Glossary, “Save Your Money For The Weekend”
    Sonic Youth, “100%” or “Teen Age Riot” or “Sugar Kane”
    Wilco, “Heavy Metal Drummer”
    X, “Fourth of July” or “White Girl”
    Son Volt, “Dynamite”

  6. Uncle Tupelo- Factory Belt
    The Cult- Love Removal Machine
    Split Lip Rayfield- Should Have Seen it Coming
    Old 97’s- Doreen
    Whiskeytown- Too Drunk to Dream

    Choctaw Bingo is a soild call!

  7. Okay well, shit, okay, ughh, alright here ya go:

    Johhny Cash-Sam Hall
    R.L. Burnside-Snake Drive
    T-Model Ford-Chicken Head Man
    Hank Williams-Move It On Over
    Ten Foot Polecats-Bar Hoppin

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