Romeo here. Despite rumors to the contrary I have not shuffled off this mortal coil. I will forgo any explanation of my absence and just make with the Top 5!

So this Top 5 is all about you, our faithful readers, and my curiosity. I want to know what songs make you think about us or the site with the caveat that you can’t use Nine Bullets by Drive By Truckers because it’s so easy it’s pretty much cheating.

For me the songs that make me think about the site are a mix that goes way back to when I first encountered AIV on the Lucero message board, which is sadly only a shadow of what it used to be, and stuff AIV posted that stuck with me or was really bad ass. AIV has turned me on to some damn amazing music over the years, much like the Lucero board did back in the day, and writing for 9b has turned me on to some damn cool people so this one was a lot of fun. I picked mostly songs that make me think about when I met AIV or stuff he posted rather than songs that remind me of the site because I write here about everything I listen to so I could claim just anything reminds me of 9B. But enough of my jabbering, here’s my Top 5:

  • Whitey Morgan and the 78s – Goodbye Dixie | This band will forever remind of AIV after his response to my never having heard of them while we were hanging out together at SXSW 2010. They are a great band and I hope they are working on something new so we can write about them even more.
  • Two Cow Garage – Swingset Assassin | This is one band I probably would have overlooked had it not been for AIV’s stellar write ups on them. A lot of people were talking about them back when and as usual I ignored the crowd to my own detriment but AIV kept pushing them and this track is one he posted that always sticks out in my mind. They are now one of my “can’t live without” bands thanks to AIV and 9B.
  • Drag The River – Me & Joe Drove Out To California | I can’t say that AIV or 9B turned me on to this song or band but for some reason I have fond memories of Lucero Message Board Compilations, 9B, and some amazing times attached to this particular track. Maybe I was just overplaying it at the time who knows.
  • The Takers – St. John’s Son | This is one that is all 9B for me. AIV is a Florida boy as are these boys and his write up got me to listening to them. I know they are a Suburban Home band and I generally like anything from Suburban Home but the Florida connection makes me want to road trip to FL and visit AIV whenever this song comes on.
  • Those Darlins – Wild One | Last but certainly not least comes Those Darlins. Maybe my favorite discovery that I wouldn’t have heard about if it hadn’t been for 9B. Wild One is a song that could be about me to my wife or about certain of my ex-girlfriends to me so it stands out a bit.

Well that’s it for me. Some of that list may be cheesy but it’s my list dammit! Now it’s your turn.

Autopsy IV says: Before you ask. No, I didn’t put Romeo up to this. Next, I don’t have a list since there is no song called, “I’m so fucking awesome people shit their pants when I walk by…..TWICE!” but rest assured, if there was….it and 4 remixes of it would be mine. As it is, I’ll make do with this little ditty:

Mickey Avalon – My Dick

7 thoughts on “TOP 5: MAKES ME THINK OF 9B”

  1. Truckstop Coffee – Pretty Lil Smile
    Bryan peer pressured me into going to see these guys which happened to be a couple days after the Larry campfire incident. I think we’ve been to every show they/Pete have had in town since.

    Have Gun, Will Travel – Blessing and a Curse
    Another Florida band that Bryan made me go see and I’m glad I did.

    Micah Schnabel – When The Stage Lights Go Dim
    My dumbass agreed to get a cd signed by Micah for RSV when Micah went on his first solo tour. Not only did I not think to ask his real name, the entire CD packaging is black/dark grey so there was nowhere to sign. I think Micah ended writing Hey Buddy on a napkin or something.

    DBT – Gravity’s Gone
    Bryan’s hatred for this album cracks me up (even though I agree it’s not their best).


    ALl heard here for the first time. And I’ll be grateful forever.

  3. Yea man ive picked up on quite a bit of music from this blog/music site so the a 5 list is moot point..but just some that really stick out.. Will Quinlan is amazing, so yes once again in another post I will bring him up. The album is called Navasota and im pretty sure its still on CD Baby. So grab a damn copy already people.. some others that come to mind- The Builders and the Butchers,ICLASOB,The Fox Hunt,Slim Cessnas Auto Club, even as recently as MAT Ds new album. Hell hes even managed to force Scott Birams last one on the Ipod and ive never even got into him much. Well anyway thanks for all the time you put into the site (reviews,podcast, giveaways, etc..)ill have to bring ya down a bottle of muscadine wine or something my next time down there bro.. keep up the music alive and Cheers!

  4. Top 5 artists I first heard on 9b.

    1. Kasey Anderson. I had actually heard of him but thought he was Australian and female. Once I heard ‘I Was A Photograph’ I got it.
    2. Will Quinlan
    3. Brock Zeman
    4. Grayson Capps
    5. Chris Knight

  5. I’ve only been reading for a short while compared to most. I think of 9B everytime I hear Lucero’s “I’ll Just Fall” and everytime my Ipod falls on Amanda Blank’s “Something Bigger, Something Better” which was kind of out of the ordinary here last year but is a badass track. I like it when you guys step out and commit to something unexpected. Also didn’t know much about Two Cow Garage or have the same appreciation for Drive By Truckers before I started reading here. Keep it up.

  6. Oh lets see…

    Chris Knight – Hell Ain’t Half Full
    Left Lane Cruiser – Amy’s In The Kitchen
    Glossary – Save Your Money For The Weekend
    The Whipsaws – Hillbilly Heroin
    The Fox Hunt – No Penance

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