Jesus. If I have to sit around and listen to my friends rave about how good Uncle Tupelo or any of i’s offshoots are one more time I am gonna have to find a new bar to drink at.

Do I like a few Uncle Tupelo songs? Sure. Do I like an Uncle Tupelo album? Not even the greatest hits comps.

So ther you go. That’s your theme for this Top 5. Top 5 that everyone loves but you just can’t get on board with…..

Here are mine:

  1. The Avette Brothers (too polished)
  2. The National (everytime I hear them I think, Crash Test Dummies)
  3. Uncle Tupelo (yawn yawn yawn)
  4. Jay-Z (really? If this is the best modern hiphop has to offer I’ll live in the past)
  5. The Beatles (IMO, just a boy band and yet another thing that generation has blown up to be bigger than it deserves…)

Uncle Tupelo – No Depression

60 thoughts on “TOP 5: BANDS EVERYONE LIKES….BUT YOU.”

  1. 1. The Avett Brothers
    I REALLY don’t know what the big fascination is with this band. I really don’t see anything of major interest and simply don’t care for their music.

    2. The Beatles
    My dad and I have the same general opinion about The Beatles. They have a few good songs, but they really just don’t fit our particular musical tastes. I think I’m the only person I know (besides maybe my dad) that doesn’t own a single Beatles CD. Hell, I don’t have one Beatles song on my computer or iPod.

    3. Derek Trucks Band
    My little brother is gonna kill me if he sees that. I like the guitar player, but not the band.

    4. The Grateful Dead
    Just way too spacey for me, I simply can’t deal with it.

    5. ANYTHING mainstream.
    If it is mainstream (with the exception of MAYBE 3 Doors Down and the Foo Fighters) I don’t listen to it. That goes for mainstream pop, rock, country, etc. I’d rather listen to DBT, Robert Earl Keen and Lucero first.

  2. Wilco. Given some of the other stuff I like, and perhaps my age, I’m apparently supposed to like Wilco, but I don’t.

    Led Zeppelin. Over-rated. (Maybe that’s just the result of growing up in the 1970s, when every plowboy with a guitar played “Stairway to Heaven” at every damned party.)

    The Hold Steady. I don’t hate ’em, but they’re not all that.

    I’m sure there’s more, but those are the first three that leap to mind.

  3. for the purposes of this response, i’m focusing on the music surrounding my friends/peers/internet-associations & acquaintances… i think it kind of goes without saying that i don’t understand most of the mainstream media crazes…

    1. drive-by truckers
    2. cat power
    3. the national
    4. ryan adams
    5. (i’m almost afraid to post this on for fear of being blacklisted everywhere, but here goes…) tom waits

  4. 1. U2
    2. Bruce Springsteen

    Yeah, that’s all I have. And I know for a fact that I’m gonna get my head chewed off for the second one, but I don’t care. Have a sit down with me one day and I’ll break it down for you.

  5. Gaslight Anthem
    Sorry y’all, but all I can hear is The Killers.

    A.A. Bondy
    Another one that everyone raves about, but it’s just slow and depressing to me.

    Justin Townes Earle
    There’s a couple songs of his that are okay but the rest of it just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

    North Mississippi Allstars (and similar bands)
    Just too jam bandy. Sorry Natalie!

    Possessed By Paul James
    Why is he so popular?

    Honorable mention just to include as many of Larry’s favorite bands as possible:
    The Hold Steady
    They have a few songs I love and they were great live, but it’s not something I want to sit around and listen to.

  6. Doesn’t really offend me. I don’t like Bruce Springsteen for fuck’s sake! 😉 I know that they’re not for everyone. I DO get offended when they get grouped with jam bands though. I guess touring with jam bands makes them one? I don’t think so, but whatever.

  7. Brit: PBPJ is tough to get into. No doubt. I can certainly see how some folks can’t get into it. If you get a chance though, go see him live.

