To continue on with the transportation theme (two out of the last three top 5’s have been about transportation) this weeks theme is car songs. These can be any songs about cars and there are a lot of songs about cars out there to choose from. I didn’t go deep this week and just picked the first five that popped in to my head. It shouldn’t be a hard little list to make for anyone. Anyway here’s my list:

ALL – Hot Rod Lincoln | This is just a bad ass cover!
Cross Canadian Ragweed – Highway 377 | I have a soft spot for songs about Jesus and the Devil and this one includes cars?!? Awesome!
Chris Knight – My Old Cars | For so many reasons this reminds me of my best friend An-G.
Drive By Truckers – Daddy’s Cup | While my daddy wasn’t a race car driver there’s so many things that “I won’t stop until Daddy’s name is on that cup” even as old as I am!
Two Cow Garage – Camaro | What this song brings to mind depends on the day but right now it reminds me of picking up a girl who wasn’t allowed to see me, yes in a Camaro, and taking her to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and making it in the backseat on the way there. It was a friend’s Camaro…

I really wanted to drop in Stroker Ace but honestly it would have come in around number 9 or 10 so it gets left out of my list. I’ve showed you mine now let’s see yours!

AUTOPSY IV ANSWERS: I’m gonna be honest. I resisted the temptation and curated my list without googling “songs about cars” so I probably missed some seriously obvious shit. That said, here is the list I came up with:

White Zombie – Black Sunshine: I wanted this to be Nitrous Burning Funny Cars by The Dead Milkmen but I opted against listing the same artist twice. Still, an awesome song with some great samples.

The Dead Milkmen – Bitchin’ Camaro: One of the first songs that came to mind. Bitchin’ Camaro Bitchin’ Camaro I Ran Over My Neighbor!

Mat D – Ford Marriage: I friggin’ love this song.

The Bean Pickers Union – Independence Day: This song is as much about cruising a small town as it is about a car but it’s included here for it’s mention of a 327 Small Block engine…the very engine that will be in the Camaro I own one day.

Sir Mix-A-Lot – Testarossa: First song I thought of and quite simply the beginning and the end when it comes to the subject of car songs.

13 thoughts on “TOP 5: CAR SONGS”

  1. 1. Tom Waits – “Ol’ 55”

    2. Charlie Robison by way of Bruce Springsteen – “Racing in the Streets”

    3. Johnny Cash – “One Piece at a Time”

    4. Janis Joplin – “Mercedes Benz”

    5. The Violent Femmes – “Gimme the Car”

  2. Car Jamming – The Clash
    Plastic Jesus – Paul Newman
    Pink Cadillac – Bruce Springsteen
    The Distance – Cake
    Old White Lincoln – Gaslight Anthem

    Honorable mentions:

    Greased Lightening – Liz Phair
    Long Black Limo – Merle Haggard
    Motor Away – Guided by Voices
    And several Beach Boys songs

  3. Drive-by Truckers -Carl Perkins Cadillac
    The Beach Boys – Little Deuce Coupe
    Neil Young – Long May You Run
    Pete Molinari – My 63 Chevrolet
    Danny And The Champions Of The World – Henry the Van

  4. Off the top of my head:

    Pass You By – Gillian Welch

    Chevy Van – Sammy Johns (I had to google Mr Johns though – no way the recall was working on that one)

    455 Rocket – Kathy Mattea (via Gillian and David)

    Freedom is a Stranger – Scott Miller & the Commonwealth (surely the only song out there that name-checks a Chevy Citation)

    1970 Monte Carlo – Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash

  5. The Clash – Brand New Cadallic
    Tom Waits – Ol’ 55
    Rush – Red Barchetta
    American Steel – Mike Ethan Messick
    Long May You Run – Neil Young

  6. oh man, some great ones listed…here are some I can think of

    Bloody 98 – Blue Mt.

    My General Lee – Untamed Youth (I’m not certain that’s who does it, I only have this on a 7″ that came from Gearhead magazine….anybody else used to be way into that zine?)

    Voodoo Cadillac – Southern Culture On The Skids

    Eight Miles A Gallon – Scott Miller

    Thousand Dollar Car – Bottle Rockets

  7. Yeah, Long May You Run has to be one of the best car songs ever.

    Adding to that,

    Cadillac Ranch – Springsteen
    409 – The Beach Boys
    Mustang Sally – originally done by Wilson Pickett
    Low Rider – War (this just edged out Panama by VH for me).

  8. Jerry Was a Race Car Driver–Primus

    Long White Cadillac–Dave Alvin

    Jesus Built my Hotrod–Ministry

  9. Dude, you canNOT have a car song list without Fred Eaglesmith’s “Pontiac,” or “Georgia Overdrive.”

  10. Limbeck ‘Honk + Wave’
    Enkindels ‘Camaro’s Are Forever’
    Gaslight Anthem ‘Old White Lincoln’
    The Mountain Goats ‘New Chevrolet In Flames’
    The Promise Ring ‘Make me a Chevy’

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