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I skipped the Top 3 post last week cause I knew I’d be out of town all weekend and not get a chance to tally the results. I also know everyone was expecting this one to be a Top 3: Lucero but since I have a natural tendency to be rather obstinate I decided to do Old Crow Medicine Show instead. I have little doubt as to what song will win this week but I am curious to see if there is any form of cohesion after it.

As always, pick your favorite three OCMS songs and leave them in the comments. Next week I’ll tally the results and post the Top 5: Old Crow Medicine Show songs as voted by the 9B readers.

Here are mine:

Old Crow Medicine Show – Hotel In Memphis
Old Crow Medicine Show – Down Home Girl
Fave OCMS song: Old Crow Medicine Show – Tell It To Me

Don’t let this one scare you away. Fire up the discography. Maybe this is just the kick in the pants you needed to check out Spotify. Whatever it takes, give it some thought and leave your Top 3 in the comments.

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  31 Responses to “TOP 3: OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW”

  1. 1. Lift Him Up
    2. Cocaine Habit
    3. Wagon Wheel (I tried to find an excuse not to list this one, but I simply couldn’t do it)

  2. Wagon Wheel (What can you do? It’s a great cover)
    Don’t Ride That Horse
    Hard to Love

  3. 1. Wagon Wheel – Yes. It is the most cliche of all OCMS songs. In my defense, when you’re from Raleigh, and live in Raleigh, and are drunk in Raleigh, it is impossible not to sing along at the top of your lungs.

    2. Caroline

    3. Tell it to Me

  4. Poor Man
    James River Blues
    I Hear Them All (just because Wagon Wheel will get a ton of votes, rightfully)

  5. Wagon Wheel
    Gospel Plow
    Hesitation Blues

    they do a good faithful cover of “Angel from Montgomery,” as well

  6. 1. Wagon Wheel
    2. Take Em Away
    3. Tell It To Me
    Honorable Mention: Alabama High Test/Caroline

  7. Wagon Wheel
    James River Blues
    My Good Gal

  8. 3. James River Blues
    2. Don’t Ride That Horse
    1. Big Time in the Jungle

  9. God’s Got It
    We’re All In This Together
    Down Home Girl(although, I’ve recently discovered the Stones version and I think that’s the best one cause it’s dirtier)

  10. I only know one song by OCMS….and I like the Olin & The Moon version better.

  11. 1. Caroline (maybe in my Top 3 fav of all time)
    2. Poor Man
    3. Hard to Tell

  12. New Virginia Creeper
    Big Time In the Jungle
    James River Blues

  13. 1. Wagon Wheel (unavoidable, too damned infectious)
    2. James River Blues
    3. Methamphetamine

    Honorable Mention: Take ‘Em Away, Caroline

  14. My Good Gal
    James River Blues
    Wagon Wheel (I will not apologize)

  15. Hotel in Memphis- Best tribute song about MLK ever written.
    CC Rider
    Cocaine Habit

  16. Down Home Girl
    Alabama High Test- cause its just so damn catchy best bluegrass rap song ever
    Tennessee Pusher

    Are my top 3 but ya gotta love Wagon Wheel cause my friends have even heard that.

  17. Seeing as how everyone is qualifying their enjoyment of Wagon Wheel here I thought i’d drop by and say….fuck Wagon Wheel. Serious. Can’t take it anymore.

  18. Hotel In Memphis

    Tennessee Pusher


    As far as the Wagon Wheel debate goes, Its one of those songs that when it comes on the jukebox, I wanna punch the person who played it.

  19. James River Blues
    Hard To Love

  20. “Wagon Wheel” needs no qualification. It’s a song that almost everybody loves the instant they hear it — that’s hard for a(n actual) country song to do. It’s like when people qualify Social D’s “Story of my Life” or Green Day’s “Good Riddance” — a great song is a great song and it’s important that everybody can share a song that wasn’t created to be shoved down our throats and sold, but just created because it was a good song idea. Honestly, OCMS’s output is mediocre without “Wagon Wheel.”

  21. Wagon Wheel
    James River Blues
    Methamphetamine (followed closely by Alabama High test)

  22. Unfortunately, my listens to OCMS have been very limited due to know ones fault but my own. With my brief experience with OCMS I would have to say top three are:

    1- Caroline
    2- Alabama High Test
    3- Tell it to Me

  23. 1. I Hear Them All
    2. Big Time in the Jungle
    3. Poor Man

  24. 1. I Hear Them All
    2. Wagon Wheel (not #1, but impossible not to list)
    3. My Good Gal

  25. james river blues
    pour it on, dock

  26. went off em after their last glasgow gig, but here goes

    1 big time in the jungle
    2 james river blues
    3 lonesome road blues

  27. 1. Wagon Wheel
    2. Caroline
    3. New Virginia Creeper

    BTW, does this band still exist??

  28. Greatest Hustler of All
    Wagon Wheel
    Tell It to Me

  29. Wagon Wheel
    Tell it to Me
    Tear it Down

  30. 1. Hard to Tell
    2. CC Rider
    3. Crazy Eyes

    …I’m a big Old Crow fan, I’m on the oldcrowfans.com forum and the consensus on Wagon Wheel is that hey its there, its a song, casual fans enjoy it so just let it be.

  31. We’re All In This Together
    James River Blues
    Shack #9

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