    Natalie: Come on…Polaris was drenched in the sweat of Jam Bands…

  8. 5. (i’m almost afraid to post this on for fear of being blacklisted everywhere, but here goes…) tom waits

    Not true im not a fan of Mr.Waits at all either..(Though your blacklist might come from your #1 spot ;)I kid I kid)

    1. Widespread Panic- Enough said!

    2. My Morning Jacket- Bought one album by them on the advice of a good friend, that was more than enough.

    3.The Jayhawks- Ive tried and tried and I just cant get into them.

    4. Wilco- see above..

    5. Avett Bros- There are just way better bands out there that can do it better than these guys.

  9. 1. Led Zeppelin – I like good hard rock just as much as the next guy, but I just don’t get this. All of the fake stoner guys in middle school with the fallen angel patches on their jean jackets ruined them for me.

    2. The Eagles – Too generic. Get a lifetime listening ban for “The Disco Strangler” alone.

    3. Steely Dan – That brand of jazzy rock makes my ears bleed.

    4. Hank III – Whether solo, with Assjack, or even Superjoint Ritual, I’ve tried to get into it all. His “rebellion” seems to forced to me. Dude, it’s in your blood… don’t try so hard.

    5. Amy Winehouse – Sure she’s a bona fide train wreck now, but when that album came out everyone was on that bandwagon. She didn’t grab me by the balls though – which in retrospect is probably a good thing since I may have caught a case of the critters…:-)

  10. Mr.OhKnowledgableOne(autopsy):Dude, that’s 2 completely different records thrown together on one. I like the songs(with the exception of 2), but even I can recognize that. Cody was spending a little too much time with Noel Gallagher during the writing/recording process of ‘Polaris’. Luther and Cody were totally at odds during that whole deal. Go back and listen, you’ll hear it. I mean, letting Cody write a song that early on? Shoulda never done it.

  11. My list is very long but these float to the top.

    1. The Beatles
    2. The Rolling Stones
    3. Bruce Springsteen (except the album “The Ghost of Tom Joad”). I have and will see him live but can’t listen to his albums. He is awesome live, especially without the E Street Band.
    4. The Eagles
    5. Anything on commercial radio

  12. Hank III – tries way too hard. Rebel rebel whiskey rebel….there, I wrote a Hank III song. IMO he’s as fake as toby keith

    Gram Parsons – hickory wind is one of my fave songs of all time. But I just can’t stand his solo albums. Too slick and he can’t sing

    One pertinent to this site:
    Austin Lucas – I just don’t like his voice

    Dinosaur Jr. – granted I haven’t heard much but have has been pure noise. Ditto for sonic youth

    Will agree with the wilcos and most indie bands listed

    I find most artists though have at least one or two songs I like (even Hank III and GP)

  13. Truersound: I loooooooooove Austin’s voice! Very few songwriters out there have what I call ‘the voice of truth’ and he has it. I’m pretty sure I’d believe everything he says, if he sings it.

  14. Oh poor Avetts. They have truly lost the plot on their past few albums (“I & Love & You” is horrid, jut horrid) but they were a great band for awhile. I haven’t seen them live lately, just can’t do it, but hopefully the live show is still good. It used to be great. File them under “Used to be good..”. The earlier stuff is in no way polished and that was half of the charm. Also Uncle Tupelo is killer, someday maybe you’ll get it. Jayhawks too.

    Here is my 5…

    1. Tom Petty – I want to like him…but no.
    2. Hold Steady – I’ve tried with them too
    3. White Stripes/Dead Weather etc etc – Hey, fuck Jack White.
    4. Old Crow Medicine Show
    5. Reggae. It has infested my town. I can’t take another privileged white boy singing “Redemption Song”

    I don’t quite get Justin Townes Earle either but I don’t mind him either.

  15. I think it’s completely unAmerican to NOT like Tom Petty.

    Mom’s apple pie, baseball, and Tom Petty. Yep, that’s America.

  16. 1. God Damn Nickleback!!
    2. Gaslight Anthem too much like Springsteen
    3. Rush can’t stand that dudes voice
    4. U2
    5. Bruce Springsteen

  17. 1: The Beatles— think the Animals, The Troggs and everyone else, including Buddy Holly did it better– a few good tunes and the love of a generation of aging babies don’t make you the best band ever.

