Jun 292011

I’ll admit it. I like doing the Top 5 posts we were doing back in the day. Unfortunately, the interest seemed to die out over time and ever since I’ve been trying to think of another reoccurring theme post I could do on Wednesdays. This idea hit me a couple of weeks ago and I thought I’d give it a try and see if it caught on at all. Please, lemme know if you think it’s total cheese and should be dropped immediately.

Anyhow, the idea is to pick your top 3 songs from a band and post them in the comments. Then, we’ll make a compilation of the Top 5 picks and post that on Monday.

This week’s band is the only one it could be, the one that gave this site it’s name….The Drive-By Truckers.

Here are my choices (in order):

Drive-By Truckers – Zip City
Drive-By Truckers – Never Gonna Change
Drive-By Truckers – Women Without Whiskey

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  48 Responses to “TOP 3: DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS”

  1. 1 – Zip City
    2 – Lookout Mountain
    3 – Where the Devil Don’t Stay

  2. Ghost To Most
    The Living Bubba
    Goddamn Lonely Love

  3. Outfit
    Zip City
    The Living Bubba

  4. 1. Outfit
    2. A World of Hurt
    3. Late for Church

  5. I like this idea.

    1. Where the Devil Don’t Stay
    2. Never Gonna Change
    3. Zip City

  6. Danko/Manuel
    Ghost to Most

  7. 1. Danko/Manuel
    2. The Three Great Alabama Icons
    3. Tornadoes

  8. Love Like This
    Sink Hole

  9. Zip City
    Women Without Whiskey

  10. Goddamn lonely love
    Two daughters and a beautiful wife
    Putting people on the moon

  11. outfit
    Late for church
    Guitar man upstairs

  12. Where the Devil Don’t Stay
    Decoration Day
    Goddamn Lonely Love

  13. Outfit

    Demonic Possession

    Decoration Day

  14. Never Gonna Change
    Carl Perkins’ Cadillac
    Decoration Day

  15. Decoration Day
    Marry Me
    Sink Hole

  16. Love Like This, Zip City, And Outfit

  17. 1. The Living Bubba
    2. Zip City
    3. Outfit

  18. Going against the grain on this one

    1) Daddy needs a drink (horrible album great song)

    The other 2 aren’t so out there

    2) Sink Hole
    3) Never Gonna Change

  19. 1) Zip City
    2) Danko/Manuel
    3) Women Without Whiskey

  20. Ronnie and Neil
    Sink Hole
    Lookout Mountain

  21. this really should be top three for jason, patterson, & mike but i’ll just pick three total

    living bubba
    zip city

  22. Putting people on the moon
    World of hurt
    Opening act

  23. I am seconding Trailer:

    Where the Devil Don’t Stay
    Decoration Day
    Goddamn Lonely Love

  24. 1. Marry Me
    2. Bulldozers and Dirt
    3. Guitar Man Upstairs

  25. Danko/Manuel
    Zip City

  26. Earlier truckers (hard to pick)
    1) Hell no, I ain’t happy
    2) God Damn lonely love
    3)Let there be Rock

    Newer stuff (too bad it’s much easier to pick)
    1) the thanks giving filter (best song about thanksgiving, just like my family)
    2)This fucking job
    3) Self destructive zones

  27. 1 Lookout Mountain
    2. Goddamn Lonely Love
    3. Heathens

    Honorable Mention: Hell No I Aint Happy

  28. 1 The Living Bubba
    2 Fourth Night of My Drinking
    3 Cottonseed

  29. As with most favorites lists, I’d probably have 3 different picks tomorrow morning, but for this moment:

    - Dead, Drunk and Naked
    - Tornadoes
    - Bulldozers and Dirt

  30. 1. Marry Me
    2. Carl Perkins Cadillac
    3. Goddamn Lonely Love

  31. Sandwiches for the Road
    Mercy Buckets
    One of these Days

  32. 1- Sinkhole
    2- Outfit
    3- Never Gonna Change

    Good Stuff!

  33. not cheesy — but I literally cannot do this as the list changes as I start to type… so I’ll just say damn i love me some DBT…

  34. 1. Outfit
    2. Nine Bullets
    3. Carl Perkins’ Cadillac

  35. 18 Wheels of Love (preferably long-winded bootleg live versions)
    Panties in Your Purse
    A Ghost to Most

  36. Too Much Sex, Too Little Jesus
    George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues
    Mrs. Claus’ Kimono

  37. I like the idea. Easy going fun. Well, maybe not that easy, but fun!

    Sink Hole
    Decoration Day
    Perfect Timing

  38. 1) Marry Me
    2) Birthday Boy
    3) World of Hurt

    Honorable mention for two great covers: “Everybody Needs Love’ and “Like a Rolling Stone.”

  39. Daddy’s Cup.
    Goddamn Lonely Love
    Women Without Whiskey

  40. Dead,Drunk and Naked
    Ronnie and Neil
    Angels & Fuselage

  41. 1) aftermath
    2) Ghost to most
    3) 3 dimes down

  42. Zip City
    Carl Perkins Cadillac
    Marry Me

  43. Sink Hole
    3 Dimes Down

  44. 1. Women Without Whiskey
    2. Where the Devil Don’t Stay
    3. Lisa’s Birthday

  45. 1. Lookout Mountain
    2. Never Gonna Change
    3. Three Dimes Down (this is my seven year olds favorite song)

  46. Ima have to say..

    Love Like This
    Zip City
    Women W/out Whiskey

    Living Bubba
    Tails Facing Up
    Sink Hole

  47. Only 3 :(

    The Fourth Night of My Drinking
    Panties in Your Purse

  48. Women Without Whiskey
    Never Gonna Change
    Sounds Better In the Song

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