Living in Florida there are somethings you come to accept. It is the heat and the humidity, some wise ass is gonna ask if it’s “hot enough for you”, hurricanes will form and weathermen will almost rub one out on screen warning you of them impending doom while never a stiff breeze even comes and odds are, some of the bands you love will never tour your state. Over the years I’ve logged I dunno how many thousands of miles in travel just to see rock and rolls with bands I know will never make it to Florida which brings me to today’s Top 5 3….truth be told, this was gonna be a top 5 but there were only 3 bands I could think of that I’d travel just to see them (not in a festival environment). So if you have 5, by all means list them. Here’s my list:

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club:

This is one of those bands that a lot of people don’t get. Well, I do and truth be told, I can’t get enough of them. I’ve seen them 3 times in my life resulting in approximately 3800 miles worth of traveling and it was worth every one of them. They’ve told me they won’t tour Florida so if I wanna see them again, I’ll have to travel again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch these guys in Denver sometime.

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – This Land Is You Land (redux)

Possessed By Paul James:

Hopefully, PPJ is gonna make it to Florida this year but I wouldn’t think twice about loading up and going to see him again. PPJ shows leave me remembering why I love watching musicians make music live and the 2700 miles I logged managing to see him live were totally worth it.

Possessed By Paul James – Shoulda’ Known Better

The Murder City Devils:

I’ve never seen them live and they’d already broken up before I even knew who they were. Now, they do little tours that rarely reach the east coast and never make it to the southeast. I’m really just waiting for a show to get booked in Atlanta but I know I’m eventually gonna have to make a weekend trip to New York to see them. Important thing is, I am gonna see them.

The Murder City Devils – 18 Wheels

Honorable Mentions:

The Suburban Home Anniversary Party & The Muddy Roots Festival: I’ve not attended the Muddy Roots festival (yet) but like the SH Party it’s like they make entire festival lineups entirely for me. Great weekends with great bands and great friends….there are no corners of this country I wouldn’t fly to for that.

The Pro Football Hall Of Fame to see Derrick Brooks get inducted: I’ve always said I’ll go to Canton, OH. the year Derrick goes into the Hall of Fame. Being a Seminoles and a Buccaneers fan I had the pleasure of watching (and rooting for) Derrick Brooks for his entire NCAA/NFL career. He was a key cog in turning the Buccaneers into a respectable franchise and (eventually) a Super Bowl Champion. Hopefully, in 2015, I’ll be there to see him get enshrined.

12 thoughts on “TOP 3: BANDS YOU'LL TRAVEL FOR:”

  1. Here goes:

    1 Lucero
    2 Guns N’ Roses
    3 Scott H Biram
    4 JJ Grey & Mofro
    5 Ray Wylie Hubbard

    All “actuals” apart from the last one… so far!

  2. Seems like my whole summer is filled with traveling to see bands.

    1. Two Cow Garage
    2. Glossary
    3. This year, any band from Alabama – Doc Dailey, 13Ghosts, Gum Creek Killers… Alabama has a more happening scene than Atlanta this year.

    Band I regret not traveling to see:
    Dexateens – I missed New Years & Dexageddon last year and still haven’t lived it down. Getting one last chance this summer, we’ll see if we make it this time…

  3. Loved the Possessed By Paul James track – thanks for the chance to hear it.

  4. 1. I have made it my goal to travel to see TWO COW GARAGE this year, I have missed them in Atlanta full band and both of Micah’s solo shows, this will not happen again.

    2. Cory Branan – I just adore this man too much NOT to travel to see him, and I prefer to see him with say Jon Snodgrass or Ben Nichols rather than opening up for another band.

    3. Anyone Drag The River related.

    ** NOTE, I have made a promise to myself to travel to Arkansas, one more time for the sole purpose of a good line up at The White Water Tavern. Best case scenario, I get 1, 2, and 3 together. and Lucero is a given I always travel for them.

  5. Otis Gibbs
    The .357 String Band (done)
    The Hold Steady (done)

  6. Lucero (traveled by car from WI to AR to see them this year)
    DBT (traveled by car from WI to Athens last year)
    Two Cow

  7. This year I have traveled over 12,000 miles (california twice, Austin, TX once) to see Tom VandenAvond, Possessed By Paul James, Larry and His Flask, and The Good Luck Thriftstore Outfit. All since last April. I have several more trips planned through the end of 2011…..

  8. Try living in Australia! We pretty much gotta travel to see any of the bands listed on 9b! I have been fortunate enough to live on London and Toronto so I have crossed off most of my list. Dbt were the only ones that I misses while in Canada they actually toured here. But I got to see Lucero and Dillinger 4 and a few others that will
    never make it down to these parts

  9. I’ve traveled between Northern VA/DC/Baltimore for all kinds of shows but I don’t really count that. The bands I travel to see are as much about the people i’ll see at the shows as it is the music.

    1. Lucero – Seen them countless times and have developed some great friendships all over the country because of it.

    2. Avail/Tim Barry – Before they stopped playing I saw Avail around the south as often as possible and that’s continued with Tim’s solo stuff.

    3. My Morning Jacket/Cory Branan – it’s a tie here because Cory hasnt’ toured enough the past few years.

  10. I would love to see PPJ – don’t guess I could afford a 2700 mile trip with gas prices being out of control like they are. Can’t even afford 600 mile round trip to Seattle to see Will Whitmore open for Chris Cornell. That is the show I would most want to see at this moment.

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