    2: White Stripes— Boring, boring, boring, yeah and I don’t like people that beat up my buddies.

    3: Nickleback, creed, ect— Hello grunge died pretty much with the last Screaming Trees album ‘Dust’, time to get off the train.

    4:Hold Steady– I don’t get it.

    5: The Horrorpops– yeah hot chick from Denmark, wanna be Psychobilly, but really it’s lamer than the 3rd rate Meteors rip offs that Germany was pumping out a decade ago. Anyone still listen to these guys?

  18. I think that everyone just placed too much on the Avett Bros and expected ’em to be more than what they are. They’re a pop group with country and folk influences. Nothing more, nothing less. I like it for what it is.

  19. Y’know what else would be an interesting list? Bands that are all right but their “fans” ruin it for me. I might like the Grateful Dead but I just can’t stand their uberfans so i’ve been biased against them for so long. Or maybe they plain suck, i’ll never know. “Good Gravy”s Zep comment got me thinking about this.

  20. Easy:

    1. Grateful dead
    2. Led Zepplin
    3. The Beatles
    4. KISS
    5. Rolling Stones

    Honorable Mention: The Doors.

  21. I’m going to assume that everyone saying Led Zeppelin are saying it because they’re so fucking sick of hearing ‘Black Dog’ and ‘Rock-n Roll’ over and over again. That’s ok, but go grab “Physical Graffiti” and get educated.

  22. The Avett Brothers: Don’t like the sheen of their recordings? See ’em live and you’ll get the hype.

    The National: Terrific lyrics. Great rhythm section. I don’t get the CTD reference. They were a goofy one hit wonder. The National is lugubrious and Joy Division-y, but they have put out a series of really solid albums.

    Uncle Tupelo: I gotta love em for introducing me to Alternative Country (whatever that is).

    Jay-Z: Sorry, not my area of expertise.

    The Beatles: I’m sick of the reissues too, but c’mon. If the Beatles were a boy band, then Hank Williams was just a hillbilly.

  23. Adam Fenwick was completely discredited when he hinted at his enjoyment of 3 Doors Down. You can’ be serious…

  24. I’m going to forgo mentioning the LENGTHY list of “classic artists” that I can’t stand (Rolling Stones, Rush, etc.) and, instead, I’ll focus on a couple of the artists getting major attention (and love) on blogs like ninebullets. In no particular order…

    (1) Avett Brothers – I love how people describe them as “a bluegrass band with a punk background that makes indie music”. Maybe their early albums did, but now they sound like Ben Folds Five.

    (2) Hold Steady – They are often described as some sort of northern version of DBT. Really? That sounds more like wishful thinking than reality. They have a couple of songs that are OK, but the hype they get on the internet far exceeds their bar band talent.

    (3) Deer Tick – not mentioned much on ninebullets, but with all the hype, you’d think they invented the electric guitar or something. Again, some OK songs, but I just don’t get the religious-like obsession many blogs have with this band.
    Note: You could literally replace Deer Tick with Dr. Dog and/or The Black Keys and I’d write the same complaint.

    (4) Kenny Chesney – When Kenny is writing a new album I’m pretty sure it goes something like this: “OK, track #1, let’s flip a coin: heads it’s a nostalgic song about growing up driving girls around in my pick-up truck; tails it’s an island/reggae song about boats and drinking.” This whole “country music” with steel drums thing escapes me. It’s hard to believe that this guy is selling out football stadiums.

    Honorable Mention: Kid Rock, Tom Waits, etc.

  25. AIV, I suggest the next “poll” is the exact opposite of this one…which bands are sort of your guilty pleasure because everyone else hates them.

  26. “Kid Rock, Tom Waits, etc.”


    This “Oh I’m so special”-fest is getting ridiculous.

  27. I’m wondering where the connection between Kid Rock and Tom Waits is that it’s justified to follow it with a “etc.”?

    And just to make sure: I’m not into smileys and shit so if I come across as over-serious it’s not my intention. I don’t take all of this too seriously, much less myself!

    And while I’m far from being a Beatles fanatic I think it’s tragically funny to compare them to The Troggs etc. I’m a huge 60s garage/punk kind of guy and I’d take the Pebbles Series anytime over The Beatles Mono Box, but let’s not kid ourselves. I mean it’s The Beatles. One of the few moments in history when quality and commercial success actually deservedly went hand in hand. It doesn’t make one special to put them down. It’s rather silly.

  28. recognizing that music is a purely personal and emotional connection (especially for those bothering to comment on a blog such as 9B) i am really surprised at some of the (repeated) names listed here…very interesting. I think AdHoff hit the nail with the idea of many of the ‘hyped’ bands that are a bit more generic than certain fans would like to believe and of course the ‘fan’ issue touched on where a band such as the Grateful Dead doesn’t get a fair shake based on the music alone. Personally I dig almost all the bands listed (hell, I even like that Nickleback song about being a rock star) – but I can play as well:
    1)Radiohead — some really good stuff, but overall i was never ‘moved’…

  29. MLP, the “etc” was basically just a typo. I’ve got a two year old running around so any post I make is far from error-free. I wouldn’t say there’s a connection between Kid Rock and Waits, but I certainly can explain my logic…I live in Nashville and one of the local music landmarks is Tootsies. This is the starting place for people like Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn. On the outside facade of the building, they have drawn pictures of famous country stars such as Hank. Within the past year or so, they added Kid Rock. Now that’s just ridiculous. I enjoy some of his songs, but somehow “All Summer Long” turned Kid Rock into a an authority on southern rock and country. Like I said, I like some of his songs, but this is too much. Waits has this certain “legend” status that allows people like Scarlet Johannson receive all this musical credibility simply by recording a lousy cover album of his songs. Once again, I like some of his songs but I just don’t see the hype.

    Music “quality” is one of the most subjective things in the world. I love the Beatles and I love Led Zep and they’ve probably received more criticism on this list than any other artists. To each his own.

  30. “I don’t know why, it’s the same reason why you like some music and you don’t like others. There’s something about it that you like. Ultimately I don’t find it’s in my best interests to try and analyze it, since it’s fundamentally emotional” – Jerry Garcia

    I love the Dead but I get why others can’t stand it. I sure don’t want to be in any way responsible for that by wearing a tie dye shirt or whatever it is about us “deadheads” that seems to bug people. So I keep it to myself. I also had to stop putting Dead tunes on my mix cds because my friends just don’t “get it”.

    I’ve never been able to figure out why the Beatles were seen as anything other than the first true “pop” group. I’ve tried to like them but I know I never will.

    I own everything The National has done and I don’t play the discs… ever. I just don’t get it.

    Dave Matthews Band – should like it… just don’t. Well, maybe this one show from the early 90s in Montreal I have… Ok I guess I kind of like em. ugh

    Hold Steady. Liked their live show but don’t care for the studio records.

    Ask me next week and I’ll probably do a 180 on most of these opinions.

  31. I realized that it was pretty spineless of me to critique the original list without making my own.

    Elvis Costello: You say eccentric genius, I say flaky bore.

    Neil Young: For some reason I like every artist who sites Young as an influence, but I can’t stand his tortured falsetto. Sue me.

    Rush: They’re great musicians and everything, but Getty Lee’s voice is an acquired taste that I haven’t acquired.

    Led Zeppelin: Again, for me it’s the vocals. Robert Plant on vox = Finger nails on chalk.

    Bruce Springsteen: How New Jersey’s best bar band has managed to sell out arenas this long is beyond me.

  32. AdHoff, I now know what you meant. Tootsie’s…a name I only read about and despite that hold in high esteem. I can’t believe what you said about Kid Rock’s picture on their wall. It should be his head instead. Oh, did I mention I went to one of his conerts on the Devil Without A Cause tour in ’01…? No? Whew, thank God!

    “Elvis Costello: You say eccentric genius, I say flaky bore.”
    NOW THAT made me laugh out loud and nod in agreement at the same time! And judging from a recent interview he seems like an ass, too. What’s the opposite of down-to-earth?

  33. 1. The Beatles – I dont see the attraction at all.

    2. The Clash – I like Clash covers but the orignals just sound weak to me.

    3. Michael Jackson – I wanted to vomit last week when every channel was MJ’s 1 year in the grave special.

    4. The Hold Steady. Worst voice in the music biz.

    5. Wilco – Uncle Tupelo’s weaker half.

  34. 1. U2 – See the episode of Southpark and what Matt/Trey compared Bono to for future reference.

    2. Allison Krauss – I come from a bluegrass background and I can tolerate most “mainstream” bluegrass, but she doesn’t do it for me.

    3. Hank III – I can actually tolerate his dad more than him!!!

    4. Jason Isbell without the Drive-By Truckers – You were much better with the band dude.

    5. Any type of PUNK. – I just don’t get middle-class white kid angst…never, ever will.

  35. I just read so many posts that I forget who mentioned it but Deer Tick! I don’t know why they’ve blown up like they have!

    I really enjoyed Born on a Flag Day but the fast paced rock that I loved seemed to be a one album thing. I saw them live at a sold out show of underagers (the kids in front of me kept talking about the “cougars” they had met.. those bitches were 22!) The show was a total snooze and I was really disappointed.

    They’re coming back to a newly renovated venue next month and I was thinking about giving them another chance. After hearing The Black Dirt, I think I’ll pass.

  36. I know everyone is entitled to his opinion, but most of these opinions are really terrible. I’m sort of rethinking my affinity for this site if this is the type of music fan who frequents it. The bands that appear in multiple posts here are mind-blowing. The Hold Steady, Wilco…these bands I expect to see. I love them, but I know they’re divisive, and I get why people don’t like them. But The Beatles? The Rolling Stones? I just read through the posts once, but I’m guessing these are the same people who said “anything mainstream.” Pathetic.

    And, to whoever said Glossary: You should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously.

  37. I’ll agree with the Allison Krauss comment. Everytime “Don’t Close Your Eyes” starts up on some bullshit heavily programmed commercial radio station, it makes me want to drink myself to death just like Keith Whitley.

    @AIV – I’ll agree with the Avetts having too much polish now (I still put them as one of my favorites) but they used to be rough and raw and I guess it’s hard to put it back in the bottle after that time as a band is done.

    That could be said for a lot of the bands we like and that post today about the Black Keys made me think about it.

  38. I hear you Panack. I mean, really, who wants to go to a place where people are openly talking about their musical tastes even when those tastes fly in the face of socially accepted/expected norms.


  39. @AIV: I’ll still come to the site; that was hyperbole, a rhetorical device with which you may or may not be familiar. The point is I’m all for differing tastes–mine are literally about as broad as you can imagine–but some bands are iconic and canonical for a good reason. The Beatles are a boy band? They’re boys, at least. Did you get to “Beatles for Sale” and just stop listening? (“Beatles for Sale” is a phenomenal album, btw). My biggest problem, though, is the people that say they hate “anything commercial” or “anything mainstream.” Would you defend their blanket dismissal of music that’s gained commercial success just because it “flies in the face of socially accepted norms”? I feel like some of you are trying too hard to be “pure” or “alt” or something silly that doesn’t really deserve your effort. As I said originally, everyone is certainly entitled to his opinion. This is mine.

  40. My list is:

    5. Wilco (I know they have been mentioned a lot but I just can’t seem to get into them)
    4. Ryan Adama
    3. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    2. The Beatles (I like maybe three songs by them and generally get a nails on the chalkboard feeling with the rest of their catalog)
    1. The Avett Brothers (I haven’t heard anything but their latest and just don’t get the hype at all)

    @panack I don’t eschew mainstream for the most part but I also don’t try and get into it. I don’t do the radio because most of what I hear on there is tripe. I do have some mainstream likes but more often than not I am surprised that a song I found somewhere is a popular song. I don’t think this makes me a purist or an elitist of any sort. I hope you don’t think that your opinion makes you unwelcome ’round these parts I know my opinions about music differ from our readers at times. I kinda like a disagreement in the comments at times. It gives things flavor. I completely agree with you about Glossary btw. 😉

    I can’t believe that Uncle Tupelo made anyone’s list much less AIV’s. But to each his own…

  41. AIV: It’s not gonna happen to OCMS, it hasn’t happened.

    And, to be honest, I’ve listened to the older Avett Bros stuff and it sounds just like the new stuff to me. I like it all. They’re a really great pop group. There are a lot of pop groups out there that call themselves something else, you’d be surprised.

    For the non-Beatles fans, get the anthology or borrow it from the library. Good stuff. Different takes, funny takes. I always think that when people say they aren’t Beatles, Zep, or Stones fans that they haven’t heard anything more than what’s played on the radio. Am I right? That’s always the feeling I get.

  42. As far as The Beatles go my wife is a huge fan so I have heard a much larger portion of their collection in the past ten years than I had before and I am still not a fan.

  43. …why not, i’m bored.
    as far as some of the big-name/established/mainstream-ish bands & artsists:
    i *love* springsteen, petty, bowie, & dylan.
    i enjoy the rolling stones, the velvet underground & the who.
    i’m a passive fan of the beatles and paul simon.
    i generally dislike fleetwood mac
    i can’t stand the grateful dead, u2, the eagles and the doors.
    i’ve never understood why led zepplin is so popular.

    (and i may have been born in the early 80’s, but i have 5 older sisters and some classic-rock loving parents that schooled me in a lot of 60’s/70’s/80’s music.)

  44. Widespread Panic-Obvious

    Drive-by Truckers-Urinating in the ears of oblivious crowds everywere.

    Hank III-Ugh

    Drive-By Truckers-One trick poney’s that suck enough to be mentioned twice.

    Hank III-Embarrassing

  45. 1. Bruce Springsteen
    2. Bruce Springsteen
    3. Bruce Springsteen
    4. Fuck Bruce Springsteen
    5.Enough Said

  46. 1. Phish

    2. The Rolling Stones

    3. Lucero (I feel like I am sinning when I say that because I am from Little Rock and the people here worship Ben Nichols like he is a god)

    4. The Hold Steady (I’m am really trying to get into them but I just don’t get it!)

    5. The Doors

  47. You don’t like Uncle Tupelo, but rave about Two Cow Garage? That’s really really strange. Every time I listen to The Wall Against Our Back I think how TCG must’ve been really digging Still Feel Gone during recording. And the Beatles are a boy band? Come on, that’s just nutty. Revolver and Rubber Soul are probably two of the greatest Rock n’ Roll albums ever recorded, ask Micah!

  48. Back in my ol’ Spotucky Radio days we called what you guy are talkin’ about here “Hillbilly Pretension”. And we were damn proud to be full of it. We’d have exchange’s like this with listeners-

    Lestener: Why don’t you play Wilco?
    Me: Fuck Wilco, yuppies listen to Wilco in there renovated downtown lofts.
    L: What about the Avett Brothers?
    M: The only thing they could do to get some cred would be to put out a sex tape with them and 10 girls on stage at the Grand Ol’ Opry.
    L: I don’t get The Hold Steady and that guys voice sucks? We’ll I don’t get martyrdom but I don’t go around telling Muslims that Mohamed was a lousy poet.

    Notice that my responses have nothing to do with how the band sounds. We just liked being snobby suburban kids form the Northwest full of Hillbilly Pretension.

  49. @Turd Ferguson – I consider them a guilty pleasure really. I’m not proud of it, but I enjoy them none the less.

  50. 1) Red Hot Chili Peppers
    2) Wilco
    3) The Beatles
    4) Led Zeppelin (the most godawful act ever)
    5) The Dead

  51. 1. Jack Johnson.

    2. Wilco.

    3. Sonic Youth.

    4. Zeppelin.

    5. All bluegrass music.

    Someone please explain to me why Jack Johnson is any different from the guy singing in every other coffee shop down the street.

  52. What’s been even worse: people (even friends!) turned to me and said: you’d love this guy! wtf? Not only have I been familiar with Jack Johnson for years before they ever ordered their frappuccino while JJ was on the coffee shop’s stereo, I also came to the conclusion that he’s a Satan’s spawn here to lower the standards of the art of songwriting. I hate this guy. I’d put him in the same category as Ben Harper, but I seem to be alone there.

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